Fluorite Gemstone

The name fluorite is obtained from a Latin word ‘fluo’ means of flow water. Fluorite Gemstone is a stabilizing and highly protective stone used for harmonizing and grounding spiritual energy. It enhances intuitive abilities, develops connection to the Spirit. Fluorite enhances mental abilities, and brings stability and clarity in a chaotic situation. Psychic manipulation is shielded to the user of this stone. It has a great ability to absorb negative energies. The sources of the stone include Canada, U.S.A, South Africa, Mexico, Germany, England, China and Poland are the biggest producers of this precious stone. The different colors of this gemstone are purple, blue, green, yellow, or colorless. Less common ones are black, pink, brown red and white. The colors depend upon the nature of impurities in the stone.

Types of Fluorite Gemstone:            

  • Yellow Fluorite increases mental powers and enhances intellect.
  • Rainbow Fluorite is a combination of different health benefits.
  • Green fluorite helps in accessing to intuition, absorbs excess energy.
  • Purple Fluorite enhances some common sense to psychic intuitions.
  • Blue Fluorite enhances orderly creative thought. It emits a calm energy.

Healthy Benefits:

  • Healers use it to cure with ulcers and with respiratory tract.
  • It improves joint ailments bones and other arthritic conditions.
  • It is used to increase the mental functions and strengthen teeth and allied problems.
  • The blood vessels are protected from cholesterol deposition and fat accumulation.
  • It eliminates the problems caused by arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Fluorite helps with infections and asthma.
  • It is believed to be a good cure for senility.
  • It promotes harmony and inner stability.
  • A powerful remover of stress and negative energy

It successfully fights cellular dysfunction in the early stages. This stone is a great cure for blood pressure, dizziness vertigo cough, throat cancer, food intolerance, antiviral fever, RNA/DNA issues, flu, and colds thus strengthen the body.
Mental Benefits:                   
Fluorite beadsincreases concentration and removes illusion to see to the truth. It helps in attaining inner peace balancing the negative and positive aspects of the mind. It is a powerful protector and healer and organizes the physical mental and emotional bodies and energy. It helps the clarity of the mind and balances the two hemispheres of the brain. An effective brain stone, it is excellent for students, accountants and researchers who have to develop new methods and ideas. It is a great stone for relieving anxiety, tension. It helps reduce mental blocks and ease depression and anger. It reduces learning disorders and enhances the power of memory.
Amazing Power Of The Stone:
It is believed that if kept at the work place or study it enhances quick thinking. Accountants are able to accurately do the calculations Researchers are in a position to think positively and develop new ideas. It is a powerful healer and is associated with grounding and intuition. It helps to remain unbiased in decision making.
This precious gemstone can be adorned as necklace amulets, rings, earrings and can be kept as a stone at your workplace or in your desk. This gemstone is associated with Capricorn and Pisces.

Powers & Properties Emerald Gemstone

An emerald is one of the members of the quadruple of the precious stones. One of the noted Lithologists of this world, St. Hildegard from Bingen has rightly said that ‘All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.’  Emerald gemstones belong to the varieties of a mineral named beryl. The characteristic green color is because of the presence of chromium and vanadium in trace amounts. Emeralds are known not only for their bright green hue but also for their transparency as well.  Emeralds have evoked the imagination of the poets and baffled the common masses since times immemorial.

General Properties and Origin of the Stone
The gradation of emerald just like any other gemstone is done on the basis of the parameters related to the four C’s of grading that are namely Carat (weight), Color, Clarity and Cut. These four factors actually help in determining the base value of the stone to start with. Out of these color and clarity are by far the most important factors in grading an emerald stone. The finest of the emerald stones does not only display a bright green hue but are exceptionally transparent as well.
In antiquity, the emeralds were mined in Egypt 3500 years earlier. The availability of emeralds in Austria or India has been found since 14th century. As of date, in case of emeralds, Columbia is the largest producer is the world. Columbia contributes about 50% to 95% of the world production of emeralds closely followed by Zambia. Various other African countries along with some from South America and many from Asia also contribute as the emerald producing nations in the world. In fact, some parts of the US also produce emeralds.

