Heart Briolette: An Ideal Choice for Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants & Tiaras

Jewellery making is an intense art that needs all of the patience and huge knowledge base. It not only has a wide range if stones and wires to explore. But also differentiating cuts on stones make a huge difference and give your jewellery a new definition. For example there are Asscher, Baguette and Briolette.

Briolettes are commonly known as a tear drop beads or pear shaped gemstones. It is a kind of shape, which is the most difficult to cut. In each piece, it has 84 triangles covering the entire surface. If it comes to cut these pieces, one can make 5 to 10 pieces a day to ensure unmatched quality with complex shape and brilliant beauty. The bead captures most of the light and is a popular choice for any jewellery piece which has dangling pieces. This bead can dangle and move displaying wonderful colour and radiance. Due to this, most of the time gemstones are free to move. It’s bonded with a help of wire and a hole on top tip of the gem.

heart briolette

History of gem:

The history of this finely shaped gem goes back up to the 12th century. It is believed to be originated from India and have travelled Europe with Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. As per its origin history may say a lot about it, but this gem was derived gone through some evolution and nowadays is being used as a fine part of jewellery art.

Gem properties:

This gem has healing properties like intuition and spiritual guidance. This one gem can be the best blessing you get if used properly. Jewellery making art has seen several of the evolution and this was the best thing to happen. Beads made out with this can be used almost in any piece and enhance the beauty of it. It is virtually unrecognisable between gems and diamonds. Its precise cut and flower like looking edges. It is believed to be driving the positive energy one has and enhance to a great extent.

 Uses of heart briolette:

As a jewellery making artist, you can do multiple of experiments with designing when coupled with these amazing gemstones shapes. It will keep your audience mesmerized for long. This heart briolette shape can be used to make necklaces, bracelets or small heads of it can be used as a fine piece of accessory. If you wish to get variety, you will find them available in more than 10 colors. Beauty of these beads adds brilliance to every piece. Be it a traditional festival or casual occasion, jewellery items with these shaped stones can be worn up and down. With this superb choice, you will be one who is to set a new trend.

These heart shaped beads with smooth flower cuts can look on anything. Be it a single bead accessory or numerous of those twinkling in a pattern, will look nothing but innovatively breath taking. Accessories with these little twisted gems are always appreciated. It takes your innovation and beauty to next level. Use of such beads is like adding effortless beauty. Such beads can alone stand out for its appearance and sturdy quality. 

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