Why to Choose Natural Ruby over Lead Glass Filled Ruby

Ruby is a precious pink to deep red colored gemstone, suitable for any of the jewelry applications. It is birthstone for the month of July. This impeccable stone is often referred as the stone of love and care. It is believed that if you are gifting your better half a ruby studded jewelry or ring on your 15th and 40th wedding anniversary, you make stronger bond than ever. These gemstones are available in various shapes and sizes.

These rubies are available in two forms in the market – natural and composite.  Low quality rubies are heated with chemicals for smoothness as well as for concealing cracks. It is always beneficial to buy a natural ruby than a lead glass filled ruby; because Lead glass filled rubies are easily prone to damage because of an altered chemical makeup. The moment when these composite rubies are exposed or come in contact with lemon juice chemicals, they turn white. The lead glass rubies can be easily identified by the presence of gas bubbles within the stones.


A natural ruby is durable, and doesn’t require special care, whereas it is essential in the case of lead filled ruby. Hence, the conclusion derived from the above information is that natural ruby is much better option than a glass-filled lead ruby. 

Why to Choose Natural Ruby over Lead Glass Filled Ruby

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