Powers Emerald beads are often described as a powerful stone in crystal healing. It is often described as a stone that seeks love and reveals the truth. Some of the powers that are bestowed in the stone include:

  • Potential romantic partners or estranged lovers are united by the divine powers emerald. If emerald is evoked for such purposed then it is advised to wear them near the heart especially in the form of emerald beads.
  • It enhances the intuition and vision in the wearer. The intelligence of the wearer is sharpened. It is known to open up the clairvoyance.
  • It brings in vitality towards the spirit thereby ensuring freshness. It helps to seek justice, harmony and compassion.

Healing Benefits

  • Emeralds work excellently in rejuvenating the exhausted and tired vital organs of the body like heart, lungs and other visceral organs.
  • They aid in recovery from any kind of infectious illness and malignant conditions.
  • Emeralds are known to provide a huge boost to the self-esteem and ward off the feelings that come from insecurities and inferiority complexes.
  • These stones have a calming and soothing effect on troubled minds and invigorate our thoughts and philosophical reflections.
  • Emeralds prove good in matter of workspace as well. It strengthens the memory, increases the mental sharpness and speech eloquence.

Emeralds when used properly can bring in good health and luck.

An Insight into Benefits of Dyed Rubies

Rubies are considered as the second most precious gemstone after diamonds. It is considered as a member of the quadruple of the precious stones, which includes the other ones like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Since rubies are quite expensive to the common masses, therefore various other forms of synthetic rubies are also used to get similar effects. One such type of synthetic one is the Dyed Ruby Gemstone. Rubies belong to the variety of mineral corundum. They are typically red in color, owing the feature because of the presence of chromium.

Is dyed rubies helpful?
This is an age-old question whether the imitation stones possess the same qualities as their natural counterparts. This question has been answered by various individuals in various ways. While some are of opinion that dyed rubies posses’ great powers and energies, some are of the totally different opinion.  They think that only the natural stones can dissipate the actual power and energy for healing.
However, crystal healers are of opinion that dyed rubies have tremendous positive energy and power. They think it as an affordable medium to bring prosperity, wealth and happiness in life. The cost of Dyed ruby is its plus point as you can get it at very less price compared to other natural gemstone.

Estimated powers of dyed rubies
Dyed Rubies beads have been part of innumerable jewelries since times immemorial. The crystal healers also respect ruby for their innumerable powers to alter our lives for a better turn. Some of the most important powers that rubies seem to possess include:

  • They are known as the talisman of the three Ps: Prosperity, Protection and Passion.
  • The wearer of ruby is known to remain unaffected by exhaustion and is able to overcome lethargy quite easily.
  • They are known to be mind-sharpening agents in crystal healing, providing excellent concentration and heightened awareness of the surroundings.
  • The fire with the stones is not only a symbol of courage but also enhances the sense of courage within the wearer.
  • The intimacy in a couple is known to enhance by the presence of these stones thereby increasing the chances of conception as well.

Healing Benefits
Dyed Rubies are considered as excellent crystal healers as well. Some of their healing properties include:

  • Since they are commonly known as bloodstones, they are excellent healers in cases related to blood like heart or the menstrual health and detoxification of blood as well.
  • It helps to share the loving energies among individual despite their past quarrels and differences.
  • It helps one to rise from the ashes of the past and remove their shackles to start afresh for a better life in the future.

The benefits and powers of the stone are varied. It takes the will power of the wearer to display the properties of the stone as well.

Honey Topaz: Connecting with the Spirit of Integrity and Joy

Honey Topaz gemstone is a very popular chatoyant rock exuding a silky lustre. It is mined from metamorphic rock quarries found nestled amidst marble and quartz stones. This golden coloured dark stone can be artificially lightened using acids like nitric acid. Most traders sell the Honey Topaz gemstone under the name of Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye. Though there are many cheap versions, the Honey topaz beads and gems remain one of the most imitable stones in the gemstone market.

