A look at Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Peach Moonstone

Moonstone is one of the oldest known items of metaphysical and spiritual therapy. Often called the “Mystery Stone”, Peach moonstone Gemstone is adored for its association with the feminine mysteries that control the outcome of any activity or challenge. In order to get back to track professionally or recovering from a relationship disaster, peach moonstone really helps. Here’s a rundown on the immaculate Facts of the Peach Moonstone catalogue.

  • Gets you close to Mother Nature

The peach moonstone beads attract the abundance available with the Mother Nature. It strengthens the determination to get close to the nature and Universe. If used while doing meditation, most of your troubles will be answered as if you had known the answers forever.

  • Strengthens your Sixth sense

Ever wondered why you did not listen to your heart when it was screaming on top of its voice when you lost those shares or had a hard time with relationships? Well, you did not have faith in your sixth sense. Peach moonstone strengthens your sixth sense so that you can steer clear of the difficult situations in life or at least stay prepared.

  • Connect with your Chakras

The peach moonstone gems controls the chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown. It is associated with the creative ambition and is stronger in men than in women. Wearing the stone actually controls the right side of the brain and makes you focus on your talent. Most artists lose out on making riches despite being masters of creativity.

  • Stimulates your Love

Soul feeds the mind and mind feeds the heart. Peach moonstone helps you pay attention to this mystical interaction and governs outcomes in life. Whether at work, home or in bed, wearing the gemstone gives you the power to choose for yourself without an iota of dominance reflected in your behaviour. It stimulates your love karma to exude compassion and genuine faith in people and environment around you.

  • Making the Right compromises

Just like the moon has a waxing and a waning phase, life too follows a certain pattern. Autumn is always followed by a fall as fall by the spring, wearing the Peach moonstone gives the courage to weather tough times and make compromises without worrying about the consequences. Only way you move ahead in life by wearing the gemstone is upwards into a higher spiritual plane.

  • Reunion Package

So you had a big fight with your sibling or spouse? So what. Before it turns any sour, try putting a peach moonstone in the cabinet close to your bed. Meditate with the stone every night before retiring to bed. You will see how your relationship with them improves over time.

  • Seven continents, Seven sources

All over the world, there are seven distinct sites from where peach moonstone is quarried extensively. They are:

  • Indian sub-continent (Asia)
  • Poland and Norway (Europe)
  • Australia (Oceania)
  • Mexico and USA (North America)
  • Peru (South America)
  • Madagascar (Africa)
  • South Antarctica (yet to be evaluated for commercial purposes)


A look into the magical power of Pearl Gemstone

For centuries, the Moon has been the epitome of beauty, tranquillity and penance. Pearl gemstone posses the healing properties that soothes the physical and mental conditions of life. Every issue related to the Moon and its planetary influence can be relieved by wearing the Pearl gemstone. Just like its formation and its extraction, the individual wearing the pearl oyster gem also can bring immense beauty into life. Its origin is linked to the rain of Swati Nakshatra and considered to be auspicious. In terms of its formation, Oyster pearl and Bamboo pearl have similar metaphysical and healing properties.

Sources of Pearl
Depending on the source from which it is extracted, there are eight known varieties Pearl gemstone Beads available in the commercial gems market. They are:

  • Sky pearl (Akaash Mani)
  • Cobra Pearl (Nag Mani)
  • Bamboo Pearl
  • Hog Pearl
  • Elephant Pearl (Ashwa Mani)
  • Conch Pearl (Sankhu Mani)
  • Fish pearl
  • Oyster Pearl

How to identify a genuine pearl
Based on the scriptures and gemology principles, a pure pearl should have the following properties.

