A Look at Top 5 Crystal to Spread Happiness & Health in Life

Good health and happiness is the core of life. Materialistic thing not always gives you contentment. A healthy body and mind is the secret of bliss. Here, gemstones play a very integral role. Every gemstone has some unique quality. Here, we are going to tell you top 5 crystals to spread happiness and health in life.

1.  Quartz crystal:

Quartz crystal is known for its magnificent healing properties. The crystal is very effective in treating vertigo, headache, dizziness etc. It also enhances metabolism. In the ancient times, it was used for treating aliments related to immune system and digestive disorder. The quartz increases awareness about the surrounding, removes negativity, reduces stress and performance anxiety. All these advantages makes it a must stone to posses.

2.  Celestite Gemstone:

The light sea blue Celestite is known for its high vibration. It brings happiness and peace in life. Keeping the stone in home will fill the space with positive energy. It will stop any kind of negative forces from entering the home. People entering your home can instantly feel the tranquility. Mediating with the Celestite gemstone open up the Chakras and helps you to connect with the universe. It is one of the few gemstones that one should surely keep in home.

3.  Citrine Gemstone:

If you want abundant health, happiness and prosperity in life then get Citrine gemstone. The stone works on the law of attraction that if you want something truthfully then the universe will help you to get it.  The stone inspires people to dream big in life. It gives them confidence and faith to achieve the same. Keeping Citrine gemstone in the bedroom brings harmony in relationship. It ensures that couples have a beautiful understanding, something that is very important for success of relationship.

Citrine Gemstone Beads

4.  Aventurine Gemstone:

Ups and downs are part of life but not everyone successfully sail though the low phase. Some break down, never to recover from the blow. Aventurine Gemstone comes up as a savior here in tough times. It gives self assurance and strength to the wearer to fight the adverse situation. Also, it opens up new world of possibilities and opportunities. It guides you to take the right decision. Wearing Aventurine gemstone beads in jewellery brings inner peace in life. It helps to come out of depression, nervousness and anger. Aventurine is the stone of abundant opportunity and happiness.

Aventurine Gemstones

5.  Shungite Gemstone:

There is immense competition in today’s world. Failures, unfavorable situation, stress and depression fills life with negativity. Here, you need a miracle stone Shungite to bring your life to the path of happiness, love and success. The stone is believed to be thousand years old. The stone is made up of powerful mineral that guard against Electrical Magnetic Energy. It absorbs negative energy in the body and makes sure that it doesn’t replicate.

These are our top 5 gemstone crystals to bring happiness and good health in life.

A look at Top 5 Crystal for Happiness, Health & Wealth

Gemstones are not only beautiful but are known for their powerful healing qualities. They have become an integral part in the modern spiritual world. Almost all the leading spiritual gurus and astrologers advise adorning crystal to fill life with happiness, health, wealth and peace. Every gemstone has its unique powers, getting the right stone will help you get the desired result. Here, we are going to tell you top 5 gemstones that will make you wealthier and happier.

1.  Turquoise:

The stone is known for its powerful healing quality. The stone is believed to bridge the gap between earth and heaven. In the ancient times, the stone was used by people to bring good luck in life. The turquoise was also a favorite of merchants who traveled from one place to another; it was believed that Turquoise gemstone protected them from every kind of danger. The turquoise gemstone comes up as a perfect gift as it is believed that when it is given as a gift then its healing properties are magnified 500 times. The stone encourages speaking truth and helps you stay loyal in relationship. 

Turquoise gemstone


2.  Bloodstone Gemstone:

The bloodstone gemstone has powerful healing qualities. It is very effective in purifying the blood. When the blood is purified then it leads to good health. It helps to overcome tiredness and weakness related to illness. It boosts enthusiasm and fills life with new energy. The gemstone leads to mental and physical emotional wellbeing. 

3.  Smoky quartz:

Smoky quartz helps the wearer to come out depression, anxiety and negativity. It also helps to get rid of old belief systems that are becoming a hindrance in life. The negative patterns affect every aspect of life whether it is personal or professional. Here, wearing smokey quartz beads in jewellery acts as a shield against negative force and unwanted energy.  It fills life with new hope and opens a world of happiness.

