Things to Consider Before Buying Wholesale Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads count in being one of the highly valued forms of jewelry making accessories of all time and their beauty is timeless. Their immense charm, allure ad beauty are not just considered for their aesthetic value but also for their ageless appearance. The most admirable fact about gemstones is that their luster does not fade away with time and this is the quality that makes them the most expensive jewelry embellishments of all time.

Authentic and genuine gemstone beads have always been a part of treasures of the royal families. It is seen that many families still possess a collection of these gemstones and they are passes on from generation to generation. Even after so many years of their uses these gemstones still have the same brilliance in their physical property. The principal reason for their everlasting brilliance is their resistance towards harsh weather conditions and external harmful conditions.


However there a few things to be considered before you buy wholesale gemstone beads for jewelry making:

·    The first thing to do before you buy gemstones is to state out the difference between cheap gemstone beads and discounted gemstones. It is important for you to know that there is a huge difference between the two and while for authentic wholesale gemstone beads the seller might offer you a marginal discount, the heap gemstones can be purchased at substantially low prices.

·    Step into the gemstone market only after completing your research. If you intent to purchase a whole lot of gemstone, while you’re not willing to fall prey to seller’s trickery, then you first nee to check out the local market and then decide what has to be brought from where. A little research is never bad and it will allow you to be confident of your choice after your first bulk purchase.

·     Seek an expert’s advice: During the initial few steps you mighthesitate asking the many gemstone related questions that are running in your head but if you do not get them cleared before purchasing gemstones you might end up in a really bad state of affairs. Always seek expert advice and take proper guidance to buy gemstones from a wholesale gemstone market.

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Marsala to enhance the Beuaty of Your Gemstone Jewelry in 2015

Color, color on every wall, who’s the fairest of them all???

Marsala it is!!! Yes, you read that right… Marsala has been declared the color of the year 2015.  We’re all happy!!! And we’re willing to know if that makes you feel happy too…

Marsala- The Color that’s First on List this Year

Marsala, the red wine color, is the color of the year and we’ll all be seeing soon everything pained in Marsala. From clothes, to jewelry to accessories, everything will have a touch of this beautiful red wine color and this will mark the beginning of a new time. While we’re all set to open doors for the new color, it is also important and exciting to look at the past and visualize how over the last five years Pantone decided the color of the year:

·        2010- Turquoise

·        2011- Honeysuckle

·        2012- Tangerine Tango

·        2013- Emerald

·        2014- Radiant Orchid

·        2015- Marsala

Here‘s what makes us feel happy:

“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”  - Pantone (The Selection Committee).




This hue is much softer and is an understated deviation to blood-red, also known as pigeon’s blood, relating particularly to the richness of tropical landscapes. The color indeed a superb selection to be made for the year 2015; we’re stepping towards the gentle beauty of the spring season which increases the demand for pastel colors and festive delights.

More Choices for You:

You’re special to Pantone and to us… We’ve gladly accepted and welcomed the new color to our jewelry color palette, which gives us the chance to put together some of our exquisite and mesmerizing jewelry designs featuring this amazing rich hue.

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Digging into the Classification of Gemstones - Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

The fascination with gemstones is prevalent since the ancient medieval times. Then several types and categories of gemstones were available and popular across numerous cultures, in some of the best antiquities. That was the tie when actually a trade began to spread across various geographical territories; gemstones began to be traded and then slowly reached every part of the world.

This however was all about its spread, but once it reached all parts of the globe; there was absolutely nobody who didn’t want them. People spent huge sums of money to buy one beautiful gemstone. There was no classification as precious and semi-precious gemstones; this concept was however adopted after a really long time.

In a laymen’s term gemstone is a mineral which can be cut, polished ad can be used as jewelry or some collectable. Here’s however a brief descriptor on the classification of gemstone beads as precious and semi precious gemstones.

This count back to 1970’s when colored gemstones were being categorized as precious stones and semi precious and nobody had an answer as to why this was happening. Children who were curious to learn about semi precious stones were told that Topaz, Garnet, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine are semi precious stone; but nobody was clear with this question.

Later it was said that every stone has a different tax percentage and this is how these stones were divided; the ones having a higher tax percentage were called precious gemstone and the ones with lower tax percentage were semi precious gemstones.

