Zircon Gemstone

Zircon gemstone is one of the heaviest stone that is available in many varieties and colours. It is found in tetragonal crystal structure with hardness of about 7.5. Zircon beads are also found in range of colours but the most recognized type of zircon is the one that resembles like a diamond in its shape and structure. The gemstone possesses an ultimate force of magnetism in itself. Although they are colourless but due to the presence of certain other impurities in them, they grab different colours like yellow, orange, blue, red, brown and green.

Properties and uses
The gemstone is known for spiritual growth in the soul of an organism. It encourages the progress of lethargic energy and conveys purity and harmony to the heart and soul of a person. It is advisable to carry for pregnant ladies so that they could easily give birth to their child without any involvement of complications. It also heals respiratory, bronchial and problems related to lungs and related areas. It also maintains proper appetite of any person. The gemstone comes with a characteristic to treat allergies, asthma and also promotes logical thinking ability of a person. The gem is used to cure mental sickness widely as it cures and enhances psychological thinking and improves intellect and concentration.
The blue zircon is quite popular among all the colours of zircon. It is helpful in decoration purposes and in ceramic industries. It is helpful in concentration of energy in focus and giving the wearer a power of self-confidence, poise and strength in them. It helps you to get rid of the negative vibes and evil energy that may surround you with pessimism from inside. It makes wearer a better person who is honest and keeps miles away from lies. As a whole it is used for both medical and astrological values. There are several mythological values associated with the stone.

It is mostly found in all the types of rocks with most of the mines present in Australia with 37% of zircon availability. Other than this, countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and many other countries share smaller parts as the miners of the precious gemstone. The value of these gemstones depends upon the different colours of the gem.

How to wear
Zircon has many industrial purposes but the most popular in the form of jewellery. It is largely used to embellish and beautify the ornamental jewelleries. It is either used as a neck piece or pendant or as a ring to be worn in fingers. The gemstone should be worn in set of white gold or silver in your ring finger. For astrological values, it is worn to protect your mind and body from harmful energies which is emitted by the celestial body of solar system. It is known to possess characteristics that attract wealth, health, wisdom and confidence.  It provides feelings of love and happiness to the person wearing it. The only condition that must be remembered while carrying this gemstone that it must remain in contact with the body.