Vibrant. Radiant. Lush ~ Emerald

Emerald is a lively and radiant green colored gemstone bead. The lush green color of the gemstone comes from the traces of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Most of the emeralds are highly included which brings in them the characteristic of poor toughness.

Before the 20th century, the jewelers called Emerald as “a gem of the finest water”, to express the combination of two major qualities: color and crystal. Normally when the colored gemstones are graded, color is the most important criteria. A fine emerald must not only possess a verdant green hue, but also a high degree of transparency so as to be considered as a top gem.

 Vibrant. Radiant. Lush ~ Emerald


Emerald in various cultures, and emerald lore

Traditionally the birthstone for the people born in the month of May, as well as the gemstone for astrological signs as Taurus, Gemini and sometimes even Cancer. It is a beautiful and an incomparable pearl. Emeralds have revered throughout the human history. The Mughal were very fond of them; today, the US Museum of Natural History has some of the excellent specimens. In the Hindu mythology, the healing powerof this gemstone bead is associated with the planet mercury.

‘Emerald is a fascinating stone.’ It is thought to produce powers just by gazing into the intense green color. It is advised to use the crushed green emerald powder as an eye-healing powder. It is related to the powerful sphere of love, compassion and well being.  Emeralds are expected to bring positive energy and calm down the disturbed minds. Sportsmen and creative people (writers, painters and sculptors) are expected to benefit from this really beautiful gemstone.

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The lively, lush and radiant green emerald represents elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, harmony, love and balance