 Honey Topaz: The appearance
The honey topaz gemstone is a brilliant red stone that resembles the look of red jasper and black haematite. The bands run parallel to the plane. The gemstone is cut to resemble an attractive motif and hence used largely as a jewellery and luxury accessory in fabrics. In popular war culture, the Honey topaz beads were used to decorate the hilts of the swords and knives. They were used on thrones and over crowns.
The hardness of the Honey Topaz is 7 on Mohs scale. It is a very good gemstone for daily use.

Healing Properties of Honey Topaz
Honey topaz beads are recommended to individuals who have issues related to;

  • Communication
  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Skin Health
  • Hormonal disorders

The honey topaz gemstone and beads are used in the necklaces to heal, stimulate and re-energize the willpower. It brings in joy, prosperity and happiness in life. Known to stabilise emotions and marital issues, the topaz is a popular accessory gifted to newly married couples.
Topaz of Honey shade heals:

  • Surgical wounds
  • Food disorders like anorexia and bulimia
  • Nervous disorders

Astrological Significance
Golden Honey Topaz gemstone rules the chakras of Third Eye and the Solar Plexus. It is the birthstone of November and recommended to those ruled by the planet Jupiter. If you are looking for optimism and zeal in life, wear the honey topaz on a Thursday.
The honey topaz beads are used during chanting and meditation. It is also used to propagate the spirit of integrity, selflessness and joy. The stone also plays a significant role in inviting spirits and in understanding ghost tautology.
The stone is not recommended for kids below the age of 8 years. It is also not advised to girls who have not attained puberty. The stone should not be worn if you are a widow or have recently undergone labour.
Sources of Honey Topaz
India, South Africa, USA, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Brazil remain the top producers of the gemstone variety. Rich resource beds have also been located in Australia, Canada, Namibia, Spain and Korea. Indian sub-continent remains the largest consumer of the Honey Topaz gemstone.
Artificial Stones
It is very hard to tell the difference between an original Honey Topaz and an artificial one. The stones are checked under UV radiations and tested with Ultra-sonic vibrations to see if the planes distort. If it is real, the irradiation of the clear topaz stone will change colour from dark honey to light yellow. Synthetic stones remain unchanged.

Iolite Gemstone: This is the most Mystical Rock on Planet

Do you have the urge to know about a person or a place through the extra-sensory perceptions? It is not a snooping habit. It is a superpower that not all individuals are blessed with. Iolite gemstone is a special naturally occurring stone that allows a person to see through clearly. It is claimed that a person wearing the iolite gemstone should be kept at a distance. It is associated with paranormal and psychic tendencies of the person sporting the iolite. There are numerous benefits of adorning the stone.

Here are 5 things that you must know about the iolite gemstone beads before launching yourself on a shopping mode.

  • Magnificent  Colour

Iolite gemstone is one of the most exuberant natural stones on the planet. It exudes a bluish purple hue and is often linked to the third eye of the spiritual chakra. The name iolite is derived from the Greek word for colour ‘Purple’. The stone derives its colour from the crystalline structure of magnesium aluminium silicate. The oxides of iron give it the reddish brown hue which transforms into purple in dark.

  • Popularity is sky-rocketing

Just a few years back, finding an iolite was very difficult. Only those looking for telepathic stones used the rock. Today, it is a very popular fashion accessory. It is used largely to treat brain disorders like migraine, epilepsy and memory loss. The sky-rocketing popularity is attributed to its connection with the clairvoyant culture.

  • Beat Sleeplessness and Anger

Iolite gemstones are recommended by astrologer in following cases.

  • If you are finding it hard to sleep at night
  • Experience nightmares and find it hard to sleep again
  • If you are troubled by night fall and sexual dysfunction
  • Wake up due to smell of burning with no possible source
  • If you are unable to sleep due to heaviness, sore throat or chest pain

In all these cases, it is believed that there are haunted spirits by your side. Wearing the iolite gemstone and beads pacifies the spirits and helps you connect with them. You can even place the stone under your pillow or keep it beside a lighted candle.
The gemstone with iolite beads are reliable tools of anger management.

