Top 9 Gemstones for People Born Under Pisces Sun Sign

People, who are born between February 19 to March 20th have the zodiac sign Pisces. As different zodiac signs have lucky gemstones, in a similar way, the lucky stone for this sign is amethyst. Being a birthstone for Pisces, it symbolizes strength and good luck. However, apart from amethyst, several other gemstones are said to be lucky for this sun sign. Some of the precious gemstones that are compatible with these stars are opal and sapphire. Different stones are associated with different powers for ruling the moon sign. It is often said that the combination of the properties in the stones along with the characteristics of the sign will work to bring different meanings.

A List Of The Best Stones For Pisces

Below is a list of some of the best stones ideal for Pisces.

1.  Amethyst:

The ideal gemstone or the birthstone will bring power and strength to the Pisces. It will even bring in loving thoughts and bring bravery to the open hearts. In addition to that, it often becomes the ideal source of creativity in expressing different types of feelings.

2.  Blue sapphire:

The Blue Sapphire Beads helps in improving the spiritual abilities of a person, and hence it is even considered as the magical stone for Pisces. It can generate some superpowers for its wearers.

3.  Opal:

This is yet another lucky stone for Pisces, which is known to bring harmony and happiness in the lives of different individuals. Opal Beads play a great role in strengthening the intuition of the wearer. It even has the potential to restore joy among the wearer. 

Pink Opal Beads

4.  Fluorite:

Also known as the stone of the enlightenment, it can help in realizing truth for the Pisces. It can help the wearer describe lots of things which others are unable to understand.

5.  Sugilite:

This is again a great gemstone for Pisces because it helps in improving confidence level to a great extent. It can even help in self possessions from day dreaming. Pisces can survive in threatening conditions with this stone because it helps in giving courage for overcoming the obstacles.

6.  Agate:

The gemstone has the ability to convert negative energy into positive vibes among the wearer. It can even help in increasing confidence and overcome the unwanted temptations.

7.  Garnet:

The Garnet Beads are ideal for Pisces as it helps in generating immense success in life. It is also the ideal stone associated with good luck for the Pisces. The power of this stone lies in generating physical energy by means of which the wearer can achieve goals and objectives in life.

Garnet Beads

8.  Jade:

It provides peace and tranquility to the wearer. The power of metaphysical energy is radiated by the Jade Gemstone Beads, and this in turn reinforces the empathy in the Pisces. Couples can also expect to stay in harmony by wearing this stone.

9.  Diamond:

The precious stone can bring in strong sensitivity to the Pisces wearer. The gemstone radiates the strength of power, which in turn can create a great impact on the emotional level of the wearer.

Try out any of these stones if you belong to Pisces.