When Not to Wear Gemstones

Gemstones undoubtedly look beautiful and they only add more grace to the wearer. People of all age groups have their affinity towards gemstones and they choose to wear various colored gemstones that match the color of their outfit.

But, there’s one thing that must be kept in mind before wearing gemstones and it is that there are some stones that do not suit you. Here in this blog there are some cases when you should avoid wearing gemstones.

                Case 1. ‘When an astrologer forbids you from wearing them.’ Always wear gemstones after taking an astrologers advice. This is because there are not all stones that exert their effect positively and some may affect your help and prosperity negatively. You should make sure that you take proper advice before choosing to wear a gemstone bead.

               Case 2. ‘If you do not have full confidence in a gemstone or their powers.’ Never go for a gemstone you do not have faith in. This is a point that is to be considered more from the psychological point of view rather than astrological one. Each individual has two thoughts in him – positive and negative. The outcomes of your life are completely dependent on your thoughts. If you have some positive thoughts, you will always see good outcomes and you have negative thoughts cropping up in your mind, what you will witness is failure and poor outcomes.  Such is the condition with gemstones, if you doubt that the gemstone is exerting positive powers in your life you will see positivity and with negative thoughts about it you will see negativity. Therefore, decide twice before you wear gemstones.

              Case 3. ‘If you get impure gemstones.’ Avoid wearing gemstones if what you find is an impure gemstone bead. Buy a gemstone of the correct weight and correct size as prescribed by the astrologer. Just do not go for any substance that looks like gemstone. Remember that a faulty gemstone may cause some serious harm to you. This fact particularly applies to diamond and blue sapphire; this is because these two gemstones are notorious for ruining the life of a person of kingly status.