What is the meaning of seeing a Gemstone in Dreams?

Every dream has a realty lurking around its existence. The meaning of gems appearing in your dreams has a rather significant importance. It could be a signal to your never ending misery or an intuitive insight into an upcoming opportunity. Whenever you see a dream with gemstones in it, there is a relevant meaning mentioned in Bible and religious scriptures written all round the world.

Here are some gemstones that carry a group and an individual meaning when they emerge in dreams.

  • Pearl: Freedom from misery and entry into Heavens

Pearl is a symbol of clarity and purity. It is associated with the truth in life. If you see pearl beads in your dreams, you are likely to experience a new spiritual high in life very soon. It could come in the form of love, hope or an inviting opportunity to go abroad on business. In Biblical notes, seeing pearl in dreams indicates an entry through the Gateways into the Kingdom of God on account of your good deeds, merciful behaviour and devoutness towards the Lord.

  • Jade

Jade often make an entry into your dreams when you are troubled by relationship issues or are marred by poor health. If you are ailing with a chronic disease and given all hope of recovering from it, jade comes as a saviour and a guardian angel. After you see jade in your dreams, you can start wearing it. You can tuck the gemstone under your pillow. The closer this gem stays with you greater will be your hope and chances of recovering from any trouble in life.

  • Sapphire

Blue sapphire weighing less than 3 carats has always been associated with strength and beauty. Dreaming about sapphire is not that common. It is often witnessed by women expecting a baby. It could mean that whether they have conceived or are ready to deliver a baby. It also means that the time is ripe that they adorn a sapphire stone to ensure protection against evils that could inflict any harm on her new born child.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds in dreams have many ambiguous associations. It is one of the most common gems to appear in the dreams, probably because of its significance in life.  It could be an indication of stifling greed within a human that requires to be quenched. It could also signify that you are about to receive something invaluable in life. Since every person has different definition for success, seeing diamonds in dreams could also mean different degrees of effect in life.

  • Emeralds

This is one of the most distinct gemstone to appear in dreams. It often appears as green crystals and glow balls in dreams. Common among individuals involved in professions related to eco-system protection, mariners and sportsmen, emeralds relate to love for unique hobbies and activities. Gardeners, zoo-keepers and deep sea divers often experience dreams with emeralds in them. Spiritual meaning behind this experience is that you are going to have a challenging life with lot of adventures and thrill.