Crystal Gemstone Fancy Cut Beads

Are you looking for a attractive shape for your crystal gemstone, then take a look at our crystal fancy cut beads, designed especially keeping in mind the latest prevailing jewellery fashion trend. We understand the passion gem lovers have for great shape, it is the reason we have come up with fancy cut shapes. The love for gemstone beads never fades away and when gemstones are available in enchanting shapes then desire to hold it simply increases. Rata Sagar Jewels have come up with a heartwarming collection of fancy cut gemstone. Our excellent collection of fancy beads is a treasure trove of alluring designs. It has the capability to quench the thirst of gem lovers by its ground-breaking design.


Sodalite Gemstone- Fancy Cut

Natural Sodalite Gemstone possess property of opaque and are available in deep blue Color with orange specks in micro cut, Rectangle Shape.
  • Quality : AAA
  • Length : 20 cm./8Inch.
  • Gemstone Origin : Madagascar
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
6 To 8 70.00 $0.40 $28.00
8 To 10 100.00 $0.40 $40.00

Semi Precious Gemstone Multi- Fancy Cut

Natural Semi precious Gemstone Multi possess consist 12 gemstones like Amethyst, Green Amethyst, Pink Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Lemon Quartz, Carnelian, Crystal, Green Onyx, Blue Topaz in artistic fish shape.
  • Quality : AAA
  • Length : 20 cm./8Inch.
  • Gemstone Origin : Brazil, African
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
7 To 9 80.00 $0.80 $64.00

Aquamarine - Fancy Cut

Natural Aquamarine Gemstone is blue-green variety of beryl, possess property of transparent with vitreous luster and are available in sea-blue color with micro cut, Dolphin Shape.
  • Quality : AAA
  • Length : 20 cm./8Inch.
  • Gemstone Origin : Africa
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
4 To 6 40.00 $1.50 $60.00
5 To 7 60.00 $1.50 $90.00
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