The nine precious stones are Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Emerald (Mercury), Diamond (Venus), Red Coral (Mars), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite (Rahu), and Cats' Eye (Ketu). Res of the stones are counted as amongst the category of semi-precious stones. These stones, more often than not, are used as effective substitutes of the precious stones. Also, they have their own distinct divine powers with which they can derive concentrated physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to a person.

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Pearl Gemstone Beads- Buy Wisely !!!

Gemstones in every form are beautiful but peals are indeed the best of all. They add an aura of sophistication and beauty to your outfit, whether it’s a bride’s dress or a woman’s formal wear or even a girl’s communication dress. Their round shape and white or cream color compliment virtually any wardrobe.

After diamond, pearls are the only gemstone beads that have practically fascinated mankind more than anything else. The oldest known pearl necklace is more than 4,000 years old. Its mystical powers and qualities are symbolized by their glow that seems to radiate from its center. Over time, pearl has acquired strong associations with love, happiness, success and other virtues like modesty, purity which also makes it the popular choice for a woman’s wedding day.

“Pearls are the riches merchandise of all and the most sovereign commodity throughout the world".

  If you’re planning to buy pearls this season then there are a few details to take a note of:

·   Luster: The gloss, sheen, brightness that you see on this gemstone is a depiction of its quality. Low quality pearls will appear dull with a matte like finish, while high luster pearls will appear nearly brilliant with exceptional pearls having a mirror- like finish.

·   Shape: The most highly prized pearls are those which are perfectly spherical to the naked eye. They have a slightly oblong shape, and the ones with such shapes are of an average value. Though these gemstone beads are randomly shaped, but they still kook beautiful when properly arranged.

·   Quality: The quality of pearl gemstone beads may however vary in accordance to its luster and shape but here are the parameters that are even more expressive:

1.   AAA: These pearls are perfectly round to the eye. They have an excellent luster, very clean nacre (95% nacre) with no surface inclusions. Jewellery claiming to be this grade will have excellent matching between pearls. Pearls from this grade represent the top 1% of a pearl harvest.

2.   AA+: These pearls are visibly round with excellent luster. They have clean nacre (95% nacre) with no surface inclusions. There is excellent matching between pearls. Pearls from this grade represent the top 5% of a pearl harvest.

3.    AA: These pearls are near-round to off-round. They have a good luster with good nacre (80-90% nacre) with no surface inclusions. There is good matching between the pearls. This grade represents the top 15% of a pearl harvest.

4.   A/A+: Off round to baroque in shape, this grade of pearl has a moderate luster and is composed of about 70% nacre. It has no surface inclusions. Jewellery claiming to be this grade had well to moderate matching.

5.   A: This grade represents pearls that are very off-round to baroque. They have moderate to low luster, with moderate to heavily blemished nacre. There is moderate matching between pieces.

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The AAA Quality of Sapphire Gemstone Beads

You probably know a lot about gemstones and jewelry but it’s never enough because there’s always something about gemstones that always intrigues you to know more about them or to buy one more piece for the month.

Gemstone beads are usually made by cutting some precious stones and then shaping and polishing them to give them a really beautiful look. Gems are natural treasures of the Earth that come infused with countless shades and hues from the Earth's palette. They are featured in diverse sizes and shapes.  Precious and Semi Precious gemstones however differ from each other in various aspects.  Out of all the gemstones you know, one that is truly a gem is “Sapphire”.

Sapphire is used for making jewelry for a very long time and this beautiful gem comes in an array of colors including the famous blue and yellow. Sapphire beads are an extremely popular choice of jewelers as they could be used in many forms and styles to decorate a piece of ornament. Usually found in Madagascar, India, Africa, Thailand, Australia, etc., these beads can be used for many other purposes such as watches, handbags and shoes besides accessory decoration.

Apart from the beauty of the stones, one thing that makes them all the more famous is their quality. The best quality of sapphire gemstone beads are of AAA quality and these AAA quality gemstones are available at Ratna Sagar Jewels. They come in a variety of shapes and studded in all forms of jewelry including pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces. The beauty of the gemstone is certainly commendable and its shapes add a little flavor of elegance and charm.