Smoky quartz beads


4.  Rose quartz:

Rose Quartz is a stone for love. The magical quartz helps lovers in every way whether is helping them finding their true love or giving you strength to pour your heart in front of person you love. Rose quartz studded jewellery is widely gifted by couples because of its significance. It not only looks beautiful but also nurtures relationship. The stone helps the couple stay loyal to each other. It strengthens relationship by building a strong foundation of love and trust.

5.  Carnelian is good for creativity:

Carnelian gemstone is the stone of fortune. The stone makes sure that every dream and desire of wearer is fulfilled. The stone is quite helpful in removing negativity. The stone gives faith and confidence achieve the impossible. Dream big and Carnelian gemstone will make it a reality. The action stone is favorite of royals, business man and leaders. It helps them to make a mark in their respective field. The miracle stone is even gives a new lease of life to people who are completely down and out.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is nothing less than a milestone. It is the occasion to celebrate the unconditional love, commitment and togetherness. Make the moment special by gifting your spouse some jewellery. Here, we are going to reveal the most popular traditional gift for wedding anniversary.

1st Anniversary: Yellow Gold

First anniversary is very special and there cannot be a better gift then yellow gold jewellery to thank and show your love to your wife. Most of the brides wear gold on their wedding day, and it will remind them about the wonderful beginning a year back. Now some of you might be thinking what ornament to gift in gold, well if budget is not a problem then go for a gold necklace studded with moonstone beads. It will not only look lovely also the powers of Moonstone gemstone bead ensure that your life is always filled with love, good health and wealth.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

The number 5 represents God’s Grace, yes it’s because of the blessing and grace of Almighty that you have sailed five years of wedding. The occasion surely calls for a big party and wonderful gift to your beloved wife. The ideal gift here would be a sapphire studded ring. The sapphire gemstone represents faithfulness, love and trust. The stone will ensure that even if you stay apart because of your job or business commitment then too, the distance never take a toll on your relationship. It is very important because surely both of you would love to celebrate more wedding anniversaries together.  Although, deep blue sapphire beads jewellery comes up as the popular choice but you can also go for pink sapphire as it will evoke a feeling of romance.

Sapphire gemstone Beads

10th Anniversary: Diamond

Celebrating 10th wedding anniversary is nothing less than a landmark. Thank your spouse for the love by gifting her dazzling diamond studded jewellery. Diamond comes up as the perfect 10th anniversary gift. A diamond studded ring would be an ideal gift that she would love to flaunt proudly to her friends. It will make her feel how much you love her.

20th Wedding Anniversary:

The symbol of everlasting love Emerald Gemstone comes up as the perfect choice for 20th wedding anniversary gift. The fact that it represents Goddess of Love – Venus makes ideal choice. Gift her emerald gemstone beads studded earring. The emerald comes up as a thoughtful gift as it ensures that both couples remain loyal to teach other. Its healing crystal will help you to come out emotional ups and downs in life. Believe us, your better half is going to love the beautiful gift.

Emerald Gemstones

50th Anniversary: Gold

50th Wedding Anniversary means reaching the biggest milestone in married life. It calls for a big celebration with children, grand children, friends and relatives. The perfect gift for Golden Anniversary is Gold jewellery. Gift your spouse a entire set of gold jewellery Gold necklace, rings, earrings and bangles to make the day really special and renew the wedding vows in the same way you did 50th years ago.

A look at Top 5 Gemstones for Love & Relationship

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in life. Everyone would wish that their life remains filled with love and laughter, but ups and downs are part of life. Sometimes people who were just made for each other part ways because of differences. Here, gemstones are of great help. We are going to tell you top 5 gemstones for love and relationship.
1.  Lapis:

The blue colored Lapis gemstone is known as love stone. It is one of the rare gemstones that help you to connect with your soul mate in this birth. It ensures that you not only unite with your love of life but also the passion and attraction towards each other remains the same as it was in the beginning. The stone is very helpful for couples who had an arranged marriage, it helps both of them to overcome shyness and pour their heart out.  Wearing Lapis gemstone beads in jewellery develops love, commitment, and loyalty in life.

Lapis gemstone beads

2.  Rhodonite:

The stunning Rhodonite helps you to first love yourself. If you cannot love yourself then you cannot love anyone else in life. The stone is famously known as savior stone for ages. Wearing Rhodonite beads in ring helps you to come out emotional trauma. It is considered as a brilliant gemstone to come out of the pain of breakup. The stone develops the quality of empathy, forgiveness and encourages brotherhood.  The Chinese see Rhodonite as a stone that balances the symbol of   love – Yin & Yang.