  • Pure white colour, reflecting the Moon’s beauty
  • Perfectly round surface without a dent. Pearls that are oval in shape are not considered genuine or effective.
  • Compact physical structure suggesting its high specific gravity
  • Smooth and spotless brilliance
  • Lustrous glamour reflecting its attractive radiance that lasts till eternity
  • Absence of any kind of impurity

Once you have earned yourself a genuine pearl, you can transformation in your behaviour and the environment around you.
Effect of wearing genuine Pearl
Pearl is associated with Goddess of Wealth, Devi Lakshmi. Effects of wearing genuine pearl are:

  • Begetting fortune and wealth
  • Attract vitality and wisdom into life
  • Long-lasting friendships and relationships
  • Prosperity of business

Tinted pearls: Are they genuine
Yes, the tinted pearl gemstones are genuine. The following pearl shades are associated with conditions in life:

  • Yellow Lustre Pearl- Prosperity in life, business and in the surrounding
  • Red Pearl- Intelligence and wisdom
  • White pearls with Beige tinge- Fame and eminence
  • Blue pearl- Birth stone and fertility (associated with Lord Shiva)

Common Flaws in natural pearls
Natural pearls are not devoid of flaws or impurities. They could be inflicted with following imperfections.

  • Ridges or cracks- Wearing such a pearl could cause grievous injury to health
  • Linings or scratched surface- Dwindles the fortune earned and closes windows of opportunities
  • Indentation- Dents fame, wealth and health
  • Speckles, mottles and cloudy formation- Associated with lurking sadness and misfortune in life.

How to Wear and Maintain Pearl
The pearl is called the ‘Moon Medicine’ and is always worn over a pure silver ring. It should be worn on an evening of a chosen Nakshatra that matches its value.  The 30th anniversary pearl stone is the birth stone of June and controls the zodiac of Gemini and Cancer.
Pearl is relatively soft compared to other gems. It has to be maintained with outmost care. Eroded pearl gem also loses its healing properties. Wipe it with wet cloth and never with detergent or lime.


Peridot Gemstone - Noble Stone filled with power of Universe

Peridot gemstone is one of the Three Noble Ring gems of the Anglo Roman lineage. The oldest account of the gemstone is derived from Arabia where it was called “Faridat” meaning, “the True Gem”. Over the centuries, this gemstone has been called by different names like Peridot, Pelidod And Pilidod. Its enticing olive green hue is universal and this is what makes it so easy to identify in the stone market.

Peridot meaning
In olden times, Peridot was called Chrysolite. Peridot gemstone belongs to the family of Olivine and is derived from the lava Mafic and Ultramafic rocks. A shooting star or a meteorite contains Peritot in abundance. It is believed that the first peridot gemstone was actually a meteorite. The green tinge is actually dependent on the amount of iron present in the crystalline structure. Darker the greenish shade, higher is the price of the peridot gemstone.

Famous Peritot gemstones

  • The costliest gemstone in the family is actually a Pallasite peritot exhibited in the year 2008. It was auctioned for USD 3 million but went unsold.
  • Peritot features as an emerald in majority of popular church treasures, like the “three Magi” in Cologne
  • A 310 carat Peritot is the largest gemstone from the family exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum.
  • Egyptians mined the special emeralds called Topazios and Zagbargad.

Metaphysical Significance of Peritot
Peritot is the birthstone for those born in Augusts. It is also used influential in transforming the lives of individuals born in September and October. Known as the ‘Rejuvenation Stone’, this gemstone instils faith and honour in life.
Zodiacs that see good results are Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Meditation and Peritot
Wearing the Peritot Gemstone Stone Beads brings one close to inner-self. It links the mind with the Divine Energy of the Universe and boosts psychic abilities to control results in life. It is especially recommended for strengthening the intuition and clairvoyance prowess.
It is often worn with the Rainbow Moonstone to channelize the benefits towards your life exclusively. Known as the 16th Anniversary gemstone, Peritot controls the Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart chakra.