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Quality Speaks for Itself with the Name of AAA Quality Gemstone Beads

Your jewelry is the most important possession for you and when you’ll always try to make sure it is safe and always looks beautiful on you. Jewelry in all forms are your favorites but when it is studded with beautiful gemstones it becomes all the more valuable.

Quality of your jewelry is the most important aspect that you check before making the final purchase. Whatever the gemstone studded in your ring or pendant or earrings is it is crucial to know the properties of that gemstone and also to know that buying only a quality gem is most suitable for its longer life.

If you do a little research you’ll know that gemstones are available in various forms and they all vary in their quality, the best quality however is of AAA quality gemstones. AAA gemstones are the hardest and well polished and shaped. These gemstones come with absolutely 0 impurities and are most suited for you. There cost may however be a little higher than others but you’ll never regret buying them.

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The Advantages of Semiprecious Gemstone Beads

Semiprecious gemstone beads are a versatile and attractive choice for a wide range of jewelry pieces and accessories. Although individually they may have less value than precious gemstones (normally including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds), semiprecious stones have a number of benefits which enable them to make a premium choice for your jewelry collection. If you’re considering purchasing some semiprecious gemstone beads, why not take a few minutes to find out why they’re such a popular choice?

So Many Tempting Types on Offer

There are dozens and dozens of semiprecious stones currently on the market, mined from all countries on the globe. Whether you crave spectacular Gasperite or Crysoprase from Australia or would prefer an Oregon sunstone or some Peridot from the US, semiprecious gemstone beads are available

in every color imaginable. This incredible variety enables you to select stones which provide the exact palette you want for your jewelry piece. Many people are amazed by the diversity of gems available, which allow everyone to choose shapes and hues which precisely match their needs.

It’s Not All Stone

Traditionally semiprecious gemstone beads are thought to be made from rare minerals which have been shaped by the earth to produce a number of attractive materials. Intriguingly, there are also other compounds which can be found amongst gemstone collections that are not mineral based, providing interesting variation to your necklace or earrings. Coral for example, is a popular gemstone which is actually formed by the work of millions of tiny plants and animals which live in the ocean depths. Pearls are created by oysters, while the rich, orangey brown amber gemstones you purchase are made of solidified tree sap from some pre-historic forest.

Increase Your Jewelry Choices

Precious gemstones are extremely expensive due to their rarity. This can significantly limit the jewelry pieces for which they are suitable, simply because large quantities of large gems are unaffordable.One of the joys of semiprecious gemstone beads is their relatively low price. This means they can be liberally used to form multiple strands on a necklace or used generously to embellish clothing or footwear. When cost becomes less of a factor, the opportunities for flamboyant styling and larger pieces which incorporate numerous stones becomes far greater.

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The Enduring Appeal of Gold Beads

A popular metal which has been used forthousands of year to shape appealing jewelry, gold is internationally well-known for its beauty and value. From gold bullion to spectacular gold necklaces, gold beads and even gold filings on luxurious foodstuffs, gold is a universal commodity which nevergoes out of style. For people who appreciate the finer things in life, gold is a wonderful choice. Aside from its good looks, what is it about gold which makes it such an enduringly wise investment? Read on to find out the unique virtues which gold possesses that help to explain why gold beads and other gold items are in such high demand.

 Gold Goes With Anything

Many people struggle to find jewelry which will complement a particular outfit, or be suitable for both day and evening wear. Metals which shineon formal occasions can look out of place with a more casual ensemble, while some gemstones lack the necessary depth and luster to really stand out when it matters. Gold provides a versatile answer to this problem, as it never looks out of place. Gold beads are the perfect accessory to team with everything from that little black dress to office wear. Use them to provide a beautiful accent at the neck or wrist.

 Gold Suits Everybody

Regardless of skin tone, eye color or facial features, gold always looks fantastic. Whereas other gemstones might flatter a particular combination of personal attributes, gold beads provide plenty of appeal for all. Suitable for all ages, men and women, gold is universally engaging. If you’re not sure what type of jewelry wouldbe suitable for a special gift or occasion, then opting for gold is a safe choice which will never be inappropriate.

