Understanding Rutilated Quartz

Among the numerous gemstones that have been bestowed upon the humans by mother earth, there is one like none other and it is generally ‘Rutilated Quartz’. This gemstone is also known as Rutile Quartz, Sagenite, Venus Hair Stone, Golden Hair Quartz, Red Hair Quartz and Grass Stone. The transparent clear to smoky quartz may contain an array of rutile needles within them and they maybe red, black, brassy yellow, golden, silver and on very rare occasions green.

The main commercial uses for Rutile are the manufacture of refractory ceramic, the production of high-tech alloys and as a pigment. Finely powdered Rutile makes a brilliant white pigment and is used in paints, plastics, paper, foods, and other applications that call for a bright white color.

During the 14th century, Rutilated quartz was widely used by soldiers who wore it alongside their weapons before leaving for battles; this was for their protection from the enemy’s bows and arrows. The stone was also used by gardeners and foresters to protect their profession and trade. . It has also been utilized in Shamanic healing sessions, to unblock energy pathways and to rebalance the body.

There is little doubt that Rutilated Quartz is an amazing stone. Not only is does it boast a worthy historical background but its current usage is quite remarkable.

Rutilated Quartz is an energy stone, said to be particularly effective for energizing or getting energy moving on all levels. It integrates energy at many levels and heightens the vigour of other stones, making it an important healing stone.

Understanding Rutilated Quartz

As a strong healer, it is reputed to be useful at getting energy moving along meridians and in areas where physical energy is sluggish. It is beneficial for treating nutritional disorders, the immune system, fatigue, depression, respiratory illness and for impotence and infertility. Understood to assist with tissue regeneration, repair of torn tissue and slowing the advancement of age.

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