3.  Sapphire:

The beautiful sapphire represents heaven. It is known as the stone of fidelity, unconditional love and commitment. All these qualities make it the top choice for married as well as couples in love. The stone also helps you to come out from the ups and downs of long distance relationship.  If you are into a long term relationship then gift your partner Sapphire beads studded jewellery and see how in spite of all the distance your heart remains close. The stone also fills life of couples with positivity.  The stone also ensure that the wearer remain calm even in adverse situation.

Sapphire Gemstones

4.  Moonstone:

The exquisite moonstone is a charming symbol of romance. The name in itself conveys its beautiful relationship with moon. It is believed that the stone is made of moonbeams. The sacred stone is considered as the perfect stone for lovers and married couples. It arouses never dying passion in their relationship.    Also, it helps them to overcome all odds whether it is a problem of near & dear ones not agreeing for the union or one of the partners is not agreeing for culminating the relation to wedding. The stone is very popular with couples.

5.  Rose Quartz:
Rose quartz gemstone is ultimate symbol of beauty and love. The stone represents passionate and unconditional love. The stone helps couples in relationship to remain true to each other. It ensures that there passion and love increase with time. People who have not found there love will find the stone to be a boon.

Top 4 Gemstones for Lovers Soul

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you are in love everything seems beautiful but when heart breaks your world comes crushing down. There is emptiness in life that even the ultimate luxurious of life cannot fulfill. Ups and downs, small fights and tiffs are part of every relation but if you get a gemstone that help you come out of the situation then it is nothing less than miracle to lovers. Here, we are going to tell you top 4 gemstones for lovers. It will help the lovers to strike a balance in relationship. Let us take a look at these gemstones.

1.  Rose Quartz:

Rose as we know is synonymous of love; hence Rose quartz comes up as the perfect stone for lovers. If you are afraid to confess your love, wear rose quartz beads in rings. It will give you the power to confess your love to your beloved. The best part is that you can expect a positive answer from the other side. Wearing Rose Quartz beads in rings and bracelets develops the quality of forgiveness, respect and patience. All these qualities are of utmost importance for a successful relationship. Keep a Rose Quartz in your bedroom and see how love and trust flows into your life.

Rose Quartz Beads

2.  Ruby:

The enticing red pink blood gemstone reminds you of the beautiful heart. If you are into a relationship but finding it difficult to take it to the next level that is wedding then wear Ruby Gemstone beads in jewelry. Whatever the problem is whether it is approval of parents, society or your own sweetheart all will turn into your favor within a short span. The ruby gemstone brings commitment, integrity, devotions in the life of lovers. The other remarkable quality of the stone includes stamina, vitality and playfulness, all these ensures that there is not a single dull moment in lovers life. The ruby is expensive, but remember love is priceless. Remember, you are just paying a fraction to get the love for all your life.

3.  Moonstone:

The mysterious moonstone is a boon for lovers. The stone not only helps in falling in love but ensure that the attraction and respect remain between the couples for a lifetime. Married couples should place it just below their pillow how cupid smiles at them. The stunning stone also helps estranged couples to unite. Isn’t it something that most people will desire? The Moonstone gemstone comes up as a perfect gift for newlywed.

Moonstone Gemstones

4.  Blue Lace Agate:

Most lovers break up because they didn’t feel the same feeling, passion and affection they felt in the beginning as the time passes. It mainly happens after marriage because other responsibilities take precedence over love. In case, your relationship is going through this phase then it is the time that you wear Blue Lace Agate beads in a locket. It will surely do wonders in your life.

If you are facing any problem in your love life then don’t lose hope. Get any of these gemstones today and fill your life with love, happiness and bliss forever.

Pure Science: Common Pearl Treatments that Turn Them Alive

In a world driven by the love for diamond and ruby beads, garnets, the pearls have a place of reverence in the gemstone market. Revered for their clarity and pristine beauty, since time immemorial, pearls have always been an item of great respect. From finding a place in God’s necklace to shining majestically atop the crowns of most powerful rulers, there is a story behind every pearl. After all, pearls are one of the few known organic gemstones found exclusively on the planet.

Ruby gemstones beads

Not all naturally produced pearls have the signature lustre and translucency. Most pearls require an additional treatment to derive the clear appearance.