Health Benefits
Peritot fights stress and hunger-related ailments. It elevates the body from any kind of physical trauma. It is effective against blisters, ulcers, cuts and eye infections. It also fights against lethargy, sadness, exhaustion and bipolar disorders.
The 4th Chakra of Annahata is exclusively regulated by this gemstone. It bestows you with wisdom and overcome false ego.
Abundance of Peritot
Gem quality peritot is rare despite the abundance of the olivine. Peritot gemstone is very rare as Olivine is very volatile on Earth’s crust. The gemstone exists in the form of small granules or as heavily weathered rock. Peritot stone in larger cuts is rare and hence sold at very high price.
Sources of Peritot gemstone
The meteorite carrying peritot is called Pallasite meteorites. Major sources of the gemstone are:

  • USA: Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Norway
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • China
  • Sri Lanka


A look at the power of Master Healing Crystal Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is the rose gemstone that is connected to the power of the spirits. The spirit amethyst or the Lavender Pink amethyst possesses the special gifts bestowed by the spirit, emotions, mind and the physical body. It not only looks peaceful in its appearance but also has visible benefits once you start wearing it.

Power of Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst gemstone offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. It is very important to connect to your psychic pinnacle to achieve bigger goals in life. It aids in healing the grievous injuries in life especially earned from the relationships and friendships.
Power of amethyst is noticed in the following conditions of life:

  • Clarity of mind and thoughts. No emotion doubts arise when you align with the Pink amethyst.
  • Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra and relieves all ailments associated with the chakra.
  • It directs the personal power of determination and will power to be aligned with the highest aspirations in life.
  • It dispels all doubts involved with in a relationship.

Healing properties of the Amethyst Pink Lavender
Pink amethyst gemstone Beads are called the “Master Healing Crystals”. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive destinations in life. Healing properties of the Pink lavender amethyst include:

  • Freedom from the feeling of victimization
  • Relief from overwhelming situations
  • Protection from negative vibrations arising from lack of patience or over-excitement
  • Peel off the karmic cycle and promote self-love amongst the siblings
  • Induce calmness once you are betrayed by someone

Pair Stones
Pink amethyst can be combined with Moldavite to raise the vibration frequency to a higher state. It resonates with the lower energies and fights the negative forces. It can also be paired with stone like:

  • Azeztulite
  • Phenacite
  • Scolecite
  • Natrolite

Other stones that have harmonious effect on life when paired with pink lavender are:

  • Citrine
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Chrysoprase
  • Opal
  • Tiger Eye
  • Chalcedony
  • Healer’s Gold
  • Obsidian
  • Jet
  • Tourmaline

Freedom from intoxicating effects and clairvoyants
Pink amethyst gemstone provides freedom from the intoxicating elements that can harm your body and existence. It rightly gives the protection from individuals who can read mind. Such people can expose your dark secrets by reading your mind. Pink amethyst beads block that energy to reach your mind.
If you are fighting against smoking and drinking habits, wearing the pink lavender stone really helps. If you are in the situation due to emotional break-up, the stone empowers you to stand with dignity. It combats obsession arising due to lusts or greed for wealth.
With time, the ring soothes the greed for wealth and brings satisfaction into your life. Be it your sexual life or professional ambitions, the rosy pink amethyst heals your resource pool.
A natural Tranquilizer
Pink amethyst is regarded as the natural tranquiliser that enhances the connection with the higher states of meditation and consciousness. It cleanses the spiritual path. When you meditate, you derive results with unrelenting determination.



Pink Chalcedony - A Healing Stone With Divine Powers

Do you often find yourself engulfed in negativity? Do you experience negative thoughts about others at work or in relationships? Do you find it hard to focus on your thoughts and often struggle to control your anger or jealousy? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, you are not adding any value to your life. You need a talisman, a nurturing guide and a companion. Pink chalcedony is the perfect companion to guide you through this condition.

Pink Chalcedony: The Motherly Nurture
Pink chalcedony stirs the motherly nurture in every person. If you are inflicted with bad vibes and jealousy, wearing pink chalcedony strengthens empathy and compassion. It stimulates innocence and trust without wondering about the final outcome of any action.

