Black Moonstone: Tap the Glow and Purity of Cosmic Powers

The glow of the moon has always inspired humans to seek perfection and purity in Life. The Black Moonstone Gemstone is an extension of that poetic reference in nature. The soothing gemstone brings soothing effect into life. Overcoming difficult situations with Black Moonstone beads becomes very easy as it has the power to transform grave situations overnight. The soft stone ranks low in the Mohs scale with a score of 6. Delicate and beautiful, the Moonstone Gemstone requires elaborate care and attention. Ideal for the individuals born in the months of October and November, the gemstone is recommended to those having the zodiac sign of Cancer and Aries.


Physical appearance

The black Moonstone gemstone has a dull appeal with cloudy bluish tinge. Sometimes, the gemstone showcases a milky shade too giving it a “Yin-Yang” characteristic. Known to connect with every Chakra in the human body, the stone is used as a medicinal item as well as an ornament. It has a monolithic crystalline structure which makes it susceptible to fractures along cleavage lines.

Significance of the Moonstone gemstone

Black gemstone is called the “Oracle Stone” and the “Fertility stone” owing to its effect on love, affection and future of a relationship. Owners who wear black gemstone experience prosperity in marriage and progeny. In Roman and Chinese culture, the bride was gifted a Black Moonstone gemstone on the first night of marriage for good fortune and protection from evil forces. Sometimes, it is also called as the “Virginity Stone” for its purity and fidelity.

Wearing the Moonstone beads on a full moon night harmonizes the Negative energy around the owner and transforms into optimism and positivity.

Sibling varieties of the Black Moonstone Gemstone

Other than the black varieties, the following Moonstone gemstones are equally popular and appealing.

  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Grey Moonstone
  • Peach Moonstone
  • Blue Moonstone
  • White Moonstone

Every single Moonstone bead has vital significance owing to the different colours derived by chemical compositions containing impurities in the form of oxides, sulphates and carbonates.

Who should use the Moonstone gemstone?

Individuals with disturbed aura are recommended to wear the Black Moonstone Gemstone and beads. The white moonstone is associated with masculinity while the black moonstone beads are linked to feminine characteristics of the Universe. People engaged as following professionals benefit maximum from wearing the moonstone beads.

  • Mining
  • Fire service
  • Military service
  • Sailors
  • Pilots
  • Politicians
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Bull fighters
  • Excavators
  • Lawyers

Those engaged in creating news or work as reporters/ journalists also earn safety from the harsh environment and terrorist attacks by wearing the gemstone beads.

It has intuitive properties and enhances the telepathic communication among those involved in fights, relationships or are siblings. Parents use the stone to build a strong faith around their children, especially during the difficult phase of teenage years.

Where are they found?

Black Moonstone gemstone is resourced from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Canada and USA. Synthetic gemstones are manufactured in Spain, Italy, Germany and Russia.



Explore the Power of Dual coloured Quartz with Ametrine Gemstones

Considered as a very rare and extraordinary stone, Ametrine gemstone usually occurs with quartz in its amethyst and citrine crystals. The most curious aspect about wearing the gemstone is that no two amterines have same physical appearance. In a way, it is a naturally customized item. They were mined exclusively from the remote locations of Bolivia. Till the end of 19th century, Anahi Mines in Bolivia was the only natural source of Ametrine gemstone where it appeared with quartz deposits. Today, it is included in the beads made of amethyst and Citrine for accumulating therapeutic relief from depression, anxiety, sexual discord and heart burns.


Popular trade names and Physical appearance

Ametrine gemstone is also known as Bolivianite and Trystine. It has ambiguous shades of purple and yellow cloud. In some exotic varieties, the beads also have orange and pink shades induced in it like a suspension. The stones extracted from the mines in India have lighter shades than their counterparts dug out from Bolivia. The rates of oxidation and the gradient of temperature at which they are formed have a significant impact on their physical properties and the colour.

The tag of Power Stone

Ametrine gemstone is a rare power stone. One reason why you should buy beads made of this stone is because of its uncertainty of it availability in the future. The Ametrine beads stimulate creativity and stir the courage in one’s life to take charge of the situation. It is recommended by the leading gem scientists and astrologers in following conditions.