Here is what you should know about pearl treatments in a highly competitive industry.

Accepted commercial pearl treatments:

Polishing is a world-renowned process done to improve the lustre of the pearls. It has been established as an accepted process since many centuries, much before the technology to dye and heat up the pearls were discovered.

The common treatment used in pearl manufacturing and marketing industry are:

-  Irradiation
-  Bleaching and dyeing
-  Heating
-  Waxing
-  Filling and working
-  Drilling
-  Cutting

Any treatment is engaged in pearl manufacturing only after ensuring its credibility in alleviating the aesthetic and economical value of the item. All pearls are anyhow polished and cleaned off the organic debris before setting up for sale in the market.

For a lustrous shine, a pearl is subjected to following treatments.

  • Dyeing:

Pearls are subjected to a solution of silver nitrate and oils. They give the pearl gemstones a more uniform shade. The use of silver nitrate works in the same way as in the development of a photographic film in dark room. The pearl gets a rich metallic sheen with a blackish shade. Over a period of time, the effect of dyeing fades away.

  • Irradiation:

It is done using powerful gamma radiations on Akoya pearls. Since it involves use of radiation, only certified pearl treatment units are allowed to carry out the process legitimately.

The irradiation produces a more consistent appearance, with iridescence conspicuously visible on the surface. Unlike dyeing, irradiation of pearl gives a long lasting effect.

  • Maeshori:

Though a Japanese term, this treatment has found its way into freshwater pearl and Tahitian pearl manufacturing. The process involves systematic heating and subsequent cooling of the pearl to tighten up the nacre. It is more of a makeover or a facelift for the pearls, deriving a rather long-lasting lustre without the involvement of any chemical agent.

Treatment traces in the market:

Some pearls can lose their sheen by the time they reach the market. Some of them may even lose it after buying! As a pearl lover, you must verify the authenticity of the pearls beforehand by checking out the nature of treatment done during processing.

From concentration to consistency, an artificially enhanced pearl is hard to detect unless tagged correctly by the manufacturer. The only way to find out the true story of pearl treatment after processing is to do a destructive test! And it is a very expensive test to perform.

Gems from the Space: The Peridot

Earth is home to some of the rarest known gemstones, but most of them owe their existence to homely terrestrial conditions that evolved over a period spanning billions of years. Diamonds and ruby gemstones are widely accepted as gemstones that exist in the Earth’s crust.

Rubies beads

Owing to the rarity, space gemstones are costly assets and often exhibited in restricted shows. Peridot is one of those gemstones that owe their existence to extra-terrestrial collisions and meteorite showers.

Let us dig out more about peridots.

Why peridot?

French named the stone as “peritot” meaning “gold”. Local dialects diluted the word to Peridot. Often considered as a part of stardust, peridots found on Earth are extracted from deepest mines. The one dug out from the earth’s crust is actually olivine. Peridot on Earth is an olivine with high percentage of magnesium. Another famous variety of peridot is forsterite that has no explainable origin. This is the gemstone that scientists believe owes its origin to collisions and meteor showers.

Sources of peridot:

Signature peridot gemstones are mined from St. John’s Island or Zabargad (Egypt) and San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona (USA).

Peridots on moon and Mars:

Dust collected from Moon and Mars share a similar timeline as those found on Earth. More or less, Peridot gemstones found on Earth, moon and Mars have the same origin, which proves that these planets and satellite were created around the same time.
Asteroids crashing onto the surface of the Earth carried gemstone predecessors. Peridot from space were pushed into the deep pockets, and time played its role in turning them into brilliant rocks. Due to tectonic movement and volcanic activity, oldest known peridots are snorted out.

The love for peridot:

What is diamond to the world today, Peridot meant to Egyptians and Babylonians. Mini-sized Peridots were cut and placed on the armour and crowns of pharaohs. Tombs and mausoleums were decorated with peridot of all shapes and colours. Called the “Ra stone” or the “Sun stone”, peridot has a blazing yellow green colour.

Peridot as a gemstone is loved because of its:

-    Sparkling colour
-    Chatoyant effect with mottled clarity
-    Oval, emerald cuts and cushion cuts
-    Carat size ranging between 25 ct. and 50 ct.

The finishing touch:

Peridot has good hardness raking 7 on Mohs scale. It can be easily cut to smaller carat sizes using corundum and diamond saws. It is susceptible to fracture due to intense heat treatment and brutal force.