Pink chalcedony Gemstones are recommended to the first-time mothers who are often anxious about their pregnancy and the health of their baby. The Pink Chalcedony Beads strengthens the family bond between the father, baby and mother. It is also a Heart stimulator. Patients with high blood pressure, abnormal lipid profiles and atherosclerosis are recommended to wear the pink chalcedony. It also boosts your recovery if you just had a bypass surgery or if you are about to go for one soon.

Pink Chalcedony and Children
Chalcedony is a form of quartz. Its brilliance is loved by the kids. Not just the appearance, pink chalcedony is also found to be effective in stimulating the physical and mental development of the kid.

In healing Pink Chalcedony is believed to support the immune system and to fortify the heart. It promotes friendships and removes sibling rivalry. Kids suffering from jaundice, eye sight disorders, breathing ailments and blood-related disorders are protected in the long run.

Healing properties of Pink Chalcedony
Owing to its powerful telepathic healing, Pink chalcedony is called the “Generosity Stone.” A person wielding the stone can detect every kind of issue and give solutions. It brings the power of mind, body and spirit into a central chakra. Its powerful healing and cleansing properties is used in meditation, especially when you are praying for others.
Wearing pink chalcedony makes you enthusiastic about new developments in life like a promotion, job change, marriage, new baby or relocation to a new place. The healing properties of pink chalcedony are associated with the following body parts:

  • Brain
  • Spleen
  • Liver
  • Gall bladder
  • Bones
  • Throat
  • Spine
  • Eyes
  • Tongue

Finding the right Pink Chalcedony
Pink chalcedonies are available in two forms: clear and spotted. The presence of iron oxide and manganese gives it a speckled look. Artificial polishing and resurfacing removes the speckles. Some varieties also have light bands inside their crystalline structure which look like dendrites.
Opt for a chalcedony in pink that comes from USA, Austria, Iceland, Mexico and UK. Russian and Brazilian varieties have brilliant speckles but are not considered as pure Pink chalcedony. In some cases, glass gemstones are passed into the black market and sold as Pink chalcedony. Always test the right chalcedony under Infra-red spectrum before buying.


A look top 7 Amazing facts about Pink Opal

Do you know why pink opal is so special in the collection of stones? As per the geologists, pink opal is one of the first rock gems to be spewed from the earth’s core. It took the pink opal many millenniums to appear as what they do today! Formed from the combination of silica and water, much like what sandstones are, the pink opals too are from same family. In fact, the stone is one of the most sensitive pieces to make it to the list. Here’s a rundown on 7 amazing facts about this beautiful stone.

Pink Opal: Peace and Penance Stone
If you are troubled by guilt of having done something wrong in the past and you doubt the retribution will come soon, wear the pink opal gemstone to reduce its effect. Often regarded as the soothing stone to mellow down the effect of the karmic retribution in life, pink opal really helps. It is rightly called the Penance stone.
Heart and Pink Opal
Pink opal is the most powerful gemstone associated with the Heart Chakra.  It heals the matter of heart and also the medical conditions associated with it. In fact, Romans used to adorn the pink opal gemstone beads to keep their romances away from interfering with the political affairs.
Achievement Stones
It is believed that the Pink opal is the blessing drop of the Gods. It is known to bring instant achievement and good fortune. Also called the Hope Stone, the ancient Egyptians crowned their Pharaohs with the gemstone when they undertook massive work of conquest and constructions.
Love Stone
Distance is hell for two people in love. The Love Stone has been tagged as the “Queen of Gems” by poets and bards. In fact, gemologists refer to the Pink Opal as a stone that has all the properties of every single gem. From opulence to lustrous appeal, the gemstone is extremely sensitive to heat on account of the high percentage of water in its internal crystalline structure.
Connecting with dreams
Dreams do come true. Do you have the faith in them? Are you working in the right direction to make realize them? In a bid to connect with your dream world and realize them, Pink Opal gemstone really works. Gem experts recommend the use of this stone only when you are ready to put honest efforts.
Hunger pangs and Weight issues
Are you struggling with your weight? Is it a big hurdle in your marriage and relationship? Well, wearing the pink opal gemstone controls your hunger pangs and boosts your stamina to workout. Weight issues can be resolved effectively as you continue to wear the gemstone. In addition to the weight issues, it also wards of the issues related to irregular heartbeat, stomach issues, diabetes and pancreas.
Inviting angels into life
Irrespective of your faith and beliefs, wearing the gemstone brings the helpful spirits and angels around you. They shield you against the negativity of your environment.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Multiple Colours

