Understanding Whether a Gemstone can Change Your Fate

The third law of Physics states that to every action there is equal and opposite reaction and this is exactly the case in gemstones. To counteract the negative energies and negative effects of planets and the vibrations caused by them, or to enhance the beneficial planetary vibrations the people are therefore advised to wear gemstones.

A person may be influenced by cosmic forces exerted by the planets; the effects of which is in form of cosmic vibrations and it varies on different people depending on the strength of the nature chart.

The fact is that some of these gemstones affect all spheres of human activity including health, prestige, happiness, position, financial gains, marital bliss and all types of human relations and social life.

Gemstones commonly exert their effects for the following two:

·        In order to enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations.

·        In order to counter act the evil planetary influences.

You will notice that these gemstones work in the following three ways:

1.     The suggested gemstone recoups the deficiency that is caused by a particular color; by transmitting that color into the body.

2.     A gemstone works as a prism, and receive the rays from the planet to an optimum pleasant situation on human beings.

3.     Gemstones have the capacity to absorb influences emitted by the sun and the universe. Each gemstone focuses some cosmic forces and thus directs them towards the wearer.