Top Five Benefits You Didn't Know About Scapolite Gemstone

There may be several gemstones, but scapolite is one of the most commonly worn gemstones around the globe. Yellow scapolite stones are commonly seen on the fingers of different people, especially because of the kind of lustrous shine they have. The stone not only looks good on the finger of the one, who wears it, but also proves to be beneficial to him. There are several benefits of wearing this stone, but there are also some things that a lot of people don’t know about it.

Here are the top five benefits you surely didn’t know about scapolite gemstone:

1) This stone is also available in colorless shade: A lot of people believe that this stone is available in only a few colors like orange, pink, yellow and purple, but the ones, who have a deeper knowledge about minerals and stones, know that this stone is also available in crystal clear form; it is also available in colorless shade. There are many people, who are told to wear colorless Scapolite beads to reap their benefits.

2) This stone has ‘calcium:’ Believe it or not, but this stone is composed of calcium. The other minerals that this stone consists of are sodium, aluminum, chlorine, sulfate and carbonate. Even though it is difficult for people to understand the composition of this stone, the knowledgeable crowd has the idea of its composition.

3) This stone helps in improving eyesight of the one who wears it: If someone has a problem with eyesight or is unable to see clearly, he is suggested to wear this stone. It takes time for the eyesight to get healed, but thanks to the kind of powers this stone has, the one, who wears it, gets rid of his blurry eyesight. If there are some complications with his eyesight, they are kicked off with the help of this stone. Since it stays with the wearer for a long period of time, it helps in improving his eyesight and gets it back to normal. It may also help the wearer to get rid of his specs!

4) This stone has been named after the Greek word ‘Skapos:’ There are only a handful of people, who know that the name of this stone has been derived from the Greek word called Skapos, which means stem or stick. Since the size of the crystal is long and it represents a stick, it got this name. 

5) This stone helps in bringing you closer to your mind: The one, who wears Scapolite gemstone beads for a longer period of time, gets closer to his mind. It is essential for an individual to be balanced in his life, but it is not possible for all of us to have this balance. Therefore, those, who possess knowledge of gemstones, suggest a lot of people to wear scapolite stones, so that they feel closer to themselves and become more stable in their lives. This is not an ordinary stone; it is a healer!