  • Original stones come from India

Almost all manufacturers of the iolite gemstone recommend the Indian variety. They are cheaper and also finely cut. Other sources of natural iolite are in the mines of Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Mozambique. Limited resources are also found in the mines of Canada and South Africa. Buy an Iolite gemstone carrying the hallmark of an Indian manufacturer.

  • Extremely sensitive to sunlight. Requires elaborate care

Protect your iolite from sunlight. The gemstone should be covered under a fabric if you are moving out. It is said that only the adorner should know that the stone exists and no one else. The clairvoyant power of the iolite diminishes if handled or examined by any person other than the adorner.

Hessonite garnet gemstone

Hessonite garnet is a very popular gemstone from the family of glossularites. The gemstone is a very distinguished colour stone resembling the hue of fresh honey and cinnamon stick. The hessonite garnet gemstone is also known as “Cinnamon stone” and ‘Kanil Stone”. Owing to its inferior calcium-aluminium silicate crystalline structure, the stone is relatively softer than other known garnets.

Importance of wearing the stone

Hessonite garnet gemstone is a very important accessory in the Vedic rituals. In astrology, the hessonite is considered to be the traditional birthstone for the individuals born in January. Due to its similarity to the zircon crystals, the garnet is mistaken for a cheaper stone. The stone is recommended for people with:

  • Poor wealth retention
  • Failure in marriage and relationship
  • Diseased life
  • Depression
  • Backache
  • Arthritis
  • Liver diseases

Hessonite garnet is associated with Moon’s ascending node called Rahu. Wearing Hessonite garnet in the middle finger of the right hand is considered to neutralize all evil effects of the surrounding. It also aligns the fate according to the positive aspects of the planetary system.

Quality of garnet to be preferred

Hessonite garnet beadsshould be worn in 2 Carat or large size. The large sized hessonite garnet ensures longevity, longer protection and good fortune that lasts a lifetime. For those looking for a creative life or have an artistic flair, the hessonite garnet is considered most auspicious stone.
Best quality garnet from Hessonite variety has honey or brownish hue. 

The changes you can see in life after wearing the right sized Hessonite garnet are as follows:

  • Mystical transformation in your attitude. Hessonite garnet calms down hyperactive individuals.
  • Sudden unexpected promotion in job or career
  • Revival in relationship
  • Relief from major financial burdens
  • Improvement in health
  • Improvement in sex life

Love and Passion: Embrace the Magic of Hessonite

Vitality, vigour and versatility in relationship can be achieved by embracing the hessonite garnet in its true form. The stone is known to fuel sex drive like nothing else. For those involved in multiple relationships, the stone ensures that your excitement continues.

The stone is linked to the planets like Mars, Mercury and Pluto. It influences the Root Chakra and is the preferred stone for those born under Aquarius sun sign. Bring romance and ignite passion at any age with the hessonite garnet glossurite gemstone.

How to use and clean the garnet

The dark-coloured hessonite garnet is durable and very strong gemstone. It can be easily cleaned with water. Since it is free of any type of cleavage, the chances of damage and chipping is least. Since hessonite ranks relatively high on the Mohs scale, it resists scratches on its surface too. It has a magnetic flair and finesse.  In addition to the regular brilliance, the hessonite garnet also exudes exceptionally high refractive index.

If it gets soiled by any chance, just place it in a bone china bowl filled with cold water overnight.

Color Change Garnet

There are innumerable beliefs when it comes to the utilities of using garnets for good health. Among the various options available in garnets, the Color Change Garnet is said to be the most powerful of all. In the ancient ages, color certainly played an important role for a particular stone. This is especially applicable for some diseases. For instance, the red stones were considered asgreat remedies and reliefs for blood hemorrhage and a cure for different inflammatory diseases. In fact, garnets were mainly used to enhance endurance, bodily strength and vigor. In fact, the belief and practice still exists today. 

The stone has some of the amazing powers and offers lots of benefits to the wearer.

Obtaining Health Benefits:
As mentioned, the practice of wearing different colored garments is continued even today. It comes with loads of benefits.

