Faceted Rondelle Beads and its Usage

If you are new to the jewellery making art, then you should know that few terms will sound very technical. Faceted Rondelle is one of them, which is highly appreciated and very often used in jewellery pieces. Some of us may misunderstand it as a gemstone name.

To the amazement, it is not a gemstone name, but it’s a shape. When you are exploring the jewellery designing, you may need a huge knowledge base speaking of type of gems and their different shapes. No one could have thought that a different shape cut of stone can make a huge difference.  It impacts the look, elegance and the energy of the wearer.  

Properties of Faceted Rondelle:

When it comes to faceted Rondelle, it is known to be a versatile shape that is often used as a spacer in jewellery.  It is round in shape and has flat surfaces on it in a geometric pattern. This wonderful design adds radiance to the piece it is added and reflects brilliant light. These beads are available in various sizes and each size can be used differently. Small sizes are used as spacers and bigger sizes Rondelle is used as a brilliant stone to add elegance to the jewellery piece. These shape stones are available at affordable prices. You can choose from the stunning collection available with us.

Usage of Faceted Rondelle:

Its usage is already explained above. However, in jewellery making, it is ideal for necklaces, rings, bracelets and you name it. These are very commonly used beads but the significance is what matters. It enhances the beauty of the jewellery piece and makes the wearer confident.

Be it in small or big size, you still can think of these to be multipurpose. These beads of the specific shape can be designed in almost every gemstone like Aquamarine, Black Moonstones, Amethyst, Botswana, Blue topaz, blue zircon and the list goes on. This world of gemstones keeps you amazed with shapes and figures. Each shape presents its own qualities.

For example, Amethyst Rondelle faceted beads can vibrate on high frequency and create a spiritual bubble for the wearer against the negative source of energy.  The finest quality of blue zircon Rondelle beads is the best one to look for.  It enriches the look of a wearer with positive passion and enhances the aura. Aquamarine Rondelle beads are mostly used for necklaces and can be recognized due to its brilliant look. It channels all your energy and lets you focus on the goal.

There are numerous examples of the amazing affect of such cute little beads that will help you to connect with your inner self. You will find your very calm version that is rational, spiritual and thinks on the next level. 

You can find a plethora of options with Ratna Sagar Jewels. As its name suggests, you will find quite a collection to look at. If you are new to jewellery making art, this is the best place to start with. Brilliance in your work will speak for itself and the credibility of your made pieces will be unquestionable.  

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