 So Many Different Colors and Types

The carat system which is used to identify the purity of gold is also a great way of obtaining the look you want at a price you can afford. Nine carat gold (the least pure form which is widely available commercially) often looks as stunning as eighteen carat gold (a purer form) but costs significantly less. Why not consider rose gold (gold infused with copper) or white gold (gold alloy containing zinc or nickel) for intriguing colors which add individuality to your jewelry choice? Gold beads are a fantastic opportunity to showcase the many variations in color and shape which gold can offer.


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Sneak Peek Into the Properties of Garnet !

Ratna Sagar Jewels wishes all the January babies very Happy Birthday!!! You’re indeed true leaders for being in the first month of the Georgian calendar. Saturn is the ruling planet for the month of January and it constantly inspires you to stand as leader almost wherever you go in life. Ambition and diligence are your utmost traits and they contribute the most to your dynamite personality.

As far as the birthstone for the month of January is concerned it is the really beautiful and bold colored “Garnet”. This is particularly because January born people are believed to be vibrant and zestful; they are believed to

possess a fire within them. The fire however is associated with passion and the deep red color of the birthstone is a lucky aspect for them.

About the Garnet gemstone:

Garnet, which is a deep red colored gemstone, is a beauty in its own form. The red color of the gemstone is regarded as a color of passion, love and religion. Apart from the color, the gem is linked with luck and charm. This official red stone is auspicious and is chosen to be the birthstone for the month of January.


The stone is revered for the following properties:

· Stability

· Purity

· Regeneration

The meaningful gemstone is usually found in intense red and it resembles blood red seeds of pomegranate.

However one the strongest aspect of garnet is its capacity to heal physical wounds and spinal and cellular disorders. Further the gemstone is an excellent regenerator of DNA and it reenergizes blood, lungs and heart.


Know Your Birthstones & Their Secret Magical Powers

A birthstone (also known as birthday gemstone) is a gemstone related to your month of birth. Before we delve into secret magical powers of each and every birthstone, it is worth mentioning that there are certain gemstones whose secret magical powers are at their peak in a specific time of the year. The month of a specific gemstone’s peak power determines your birthstone. Wearing your birthstone may bring good luck and harmony in your life. If you don’t believe then try to wear your birthday gemstone for a couple of months and see how it transforms your life. 

Following are all 12 birthstones listed month-wise (January to December) along with their secret magical powers.

Garnet – If were born in the month January then Garnet is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (bring love and passion, awakening creativity, positive energy, and self-confidence) are at their peak level in this month. 

Amethyst – If you were born in the month of February then Amethyst is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (includes protection from evil sorcery, prevention from intoxication, attracts more success and good luck in life) are at their peak level in this month. 

Aquamarine – If you were born in the month of March then Aquamarine is your birthday gemstone because it’s secret magical powers (replace anger and negativity with mental peace and clarity, provides you with emotional and mental balance) are at their peak level in this month. 

Diamond – If you were born in the month of April then Diamond is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (enhances all the energies in your body, mind and spirit and help in alignment with the higher self) are at their peak in this month. 

Emerald – If you were born in the month of May then Emerald is your birthday gemstone because it’s secret magical powers (promote domestic bliss, loyalty and sensitivity in couples) are at their peak in this month. 

Alexandrite – If you were born in the month of June then Alexandrite is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (helps in creativity and inspire imagination) are at their peak in this month. 

Ruby- If you were born in the month of July then Ruby is your birthday stone because it’s secret magical powers (benefits intuition and communication, and promotes truthfulness) are at their peak in this month. 

Peridot – If you were born in the month of August then Peridot is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (strengthens breath of life, prosperity, growth and openness) are at their peak in this month. 

Sapphire – If you were born in the month of September then Sapphire is your birthstone because it’s secret magical powers (expands awareness and helps in meditation) are at their peak in this month. 

Opal - If you were born in the month of October then Opal is your birthday stone because it’s secret magical powers (bring happy dreams and promote spirituality) are at their peak in this month. 

Topaz – If you were born in the month of November then Topaz is your birthday gemstone because it’s secret magical powers (calms temper) are at their peak in this month. 

Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise – If you were born in December then you birthstone may be anyone from Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise because their secret magical powers (Zircon promotes wisdom, honour and riches; Tanzanite increases spiritual awareness and make you more sensitive; Turquoise encourages strength and peace, and a sensitivity to the spiritual world) are at their peak in this month. Always choose one that gives you an intense feeling to wear it.