  • It can relieve the conditions of the skin and  thereby regulate the flow of blood in the heart
  • It possesses healing powers for men and women. The system of reproduction stays healthy for men, while in the case of women it helpsin balancing the hormones.
  • It can reduce swelling of any kinds
  • It can cure palpitations, blood diseases and lung diseases.
  • A garnet can also tone the spleen and promote overall health by improving the circulation system.
  • It increases metabolic activities and treats cellular and spinal disorders.
  • It purifies the blood, lungs and hearts.
  • It enhances the production of healthy hemoglobin in the body

Promoting Mental Health:
Apart from the above-mentioned physical health benefits, it even promotes mental health.

  • It induces passion, love, friendship, success, fidelity, loyalty, self-esteem and faith
  • The stone sharpens the perception of oneself and of others
  • It warns off the spirits that are evil.The spirits associated with the night are applicable
  • It resists melancholy
  • It can inspire truthfulness and contemplation
  • It aids in business and personal success
  • The wearer of gets the opportunity for protecting their possessions.

In fact, the garnet is one of the most ancient sign of friendship, and they are often exchanged between friends for symbolizing the affection. Some are of the view that the magic of garnet stone cannot be experienced if it is cut down and are polished. It is also the excellent choice among people entering into new ventures. It gives lots of strength to business-oriented person. A crisis can be converted into a challenge with the help of the garnet.   
The Strongest Virtue:
The strongest plus point of Color Change Garnet is its potential to overcome depression. It can easily dissolve ingrained behavioral patterns. It revitalizes balances and purifies energy, thereby bringing serenity. It is also known to remove anger, inhibitions, taboos and discord. The wearer experiences a cooling influence and protection from unwanted energy around. As a whole, the stone is known to keep depression away.
Apart from that, it has the ability to balance love life and sex life. The sensual side is freed and gives rise to love and passion. The stone casts a magical spell and inspires commitment, fidelity and stability in marriage.

Hence, you should wear this beautiful Color Change Garnet Beads and reap the benefits.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz gemstone represents the blue colour of the sky which symbolizes the relationship of almighty with his folks. It is used efficiently in dealing with problem related to broken relationships with spouse, family or friends. It is advised to wear the stone in use with any part of your body for better results. The blue topaz beads helps in maintaining a balance of life and distinguishing between the positive and negative aspects of life.

Birthstone importance
Blue topaz is the birthstone of the month of December. The true meaning of the gem represents love, understanding and loyalty. It holds a major significant in the life of true lovers and loyal mates. It maintains harmony and synchronization in your life. It is best to be worn in the form of a ring or pendant for regular use.

Varieties of the stone
The real meaning of blue topaz lies in healing love and relationships. There are several kinds of blue topaz available which is found in blue colour. Blue topaz has numerous variations. All the colours of blue topaz are considered as topaz. It has several other names like Sky blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and London blue topaz. Sky blue topaz is of sky colour and London blue topaz is of darkest blue colour. The Swiss colour of topaz is generally preferred among stone lovers as it is bright in colour ad looks very elegant and graceful.
Uses of the gemstone
It is normally considered great in mending broken relationships with lovers and family. It maintains balance in life. It is also considered excellent in healing your health if affected by any disease. It also helps to develop the area of digestion and struggle against problems like anorexia. It treats people with trouble of taste, sore throat and headache. It is very helpful when people fall prey of nervousness during stage performances or dealing with their seniors. It helps to make you calm and comfortable.

Significance of blue topaz
Blue topaz highlights the ability of your communication and be expressive. It articulates your capacity to speak and write well, fight with difficulties in public speaking, enhance concentration and thinking levels. It also makes you realise your goals and employment that is best suited for you. It assists you in making better decisions and achieving bigger goals in a specified time. It makes you clear your wishes and be more expressive to your family and friends. It also makes you communicate with clarity and transparency in which the other people can clearly understand you.

The blue topaz is a gemstone that is used mainly as a form of jewelleries either as a ring or a pendant or necklace. They are very bright and attractive to look at. They are available at many places like India, Pakistan Sri Lanka, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Mexico and USA. It is a very beautiful gemstone that is rare and precious. Although they are available on online sites yet it is advisable to get them from professional jewelleries for authenticity.