Peridot is often treated with iron oxide (ferric) to achieve the legendary yellow green shade. The intensity makes the gemstone stable in diffused light. Peridot is one of the few gemstones exhibiting chatoyancy and double refraction. The double refraction reveals the two pavilion facets distinctly, even when observed with naked eyes.

In recent years, there have been remarkable surge in a special category of gemstones called “pallasites”. Pallasites or space gemstones as they are known among gemologists have a special place of reckoning among gemstone collectors.

World’s Richest and Oldest Gemstone Source: Zabaragad

Do you know that the oldest known gemstone region is actually a secluded island in the Red Sea? Now a part of Egypt, Zabargad was indeed the most prolific gemstone region in the ancient world, and to an extent even now. Even today, high quality Forsterite gemstone and peridots are found exclusively in this part of the world. Known to the world as St. John’s Island, the island also produces exciting varieties of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz and spinel gemstone.

spinel gemstones

If you are planning to explore a gemstone region, Zabargad in Egypt is the mecca for every gemstone collector.

Here’s what you should know about the place and its wide assortment of gemstone colonies.

Zabargad is no ordinary island:

Unlike most islands that have risen up due to volcanic activity, Zabargad was pushed upwards from the ocean floor by the colliding African and the Eurasian plate billions of years ago. Geologist call this period as the “Quaternary Period”, and the very movement caused the formation of many gemstones under intense pressure and heat.

Romans and Macedonians established the value of peridot and identified the island as the “Kingdom of gems”. The island was then named as “Topazios”. To keep the island safe from pirates and other empires, the romans spread the myth about the island as the abode of “serpents”.

For ages, European tradesmen marketed green peridots as emeralds. Only in 17th century, the gemologists made the first distinction between the Zabargadperidot and the emeralds.

Parts of islands:

The most fascinating aspect of exploring Zabargad is its geologically rich landscape. The hills and oubliettes are named after respective gemstones that are found there. For instance, the Peridot Hill! The Spinel pit and the Topaz cell are other protected areas that were once known to source gemstones.

A rich colony of corals surround the island, and remains one of the first known sources of coral gemstone. Even the plantation houses the organic source of amber and jet lignite.

The competition from other regions:

Once the Indian diamonds, Burmese rubies and Sri Lankan sapphires made it big into the European market, the peridots of Zabargad lost their importance to a significant extent. Here are top places in the world that are now fighting for the revered position of world’s largest producer of gemstones.

  • Mogok Valley, Myanmar

The exploits of the British took Mogok to the pinnacle of gemstone market. It remains the largest producer of precious and semi-precious stones in the world. Mogok is also called the “Valley of Rubies”, and produces chrysoberyl, moonstone and garnets.

  • Coober Pedy, Australia

The abode of the opals, this Australian is now a heritage site supplying more than 95% of the world’s opals!

  • Ratnadeep, Sri Lanka

In English, it translates to “The Gem Island”, and it continues to be an apt name! Enshrined in the list of world’s best gemstones, Ratnadeep is home to Alexandrite, star stones, and of course the majestic Blue Sapphire.

Madagascar is probably the only island after Zabargad to hold such a prestigious place in a gem collector’s travel diary. Enjoy the destinations.

Best of Gemstone Collection Tips from Professional Collectors

As kids, we all loved collecting items that meant a lot to us then.  In gemstone market, there are a handful of collectors who are in a serious business of collecting rarest of the rare gemstones and displaying their prized possessions at a handsome price. If you are smitten by the shiny hard rocks, here are some truly delightful gemstones that you can consider collecting and build a gallery of your own.

But before that a few guidelines and tips.

1.  Unique and incredibly rare:

Not all gemstones are not that fascinating as say a peridot or a garnet or even an emerald. You have to be really choosy in collecting only those gemstones that have a reputation of being rare or unique in their own ways.

2.  Colour and clarity:

Shiny and brilliant gems have a higher adulation than the opaque ones. If you are truly in the game of collecting unique gemstones, try segmenting your gallery in terms of optical properties, colour and even cuts and shapes.

3.  Price tag:

Oh yes, this is the most uncomplicated filter for any collector. Higher the price higher will be the fan-following! There are high-priced gemstones that you may not have even heard of... Explore them beyond the world of diamonds, rubies and ambers.

