What is in store for February born individuals when it comes to birthday gemstone?

February is considered to be one of the most special months of the year, right? Why not, the month holds a great significance due to ‘love in the air’. Yes, it is the month of unconditional love. Since Valentine’s Day comes on the 14th of this month. Most of us will be unable to call to mind this passionate day until it is upon us a week or two before the the14th; memorizing just in time to give candy, roses, and cards as a gift with the expression of true love and commitment to our true loves. Hence, the people born in this month of love are definitely very special and have unique qualities to be loved by everyone around them.

For folks with February birthdays, the amethyst is considered to be an ideal birthstone for wearing. Typically, this month is often cold, gloomy and days are pretty short for most of the people across the globe, so the amethyst—which is every so often linked with potentials of harmony, valour, and permanence—is the most spot-on precious stone for individuals who are looking for something a bit more of  cordiality and control in their life.

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Gorgeous purple quartz, the amethyst is an easily distinguishable gem, but there are many things that you won’t be much aware of it yet! Let’s take a glimpse below to know more about the amethyst.

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning & History

Amethyst is basically purple-colored quartz which is a striking fusion of violet and red that can be easily found in any part of the world. The gemstone derived its name from the Ancient Greek word - “methustos,” which signifies “tipsy.” In the prehistoric times, it was believed this gemstone could put a stop to the bad habit of drinking.

Amethyst, as until that time cited, is made from quartz, which is the stone which comes in the second stone which can be found in abundance. Amethyst acquires its color from radioactivity, iron impurities and the existence of trace elements. Its toughness ( 7 on the Mohs scale) is quite similar to that of other quartz, which makes it a hard-wearing and enduring choice when it comes to the creation of jewellery.

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Where Is Amethyst Found?

Amethyst is quite a common type of gemstone which can be easily found almost everywhere in the world. Well, the major source of deposits of this gemstone can be found in South America, Africa, and North America.  However, Brazil bags the position of the largest worldwide producer of this stone as per the records. After that, comes the Zambia which is known to have bagged the second position after Brazil.

Benefits Of Wearing Amethyst Gemstone:

Amethyst is widely known to generate a very small amount of magnetic fields which are considered to have favourable benefits on the body of the wearer.  As per the experts, this gemstone tends to absorb and reproduce positive energies. Here are some of the benefits of wearing this precious gemstone:

Cell regeneration- It promotes the regeneration of cell which further leads to an increase in the energy and strength levels of the wearer.
Promotes good sleep- If you are one of those who find it quite a difficult in getting sound sleep, then you must wear this gemstone and you will feel the real difference.

Improves blood circulation- It improves the blood circulation in the body which further leads to improved health of the wearer.
Temperament- It helps in the uplifting the spirit and mood of the wearer.

Improves immunity- It helps in fighting all types of bacteria and improves overall immunity level of the body.

How To Care And Clean Amethyst Birthstone?

The best way to clean amethyst gemstone is to make use of some cleaning solution (this you can buy from any jewellery shop that sells). However, you need to bear in mind that the cleaning solution you are looking for should be used for cleaning gemstone. So, don’t pick any cleaning solution from the local market.

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Fill a container with 3/4th full with warm water and add some drops of the cleaning solution (as mentioned in the bottle) in the water. Next, immerse your jewelry in the jar of jewelry cleaner for a couple of minutes. Take out the jewelry with the use of the strainer and brush it with a light hand. However, you need to ensure that you do use the brush to clean below the stone and in between tines. Clean with the jewelry with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth. Throw away the used liquid.

What All Point You Need To Bear In Mind Before Purchasing Amethyst Gemstone?

Are you thinking of buying amethyst gemstone for yourself or your special someone? If yes, then definitely you need to consider some of the important facts before you make up your mind to buy this gemstone stone. Here are some of the pointers that you must keep in mind:

•  It’s a stunning gemstone that you can find in a different range of colors, right from a light pinkish violet, a dark red to blue-purple violet and goes well with a number of metals and designs.

•  It’s a hard-wearing gemstone that can do wonders with a warm or cool tone of colors, so you don’t need to think about which occasion you can wear it.

•  When thinking about purchasing amethyst, you must seek the assistance of the expert or certified astrologer or jeweller so that you get your hands on the genuine and real gemstone.

•  Make sure you check for the color of the precious stone properly. This stone tends to have stripes or layers of colors.

•  Try to avoid buying brown and blackish color.

•  Another important aspect that you need to check is the clarity level of the amethyst stone.

•  It is quite a cost-effective gemstone

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