Pink Spinel Gemstone

Pink Spinel has become extremely famous over the last couple of years. Its beautiful color that varies from bubblegum pink to hot pink makes it a favorite of gem collectors and connoisseurs. We offer our client, AAA quality Pink Spinel Gemstone mined from Burma, known to be the best Spinel suppliers in the world.

Talking about its chemical composition, pink spinel comprise of magnesium aluminum oxide (MgAl2O4), making it close to sapphire and ruby. It is rated excellent on Wearability Scale. The pink spinel is rated between 1.712 - 1.736 on Refractive Index. On the gemstone density measurement scale, it falls between 3.58 to 3.98.  It doesn’t have any cleavage, which makes it a tough gemstone. 

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Pink Spinels are generally found at the same location as precious ruby and sapphire. In the beginning, it was difficult to distinguish between the spinel and these gems because of the same shape, transparency and texture, but there is huge difference as Ruby and Sapphire are rated 9 on Mohs scale while Pink Spinel ranks behind with a slightly less rating of 8. Its 8 rating of Mohs scale makes pink spinel beads one of the best options for necklaces, rings, earring or any kind of jewellery. It is available in various cuts, the most popular being cushion and oval shape.
The price of pink spinel is its biggest plus points as you get it at almost 20 to 30 percent less than the sapphire and ruby. The gemstone doesn’t need much cleaning or care, so you can wear it on regular basis.   Also, the pink Spinel is known for its power and healing qualities. Let us take a look at them.

  • Helps to come out of anxiety and depression.
  • Calms body and mind.
  • Very effective in treating chronic conditions and fatigue.
  • Bridges the gap between couples in a long distance relationship.
  • Evokes true love, loyalty and compassion in couples.
  • Give confidence and leadership qualify to the wearer.
  • Brings positivity in life. 

Brown Zircon Gemstone Beads

Brown Zircon Gemstone is one of the most precious gems available that resembles diamond in appearance and shape. It has a strong shiny lustre and intense fire in them that provides a real sparkle to the gemstone. Brown Zircon Beads are very popular and one of the most recognised form of gemstones that are unique in shape and structure. The brilliant lustre when combined with its great hardness makes it a desired type of gem. You can easily buy it from online gemstone stores.
Let us take a look at benefits of wearing brown zircon beads.

Helps in Spiritual Journey
The brown zircon is popular for giving a divine help in the spiritual journey. It supports your progress of satisfying your soul with a positive energy and transmitting a sense of clarity and harmony to the soul. The person wearing the gemstone beads are in love with themselves and with the surroundings. They are one of the happiest and satisfied souls that you will ever come across in life. 

Helps pregnant ladies:
It is considered to be very helpful and lucky for pregnant ladies, wearing it helps them to effortlessly give birth to their child and avoid any complications. It has excellent healing capabilities.

Overcome Respiratory Diseases
It is helps to overcome respiratory problems like asthma and allergies. The people who have less appetite and gastro problem will get immediately benefited by wearing the stone. They will see increase in appetite coupled with good digestion which will make them healthy.

Enhances Logical Ability
The brown zircon plays a significant role in developing a logical and psychological ability of a person. It improves mental and physical stability. It cures mental illness and enhances the intellectual and excellence of the person.

Improve Concentration
It improves concentration and meditation which is helpful in removing negative vibes from soul and getting rid of abnormalities, depression and stress. It makes you a true and honest person who always takes right decisions in life.

Brown zircon is easily available in almost every part of the world but most of the sources are available in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

How to wear
Brown Zircon resembles topaz and sometimes diamonds as well. They are very popular in the form of jewelleries because the lustre, fire and double refraction property of the gemstone makes it exceptionally attractive as jewellery. It is widely used as pendants and most popular as rings because they remain in contact with the part of your body and shows desirable results. They are embedded in either gold or silver rings that are worn in ring fingers. The brown zircon gemstone shields you from harmful energy that is radiated out from the planets and celestial bodies. They make the unfavourable conditions favourable. Give you success in business, studies and profession. It also helps in wealth and financial matters. It will remove the obstacles that are coming in path of your success. It will fill life with good health, love and happiness.