4.  Care and maintenance:

Most gemstones require an elaborate care and maintenance routine, and that’s where full-time collectors score big. They rely a lot on technology and latest in gemstone cleansing methods.

5.  The world of faux pas:

The life of a gemstone collector revolves around trust and reputation. Even if you manage to collect and display a single gemstone- real and verified source, you are right up there in the league of top professionals. Don’t rely on cheap sources. You are what your gemstone sources make you.

New world of gemstones:

For the love of intense colour and high-quality brilliance, you can start exploring a whole new dimension in gemstone collection. Here are some of the least heard gemstones that most collectors usually have hard time finding in the local market.


This beautiful energetic blue coloured gemstone belongs to the family of sodalite. First discovered in 1807 in Italy, this gemstone has the highest refractive index for any naturally occurring item- 1.50!

Known sources of Hauyne are Mount Vesuvius, Lake Laach (Germany), Alban Hills (Rome) and Cripple Creek (Colorado, USA).


Another blue gemstone belonging to the family of alumina-silicates, Kyanite is exclusively used in the electronic industry. Priced at $50-100 per carat, there are other varieties of Kyanite occurring in shades of pink, red, orange and blue-green.


Heard of the Light of the Desert! It is the largest known cerrusite ever discovered on the planet. Cerrusite means ‘White lead’, and this gemstone is actually an ore of lead. It is a prized collection owing to higher dispersion rating of 0.055 compared to diamond.


For an instant start:

If you wish to start with a safe foundation in gem collection, try out Burmese rubies, Sri Lankan emerald gemstone, Kashmir sapphire gemstone and Tanzanian garnets. You can easily build a respectable collection of real and marketable gemstones in less than a year.


Hybrid rubies: The New-age Multi-Faceted Gemstones

There was a time when rubies ruled the market. Despite their fault lines and flaws, the rubies old like hot buns. But today, if you are looking for clear brilliantly cut rubies, you would be disappointed, especially if you are planning to buy from a staple street-side market. Ever since the hybrid rubies have come into the market, the demands for artificial glass-filled gemstones have drastically fallen.

Why is that so? Well, the major reason behind the success of the hybrid rubies is its proximity in character to the naturally mined rubies and sapphire gemstone. Minus the flaws and add the durability- that is what hybrid ruby gemstones are all about.


If you are searching for rubies in the gemstone market, here is how you can make a distinct and informed choice on hybrid rubies and the real ones.

Do all rubies require hybrid processing?

No, all rubies don’t require hybrid processing. Despite the fact that only 1 in 100 naturally mined gemstones is ranked as the perfect stone, it is still considered as a healthy ratio. In order to save on the cost of commercial mining, the remaining 99 percent rubies are treated artificially with heat treatments, glass lead filling and other low-cost procedures.

Is hybrid ruby a misrepresentation in the gemstone industry?

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the status of hybrid rubies. Many organizations consider the hybrid/ composite rubies as the corrected versions of natural gemstones. For them, the only difference in the two varieties lie in the way fractures and flaws appear under the microscope!

If you take into account the degree of stability and the cleaning process, the hybrid gemstones can’t match up to what natural gemstones deliver. Of course, the fragile gems like lapis lazuli, onyx and opal are distinct exceptions to these misrepresentations.

As per the latest rulings by international bodies regulating the gemstone quality, hybrid rubies are not same as the natural ones. They are not even an extension of the real ones.

Why are they in so much demand?

First, the cost of hybrid rubies is nowhere close to what real ones are demanding.  But even if you consider the cost of manufacturing a one carat hybrid ruby, it is an economical affair, with numerous profit channels. Big industries like jewellery makers, fashion apparels, art decors dealers and trophy makers rely heavily on the supply of such beautiful and sparkling hybrid gems, creating a steady flow of demand for these rocks.


Even at 40% lead-glass composition, these hybrid gemstones easily rake in a price tag of USD 50-75 per carat.

The good and the bad of hybrid rubies:

Hybrid rubies look delightful and can be almost passed off as a real ruby set. Even under the microscope, they look just as authentic as the natural stones. Only with regular use can one identify the tangible worth of these gemstones. Fragile, susceptible to scratches and chipping at ends make hybrid gemstones a short term romance.

Even compared to the traditionally treat rubies, these hybrid gemstones start losing their sheen after a few years. But for imitation jewellery makers and fashion designers, these cheap hybrid rubies are perfect accessories.