Semi-precious series of gemstone in multiple shades are making a rage all over the world. Fresh, glittering and sleek designs in cuts and presentation are loved by both men and women. Today, the semi-precious gemstone multi coloured items are available in diverse sizes ranging between 1 and 7. Often worn with silver sterling or gold necklace, the semi precious gemstone in multiple colours are items of luxury today.

Popular semi-precious gemstones are:

  • Yellow citrine
  • Blue Topaz
  • Green peridot
  • Red garnet

Often regarded as the gems of the Forgotten Realms, the semi precious varieties of multi-coloured gemstones would invariably consist of following members:

  • Moonstones
  • Onyx
  • Orprase
  • Rosaline
  • Sardonyx
  • Bloodstone
  • Mellochrysos

Unlike the traditional precious gemstones, these varieties are more commonly found in the stone market at astonishingly affordable rates. What matters is the quality of finish. 
The multi-coloured semi-precious gemstones are used to either boost or wane the power of a higher gemstone. It often acts as an accessory to main stone. Semi-precious gemstones from multi-coloured varieties are recommended during the following situations:

  • Inauguration of your first home
  • Engagement ceremony but not marriage
  • Birth of first child
  • Shifting base on account of a new job or promotion
  • Seeking settlement on a long-standing financial issue
  • Resolution on a marital issue

Use of the semi-precious is not recommended if you are suffering from certain kind of chronic diseases, especially when you are already wearing a major gemstone. For instance,
Avoid wearing a peach moonstone if you are wearing red garnet, if you are diabetic. Both are antagonistic in nature and could cause ripple effect in your recovery from the ailment. In fact, the pairing actually aggravates the situation.
Colour matters

Different colours in the multi hued semi-precious gemstones bear different meaning. They align the chakras with the power of the Universe. If you are deficient in particular energy field, the gemstones will balance it with the natural source. Before buying or using a semi-precious gemstone from multi-coloured variety, always study about the dominance of the shade and its metaphysical properties.

  • Blue dominance: Fighting phobias in life, especially of the five elements. Also boosts the health of the heart
  • Yellow dominance: Directly linked to the health of the digestive system. It should be avoided if you have poor eye-sight
  • D. Black: Guaranteed protection against evil forces and intoxicating drugs
  • Rosaline pink: Aids in conception and childbirth. Avoid it if you have been diagnosed with androgenic hormone deficiency 
  • White: Dissipates doubt and confusion from mind, especially in the pregnancy term and post-surgical recovery 
  • Lilac: Enhances the fertility aura and builds an impressive communication channels between opposite sex
  • Green: Symbol of prosperity and youth. It should not be worn with any other stone. It is rated as a very powerful metaphysical stone that also relates to clairvoyance and intuition, especially among story-tellers and sailors.
  • Red: Recommended to those who have difficulty in sleeping or have been inflicted with severe back pain.


Lapis gemstone: Embrace the Love for Ultramarine rock

Lapis lazuli is popularly called as the lazuli gemstone, for short. The deep blue aquamarine item is a part of semi-precious collection that adorns much of Greek and Roman architecture. Loved for its antiquated appearance, Lazuli gemstone gained massive fan following in the medieval ages. The connoisseurs of the lapis stone include the likes of King Tutatankamum, Queen Cleopatra, Persian kings, British crown and Indian maharajas. The blue mottled stone is now widely used in 7-star restaurants, jewellery and in spiritual healing.

