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Ethiopian Welo Opal Gemstone Beads

Welo Opal Rough Gemstone
Welo Opal Rough Gemstone
The Ethiopian Welo Opal gemstone emerged in scenario during the 2008 an interesting feature of this exquisite gemstone is combination of fire and ice which could be witnessed in its color leaving an impact of rainbow formation. The brightness of this gemstone measures between 4-5 scale on brightness scale. It is considered as the birth stone of persons born in month of October. One thing which needs to specifically mention about Ethiopian Welo Opal is that it should be confused with other Ethiopian Opals which are found in other parts of Ethiopia or Australian opal which carries the same opal as found in Brazil.

Ethiopian Welo Opal - Oval Plain

Gemstone Origin
Brief details
Natural ,Multi Colors With Sparkling Fire In Smooth Polish Oval
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
5 To 7 60.00 $2.00 $120.00