Half-drilled Beads – A Perfect Choice for Rings and Ear Studs

We live in a world where beauty is defined by people outside looks and personality, but we do not propagate this. What we believe is in inner beauty or the soul’s beauty, because that is the one that can make you look beautiful inside out more than anything else. Just like the gemstone beads which are carved, drilled from the inside to reflect their inner beauty in the outside world. And when a beautifully delicate piece of jewelry made up of these half-drilled, cut, polished gemstone beads are worn by a beautiful soul, the world that craves for outside beauty looks repeatedly in amazement. 

 Half-drilled Beads

Half-Drilled Beads

One of these cuts, polished, drilled beads is half-drilled beads. They are very beautiful and generally used for making rings and ear studs. Now you must be asking, why it is called half-drilled? Here is the answer, they are called half-drilled beads because of the hole in these beads that goes only halfway through unlike normal beads, or in other words they are partially drilled. They make a beautiful set of pearl earrings or serve as beads gemstone for your ring.

Dimensions, Colours, and Quality

They are usually available in the dimension between 2mm to 12mm. They are available in gemstone combination with amethyst, black onyx, coral half-drilled beads, garnet, goldstone, and pearl also. Half-drilled beads pieces of jewelry are made by using adhesive to glue the half-drilled beads to the rings or ear studs. They are available in almost every gemstone colour in which they are made or drilled. They are used a lot by the jewelry makers as half-drilled beads jewelry are simple and easy to make and do not require any tools.

How They Are Used?

As we have already cleared the mist that using half-drilled beads for making a pair of earrings or simple rings is not rocket science. You do not need any particular tool, just need your regular jewelry-making material and a jewelry adhesive. But if you do not want to go into the hassle of making it on your own you can also buy it from Ratna Sagar Jewels.

• You can find beautiful rings made up of these half-drilled beads.

• These beads are also used to make ear studs or a pearl drop on a pendant.

• They can be used to make beautiful wire bracelets.

The half-drilled beads are popular among small jewelry makers as it is simple and easy to use, but it is also a very good selection for wholesalers, retailer’s jewelry business. It will add variety to your jewelry design. Apart from this, if you are an individual buyer looking to buy for yourself, then go ahead buy it without any doubt, it is a perfect and elegant choice for every event.

Bottom Line

Half-drilled beads make beautiful pieces of jewelry, be it a ring, ear studs, or pearl drop on your pendant. We would suggest you give it a chance and we are very sure you will love it. If you need further information regarding these beads, or you want to see or buy the half-drilled bead jewelry, you can visit the one-stop RSJ online store.