Any mineral that is highly prized for its beauty, durability and rarity.A gem is a mineral enhanced in some manner by altering its shape, usually by cutting and polishing. Most gems begin as crystals ( such as diamond, ruby and sapphire), or as aggregates of of crystal ( such as malachite,jadeite,amethyst,ametrine ,aquamarine,apatite,scapolite,chalcedony,garnet).A limited number of non crystalline materials of organic origin ( such as pearl, amber ,opals) also classified as gemstones, and are usually referred to as organic gems. 


The prime requisite for a gem is that it must be beautiful. A gemstone can owe its beauty to various properties: its depth of colour or transparency, its colour pattern, as seen in opal or quartz; the intensity of its brilliance; or the pattern light makes within it, as seen in blue fire moon stone or labradorite. It must also remain beautiful withstanding wear and preserving its polish or other finish.A number of otherwise beautiful gemstones are too soft or too brittle to wear, and cut only for collectors. More than 4000 minerals have been identified, but fewer than 100 are used as gemstone. Of these, only a minority are of major importance: corundum (sapphire and ruby), beryl (emerald and aquamarine), feldspars (sunstone, peach moonstone, rainbow moonstone, grey moonstone, pink moonstone and labradorite), quartz (lemon quartz, smoky quartz beer quartz, rose quartz, honey quartz, bio-colour quartz, amethyst, olive quartz), opals ( yellow opal, fire opal, pink opal), lapis lazuli, peridot, pearl, spinel, blue topaz, tourmalines, zircon,turquoise. 

Gems are usually divided into two categories: precious and semi precious gemstone. The group of precious stones constitutes of ruby, sapphire, and emerald, whereas semi precious gemstone comprise of Amazonite beads, Amethyst gemstone beads, Apatite gemstone beads, Ametrine Gemstone beads, Aquamarine gemstone beads, and anclalusite gemstone beads.


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