Which color gemstone is best for you?

Gemstones are found in various colors and they have been used for their powers across time and cultures. Different colors are said to have different powers. So what gives gemstones these powers? And what powers are we talking about?

Let’s first understand how we see colors.

It is common knowledge that color is not an intrinsic property of an object. We see the color of an object because it reflects some part of the light falling on it. The part that is reflected back meets the eye and we perceive it as color. And that part of light is nothing but one of the many wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.

The wavelength that will be reflected back depends upon the particles in the object. Therefore, the color of a gemstone will depend on the kind of mineral or element it is made up of.

Gemstones reflect certain wavelengths prominently, which explains their dazzling brilliance. As for the powers, they are actually the energy that is created due to a particular wavelength. So when you wear a particular gemstone, the wavelength it reflects or the color that it has makes an impact on the energy surrounding you, and that translates into improved prospects, calm, decreased health issues, or in general, a better well-being.

Now, let’s see which color offers what:

White: White stones symbolize intelligence and integrity while clear stones are a mark of elegance. It is suitable for people who like the traditional way of living life. It helps in maintaining a clear conscience while in doubt by bringing calm and clarity.

Stones: diamonds, pearls, moonstone, white topaz, drusy quartz, moissanite, hematite.

Red:  Red is associated with attention, ambition, and an out-going nature. It complements people like artists, lawyers, leaders, who have a fiery personality and like to show their skills. It is associated with active energy and helps in gaining wisdom and fighting depression.

Stones: ruby, red diamonds, coral, garnet.

Black: It signifies strength, confidence, fidelity, prosperity, and health. Since black is not an easy to carry color, those who wear it with élan have a strong personality and charming sophistication. It complements people like fashionistas, C-level executives, or anyone who likes to be surrounded with a high energy. It helps you decide with a clarity of thought.

Stones: onyx, agate, black diamonds, jasper, hematite.

Blue: It signifies loyalty, truth, good health, strength, and confidence. It works for people with an out-going personality. Blue gemstones are said to bring peace and stabilize emotional imbalances.

Stones: sapphire, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, aquamarine, blue topaz, turquoise.

Green: Green stones are strongly associated with fertility and healing powers. It also brings in prosperity. Bankers, investors, or just people in the money business are said to gain productive intuition with gems of this color. It was also believed in the medieval times that jade brings immortality to its wearers.

Stones: emerald, jade, green sapphires, turquoise.

Purple: Purple has long been associated with spirituality, wisdom, class, and clarity of thought. Purple stones should be worn by philosophers, artists, and the creative group who like to delve deep into human nature and study their behavior. Lavender and purple stones have a mysterious and dignified aura.

Stones: amethyst, purple diamonds, purple sapphires.

Yellow: Yellow is a bright, quirky color that resembles the energy of creativity and uniqueness. It suits people with a creative and adventurous bent of mind like crafters, teachers, and social workers. It exudes optimism, sociability, enthusiasm, and is known to aid mental strength.

Stones: amber, topaz, citrines, yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires.

Brown: Gems with brown shades have a very unique personality, they have an aura that is subtle and down to earth. People like chefs, gardeners, and historians would find such gems complementing with their energies and keeping them calm, motivated, and driven. Brown suits people who have a passion, but do not like flashy statements.

Stones: agate, Tiger’s eye, smoky quartz, chocolate diamonds.

Knowing about the energy associated with different colored gemstones is helpful not only so that you can pick a suitable gemstone for yourself but also because when you buy a jewel gift for a loved one, you know which gemstone will bring happiness to their lives. By gifting them a gem appropriate to their energy and needs, you will be enriching their lives with a valuable token that will also help them be more successful and healthy.