  • Recover from breach of trust by spouse, family members, business partners or by government
  • Earn safety from mishaps and terrorist attacks
  • Enhance the protection barrier around life and property
  • Enhance sexual prowess and achieve fulfilment of bliss
  • Control negative emotions and thoughts
  • Promote optimism
  • Improve concentration

Things to note before buying Ametrine Gemstones Beads

  • The gemstone tends to wear out in terms of colour, texture and hardness with time. It needs professional cleaning and polishing routine in every 4-5 years.
  • Buy a gemstone with the traditional 50/50 cut on the colour split. They have a checker board colour quality with very good quality.
  • Check for blemishes and inclusions that look artificial.
  • Refrain from buying green or blue shades as they are artificial stones.

Who will benefit from wearing Ametrine Beads?
Ametrine transforms the personality of the person wearing it. The following group of individuals will benefit the most:

  • New artists
  • Students
  • Sports person
  • Politicians
  • Philosophers
  • People expected to undergo a surgery soon
  • Diabetics and heart patients


Aquamarine Beads: Colour Your Senses with Blue Emotions

Aquamarine beads are known to the whole world of the gemologists as the “Green Beryl.” The beads display a stunningly clear and obvious blue hue. The colour is similar to the expansive blue Atlantic Ocean seen from the space. Aquamarine belongs to the same class of beryl as the Emerald, golden Helidor and the Pink Morganite. Chemically, the Aquamarine gemstone is derived from the cyclo-silicates. Some crystals have Cat’s eye and starry speckles inside the structure. This is called ‘chatoyancy.’
The colour of the Aquamarine beads shows distinct appeal ranging from light green to sea-green. Sky blue and blue-green crystals are also available in the commercial stores.


What’s the Origin of Aquamarine?
Aquamarine gemstones are found extensively in granite pegmatites in small pockets called “vugus” where other crystals like Tourmaline, Feldspar and bi-coloured Quartz are also found. Aquamarine is derived from the words “Aqua” and “mare” meaning ‘Sea water.’ It is believed to be part of Poseidon’s chariot and was worn by the sailors for protection from the fury of the sea.

Benefits of wearing Aquamarine
Aquamarine beads are the “Friend Stone” and believed to be a strong relationship item. Wearing the aquamarine beads reconcile the enemies and improve relationship between warring siblings, spouse and friends. Here are some top benefits of wearing aquamarine.

  • Calms the senses and forces around the individual wearing aquamarine
  • Inhibits the emotions from getting exposed to the outside world
  • Improves judgement while making important decisions
  • Rejuvenates the lower Chakras of the body
  • Part of an ancient Oracle system that answered every question imposed by the owner
  • Lawyers wear the beads made of aquamarine to ensure victory in every case
  • It directs the owner to find their lost, misplaced or stolen items

The legends of Aquamarine gemstone recall that it is known by different names in different cultures. For instance, it is called Santa Maria de Itabira in Brazil while it is called as Aqua Marina Africana in South Africa.

Astrological Influence of the gemstone
Aquamarine is a clear hexagonal crystal with deep blue colour. It has absolutely no inclusions even in rough stones. The stone is ruled by Moon and linked to the throbbing ebb of highs and lows in life, like the tide of the sea. Controlling the results by wearing Aquamarine soothes the body and mind.
From the point of view of health karma, the gemstone eases the emotional disturbances and hence positioned in the categorized with the ‘Wounded Healer’ epitome. 

It benefits individuals with following conditions.

  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stomach disorders
  • Depression
  • Disorders of the Liver
  • Toxicity of the blood
  • Throat disorders

Tips to Wear Aquamarine:

  • Wear the gemstone or beads if you are reeling under stressful environment.
  • Before sleeping, remove the gemstone and beads. Put it in a bone china bowl filled with cold water.
  • Don’t use chemical detergents or agents to clean it.
  • Don’t use it on oily skin.




How to Take Care of Your Precious and Semi Precious Gemstone Beads

Your gemstone beads are perhaps the most important possessions that you have, which makes it important for you to take care of them. However it is important that you know and understand that taking care of gemstone beads is not an easy think if you have absolutely no knowledge of how things have to be done. This blog will focus on how you can take care of your gemstone beads.

There is a difference in the process of cleaning a precious gemstone and a semi precious gemstone; this however may not be applicable to all kinds of gems. There are certain chemicals which damage your gemstones and therefore you should consult a gemstone guide before cleaning gemstones using harsh chemicals.

If you are willing to take care of your gemstone beads at home, keep the following points in mind:


  •  Keep your gemstones away from dust:Those who wear gemstone studded jewelryreally commonly would understand and see that their gemstone jewelry gets covered with dust and this dust spoils the look of gemstones. It is therefore advisable that you wipe away all the dust accumulated on your gemstone beads and maintain the beauty that’s in them.

