Faceted Oval Beads – A Perfect Gemstone Beads for All Your Jewellery Needs


Remember last time when you entered your favorite jewellery showroom and a set of transparent oval-shaped beads necklace and a matching pair of earrings caught your eye and above all your heart. All of the jewellery lovers must have at one point or other mulled over the fact, that how these jewellery makers make such beautiful beads jewellery. Do they apply their craftmanship skills in making these gemstones more beautiful or they find it like this only and weave them in a thread with the help of super glue and some other material just like that?

How is it done?

Well, let us clear this mystery once and for all, making of your beautiful gemstone beads necklace requires a lot of effort from your jewellery maker’s end. The gems that are used for jewellery making are very rough when they are found, these gems are then cut and polished in different types of shapes and patterns which provides them an identity of their own. There are various types of gemstone cuts that jewellery makers use for gem cutting purposes such as fine round, half rose, pear-shaped, faceted oval-shaped, and many more.

Faceted oval-shaped gemstone beads

Let us talk about one of the most beautiful gemstones cut i.e. faceted oval-shaped cut gemstone or beads, and it is not too far-fetched to say that they are a piece of art in themselves. The faceted gemstone bead cut has a flat surface on the top with multiple polished faces or facets all over it with a sharp-pointed bottom. And when the faceted gemstone is cut in an oval shape, it is called faceted oval-shaped gemstone or beads.

Faceted Oval Shaped Beads

Dimensions, colors and quality

Faceted oval-shaped beads are available in different dimensions ranging between 5 x 3mm to 18 x 13mm and above as well. Various types of gemstones like diamond, ruby, quartz, zircon, etc are cut and polished through faceted oval-shaped technique and used for making beautiful jewellery. This particular cut is available in almost every type of colored (red, yellow, blue, green, white) gemstones. Also, not to mention they are available in the highest quality in terms of their impeccable cuts, patterns, polish and customization.

How to identify faceted oval gemstone cut?

You can always look for the below set of properties or characteristics for identification of the faceted oval gemstone cut:

  • The gemstone beads have a flat surface and multiple polished facets on their top.
  • The gemstone with multiple facets is cut in an oval shape.
  • This type of gemstone cutting is generally done on transparent stones to make them more beautiful and elegant.
  • The multiple facets of the gemstone will reflect the light outside to enhance its brilliant beauty.

Well, let us assure you that this is a perfect choice for your jewellery making business if you are a retailer, wholesaler, or even a jewellery designer. These particular gemstone beads will cater to all kind of jewellery making needs and will be a feather in your jewellery business’s cap.

Uses of faceted oval gemstone beads in jewellery making

Faceted oval gemstone beads have multiple uses, be it a ring, a beautiful one-piece necklace, a pair of cute earrings or a transparent beaded bracelet, faceted oval stones, or beads are used to make them all. Though mentioned briefly, I am listing them down in detail for easy reference purposes.

  • Faceted oval-shaped gemstone beads are used for making beautiful rings. Many a time the diamond ring you must be wearing must have a faceted oval gemstone cut.
  • That transparent gemstone beaded necklace with a beautiful pair of earrings is generally made through faceted oval shape gemstone beads cut technique. The multiple facets on the top of the transparent gemstone enhance its fire and make it out of the world.
  • The faceted oval-shaped gemstone cuts are used to make a single neck-piece, a separate beautiful pair of earrings, a pendant set, etc.
  • They are also used for making beautiful bracelets and sometimes anklets and other pieces of jewellery.

Bottom line

So, if you are looking to buy faceted oval gemstone beads for your own jewellery making business as a first-timer, or you are just a curious jewellery lover and buyer like every other person. This information will help you in every scenario. It is always good to know the history and efforts that have gone down in making something so beautiful. And gemstone cutting and its different shapes and patterns is a separate branch of art in itself. Nevertheless, if you need more information on “Faceted oval-shaped gemstone” you can visit “Ratna Sagar Jewels” also you can buy your next piece of faceted oval gemstone jewellery from them.