Under What Conditions to Wear Gemstone Beads

All gemstones are unique and really beautiful, so attractive that everyone at least once in their lifetime wants something like that to wear. The rich people begin to wear them just to show their wealth or just for the sake of hobby. This is totally different condition because hobby is invaluable and there is no prohibition on the ways to pursue one's hobbies. But ordinary people cannot squander money on mindless purchase of gemstones. They have to be very selective in the choice of gemstones. They should purchase only those gemstones that are prescribed by a learned gemologist.

Under What Conditions to Wear Gemstone Beads

 Only a learned astrologer can diagnose the necessity of a particular gemstone. Usually, a person requires wearing a particular gemstone when in his horoscope, some planet is suffering from the influence of some sinister planet or some particular provision is weak in the horoscope. Astrologers also caution that no gemstone should be taken for granted and worn just for fun or as a decorative piece. Such practice could lead to disastrous consequences. This condition is similar to cautious intake of medicines: when you take medicines without any reason, it may cause serious harm to you instead of benefiting you. Gemstones are nothing but medicines prescribed to correct the adverse influences of the planets.

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