  • Wipe away any dust only with a soft cotton fabric: Use on a soft cotton fabric for wiping the dust and other external particles. Using a soft cotton fabric avoids any scratches that could spoil your gems.

  • Clean the gems at regular intervals, but do not be too frequent and harsh in cleaning: Clean your gemstones carefully and at regular intervals, but make sure you do not get harsh cleaning them. Maintain a regular cleanliness date for your gems and take care of them on all the other occasions.

  •  Keeping in mind the properties of gemstones keep the desired ones away from water and fire: There are some gemstones which show some reaction with fire and water, such gemstone should not be brought in close contact with either.

  • Use detergent and water to clean the gems which do not reach with both: If the gemstones that you are wearing do not react with detergent and water then the cleaning process of these gemstones should be done with mild detergent and water. Using only mild detergent is advisable because a harsh detergent may spoil the quality and look of your gemstone.

  • Store your gemstone beads in a clean box: Use only a clean box to store gemstone beads. Using a box that does not attract dirt and dust will be better because you can be sure that there is no dust entering the box, thus keeping your gemstones safe.


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Diversity of Gemstone Beads at One Store

We have all read and heard that there are a huge number of gemstone beads, some which we are aware of and some we’ve never heard of. This diversity is pure and beautiful because there are not just a variety of gemstone beads that we’re aware of but also there are some extremely astonishing ones, with perfect textures and colors that are definitely mesmerizing.

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Pink topaz gemstone is the symbol of Eternity

Topaz is one of the most vibrant mineral rocks used in jewellery and decorations. It is a silicate mineral containing aluminium and fluorine traces. Topaz is naturally available in multiple hues like yellow, green, honey, amber gold and pink. The pink topaz gemstone bears a fascinating range of display. The sherry red topaz is a prized semi-precious stone that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The pink topaz gemstone is also called as the Imperial Topaz owing to the richly assortment of pink undertones and orange layers. The Egyptians and the Romans were one of the first civilizations to use pink topaz gemstone in their tombs and mausoleums. The topaz with pink hue remains unchanged even centuries after the processing and hence is considered a ‘symbol’ of eternity.

Imperial Topaz or the pink topaz gemstone is the Brazilian variety often accompanied by the golden tinge and champagne brown layers. Pink Topaz Beads are extensively used in jewellery. Pale topaz is often treated with violet and pink chemicals to make them look like the Imperial Topaz, but the effect of natural stone is hard to match synthetically. The synthetic pink topaz gemstone fades when exposed to sunlight for a very long time.

Geographical distribution

The pink topaz gemstone is mined from the following places on Earth.


  • Topaz Mountain, Utah, USA
  • Ural Mountain range, Russia
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Flinders Island
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Pakistan


The size of the topaz crystals could range from a small sand grain to a mega-sized boulder weighing hundreds of pounds.

Origin of the name Topaz

The word Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘fire’ or ‘heat’. The original name of the stone is ‘Tapas’ in Sanskrit.

Uses of topaz

Topaz has been in use as a decorating stone for many centuries now. It has a special significance in the Christian history belonging to the Medieval Era. The pink topaz gemstone has found its way into the Biblical scriptures and the translations in many languages. The topaz is connected to many symbols in life and is used to provide faith by representing:


  • Womanhood and pristine beauty
  • New found love
  • Marriage desires
  • Eagerness to change behaviour
  • Praying for reunion of separated lovers/ parents
  • Experiences of Marital bliss
  • Nourish Motherhood
  • Overcome Aging issues
  • Enthusiasm to fight the Fear of medical treatment


How to test the clarity of pink topaz gemstone


Topaz from the pink family is usually very small in size. It is cut down from its boulder form into minute stones to cater to the market demands. You can always check the quality and clarity of the pink topaz gemstone by testing them under sunlight or Infrared. You can see small impurities of rutile that give it a cat-eye effect. It has a perfect cleavage in one direction and cravings on pink topaz gemstone are hard to achieve.

Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone: Experience the Power of Mysticism

Labradorite is a scintillating natural rock mineral that exudes schiller effect. The iridescent optical effect of the Labradorite blue fire gemstone is also called as labradorescence. The gemstone derives its name from a place called Labrador in Canada. The geological type area for the Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is Paul’s Island in Labrador, very close to Nain. Apart from the Labrador Peninsula, the gemstone is also found in Australia, India, Norway, Russian and Mexico. Traces of Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone are also excavated from Madagascar, US and Newfoundland.

What is Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone?

Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is also called as the ‘Fire rock’ owing to its fiery crystalline structure. It is used for decorations and making beads and carvings. It is fairly hard and can be scratched by diamonds and Calcium silicate tips.

Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is a feldspar derivative belonging to the group of calcites and silicates. It is found mostly in the mafic igneous rocks between basalt and gabbro.

A Spiritual Tool:

Wearing the Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is linked to mystic beings and their actions. It is adorned by those who are known to make prophecies, forecasts and rely a lot on telepathy. The Labradorite brings out the highest potential of an individual and channelizes it towards the positive realms of life. If you are battling with bad health, alcohol and drug issues, the labradorite will drag you towards wellness and abundance of life.

Why wear Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone?

Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is used as a protection and strength stone. In many cultures, the use of this stone is believed to endow the owner with mystical powers and spiritual glory. It is also worn to arrest the effects of aging and empower the cleansing system of the body. The trade name for the Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is Spectrolite, which is used by most European stone dealers.

The following benefits are experienced by the owner when Labradorite Blue Fire Beads is braced around necks, waist, fingers and toes.

  • Stable body temperature which boosts metabolism and prevents diseases from entering the body.
  • Enhance sensory power and coordination
  • Stamina and endurance to challenge tough tasks
  • Fertility and long life
  • Understanding in relationships and marriage
  • Good sleep pattern
  • Ease from pain arising due to arthritis and back inflammation

Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone healing power remains unchallenged. The effect of wearing the stone grows with time. The powers depend on the cut and intensity of the faith.

Kids who wear the rock stone or have it around them are observed to far more attentive and physically active than those missing the stone in their life.

Why wear Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone?

Usher tranquillity and calmness into your abode with the exquisitely carved rock stone. The beauty of the Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone lies in its simplicity. It is linked to serendipity and synchronicity in life. The Karmic goals are fulfilled when the Labradorite Blue Fire Gemstone is placed around your workstation or bedroom.


Diverse Choice of Gemstones for Men and Women

Men and women usually find nothing in common; while one gender loves to go out and have and enjoy parties with friends the other one like to go out shopping for absolutely no reason at all. The difference in both of these genders has continued for several centuries now; there is difference in their attire, accessories and everything else. The gap never seemed to fill, till there were gemstones that were common to both these genders.

There are a huge number of colored gemstone beads that clearly depict the beauty of nature with their amazing colors and combinations. There are a set of gemstones that are highly appreciated by women and there is another set that may be appreciated by men. The idea of the blog is to present some gemstones that are common to both the genders and the ones that are treasured individually.

Here are the gemstones that are most common for men and women:


·         Diamond

Both of the beautiful gemstones are equally praised by both the genders; while women love would appreciate to wear in whatever jewelry available, men in particular appreciate them in the form of rings or bracelets. Both pearl and diamond have a unique beauty of their own which makes them the gemstones fit for both the genders.

Here are the gemstones that are worn by a particular gender and not usually by the other:

Women’s Choice of Gemstones: Women usually appreciate the bold and bright colors of gemstone beads, beads that are colorful and usually

textured in multiple forms. Their choice is usually a Ruby, Rose Garnet, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Amethyst and mostly the colored ones.

Men’s Choice of Gemstones: Men on the other hand prefer to wear gemstones that are dull in their color and appearance and something that doesn’t shine too brightly. They would usually pick up gemstones like Labradorite, Coffee Moonstone etc.

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Father’s Day Special!

We’re always too busy complementing our moms for the hard work that they put in for our lunch, dinner and dresses that we usually forget to thank the man who has worked had just like mom; this man is Dad!

This Father’s Day just take the time out to thank your dad for a dream that he’s lived, for what he has given you and for all the gifts and love that he has showered on you for all these years. 21st June, 2015 is being celebrated as Father’s Day and you have the opportunity to thank you father by showering him with love, respect and gifts (if you find one that he would love).

Your life isn’t just about your mother, for your father has lived a dream equal to your moms; he has worked hard to get you your favorite toy and he has stayed late at night with your mother when you were sick; he has tied your shoe lace like you will always be a child but he has also reminded you that you’re growing big for your shoes and that you should learn to see life from his eyes. He has been you r love and he has also been your superhero.



This Father’s Day buy him his favorite gemstone bracelet and see him smile with pride and love for you. And even if can’t afford one bracelet, show him that you love him buy spending a day with him; take him to his favorite restaurant, order his favorite food and don’t let him pay for that- rather you should make the payment. There’s nothing better than making your dad happy by little efforts that you put in for him.

Begin all preparations because 21st June is far away in the calendar!!!

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