How to identify a Lapis gemstone
The name of the stone is derived from Latin word for ‘deep blue’. The present name is a distorted version of the Persian word which also means ‘deep blue sky’. Lapis gemstone occurs naturally in the mines of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Persia and India. The most vibrant shade of the lazuli gemstone is azure which you see on the jersey of the Italian soccer team. It is also called ‘Denim stone’ for its brusque physical form.
Experts who are familiar with lazuli recommend the following tips which you must verify the following before buying.

  • Hardness: Lapis gemstone is a relatively softer rock than other semi-precious items. It scores 6.5 or less on a Mohs scale.
  • Appearance:It has a mottled white appearance owing to the presence of the calcite and brassy pyrite. It has a compact structure and is often unbreakable under stress.
  • Similarity: Since it is a metamorphosed rock like marble, lazuli gemstone has similar properties like it. 
  • Quality:Highest quality of lapis stone won’t reveal any flecks on the surface. The cheaper versions are often accompanied by the golden mottles of pyrites.

Is lapis a rock or a crystal?
Lapis gemstone is a rock. It is wrongly sold as a crystal in some parts of the world. The major constituent of the lazuli is Lazurite. The other constituents are diopside, enstatite, nosean, mica, hornblende and hauynite.

Lapis Lazuli: The Redemption Stone
Lapis Gemstone Beadsalways in demand. The celestial blue hue of the stone is regarded as a source of redemption. It is the symbol of royalty, wisdom and truth. Lapis stone is recommended in the following circumstances.

  • Quest for love and glory
  • Renewed zeal to pursue professional goals
  • Seek promotion at work
  • Birth of a child

It is a redemption stone owing to its ‘faithful’ entrustment as the Fifth stone over the breastplate of the High Priest of the Israelites.  It is recommended to the individuals involved in high-office professions. Like:

  • Law makers
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • CEOs
  • Sports managers

It is also adorned by hyper-active men, women living constantly under public eye and writers.
Huge quantities of lapis gemstone were once mined from the Koccha River Valley in Afghanistan. It is one of the oldest known stone mines in the world dating back to over 6000 years. Other prominent sites of extraction are:

  • Andes Mountain, Chile
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • India
  • Argentina
  • USA
  • Angola
  • Siberia

Moss Aquamarine: Earn the Power and Tranquillity of Ocean

Moss Aquamarine is a brilliant blue tranquil crystalline gemstone from the cyan family of beryls. It is one of the most sought after beryls in the family of natural gemstones. Extracted from the mines of Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Myanmar, the Moss Aquamarine is available in yellow, green and rosy pink shades as well apart from the Sea Blue shade. Some crystals of Moss Awuamarine also exhibit the phenomenon of iridescent where the brilliant blue fades into white and returns to blue when subjected to varying temperatures.

Significance of Moss Aquamarine Gemstone
Aquamarine Moss gemstone resonates with the most abundant element on Earth- The Water. It carries the power of ocean which connects the spirit of the person wearing the aquamarine beads with water element. In the olden days, sailors carried the Moss Aquamarine in their chest to ensure safe passage through wild waves. Even today, the gemstone is used to pacify the spirits living in water.

Moss Aquamarine is a trusted gemstone used to treat many phobias including that of water, darkness and lofty heights. It is also used to treat pain caused due to frost-bite or chills. It is a perfect accomplice for travellers who have to pass through different terrains and geographies that largely include icy caves, snow valleys, rainforests and rivers.
In gemstone treatise, Moss Aquamarine Beads associated with the following conditions in life.

  • Prevention of casualties due to drowning
  • Relieving from the diseases of lungs, liver and throat.
  • Babies coming in contact with the Moss Aquamarine gemstone earn immunity from oedema and pneumonia.
  • For old age, the gemstone of aquamarine prevents dehydration in the body.

Metaphysical Significance
Moss Aquamarine is aptly called the Courage Stone. It is linked to the verbal expression of ideas and emotions. Associated with the Throat Chakra, the gemstone enhances spiritual communication with the inner-self as well as with spirits. Moss Aquamarine is favourable for those involved in professions and activities like:

  • Water Sports
  • Motor sports
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors, especially Renal and Eye Specialists
  • Firemen
  • Sailors and Merchant Navy Officials

Effect on the Chakras
Moss aquamarine gemstone is primarily associated with the Heart Chakra. The secondary chakras that it regulates are:

  • Throat
  • Third-Eye
  • Thymus

It is the birthstone for those born under the signs of Aries, Gemini and Pisces.
Places to find Moss Aquamarine
Madagascar is home to some of the most enticing rock beds of the Moss Aquamarine. In fact, a special variety called Maxxie is mined from this isolated island in the Indian Ocean. Apart from this, Moss Aquamarine is also found in following locations.

  • Mt. Antero, Colorado, USA
  • Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming, USA
  • Saw-Tooth Range, Idaho, USA
  • Colombia
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Bahia, Brazil
  • Rio Grande de Norte, Brazil
  • Marambaia, Brazil

As per records, the largest Moss aquamarine called the “Dom Pedro Aquamarine” weighs 110 kg and measures 49 centimetres long and 42 centimetres wide in diameter. It is housed in the National Museum of Natural History.

Multi Sapphire - The Powerful Stone Of Saturn For Luck, Power And Miracle

Multi Sapphire is an attractive healing gemstone used to release the power of creativity and embrace balance in life. Often regarded as the Luck stone, the Multi Sapphire gemstone is associated with the celebration of 45th anniversary. Depending on the dominance of the colour in Multi Sapphire stone, the control on chakra also varies. Ruled by planet Saturn, this gemstone is one of the most powerful metaphysical stones.

Significance of Adorning Multi Sapphire

Multi sapphire has been the most favoured gemstone often adorned by intellectuals and warriors since centuries. It is associated with the following conditions and phases in life.

  • Birth of a child
  • Freedom and liberation from debt or financial hurdle
  • Promotion at job
  • Home-warming
  • Academic excellence
  • Settlement abroad

The stone helps in:

  • Expression of Creativity
  • Strengthening Sixth sense intuition
  • Bring Luck and fortune
  • Stir optimism
  • Breed mutual friendship and collaboration
  • Ease sibling rivalry
  • Fortify loyalty among friends, spouse and employees
  • Polish knowledge and sharpen memory, especially at an young age

What each colour signifies?

Each shade of multi Sapphire exhibits its own power. It is important to choose the state of dominance yourself. As per healing stone experts, the colours are matched accordingly with life phase.

  • Dominant (D.) blue: Combating phobias and fears in life
  • D. Yellow: Treating ailments related to bile and digestive system
  • D. Black: Protection against intoxication and drugs
  • D. Pink: Boost fertility, relationships and assist in healthy childbirth
  • D. White: Tranquillity and peace of mind assured
  • D. indigo: Ease confidence issues and boosts aura
  • D. Green: Heart chakra specifically beneficial for those born under the zodiacs of Gemini and Libra

Embracing Wisdom and Prosperity  

Each colour in Multi sapphire bears a relationship with the wisdom it bestows on the person adorning it. Known as the “Wisdom Stone”, this gemstone restores balance between the mind and body. It eliminates the confusion that grips before major decisions. If you are unable to make a strong resolution in a long standing obstacle, the Multi Sapphire stone will guide you to the solution.

Wearing the multi sapphire rock on fingers promises to bring:

  • Serenity
  • Mental peace
  • Immunity against physical wounds
  • Joy from love making
  • Lightness after day’s work
  • Wealth management

It is rightly sold in the market with the name of “Spirit stone” and “Fortune Rock”.
Who should wear it?

Multi Sapphire Beads have variable effect on the life of a person, Depending on the influence of certain forces and Saturn’s grip, multi sapphire also exerts its relieving powers. You can embrace the stone for more benefits if you are born in the month of September on odd days.

Zodiacs of Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius are strongly recommended to embrace the stone. It can be adorned as a ring stone or in the form of beads. Single rock can also be embraced and placed strategically over your desk or under your pillow so that nobody else can see it.