Vintage Gems From the Land of Peru

Peru is home to vivid cultures and mysteries. Burrowed into the mines of Peru are a variety of hidden gemstones and precious metals. The modern mining industry of the country’s landscape is known for its innovative mining process through which romanticized gems are extracted and processed which always tend to excite the archaeologists and gemstone lovers across the world.

Today, as we are navigating through the Peruvian’s ancient penchant, let’s take a look at some of the mystical gems of the region which behold the national significance.

Peruvian Opal: Peruvian Pink Opal and Blue Opal are considered as the pièce de résistance or flagship products of the country. In prehistoric times, these gems were deliberated as Pachamama’s gift (the goddess of nature, fertility, and good fortune). They were often used by The Inca Empire (one of the largest empires in Pre Columbian America in the early 16th century) as a customary ritual stone. Peruvian blue opals are only found in the San Patricio’s Andes mountains and are known for its spectral fire and color.

Peruvian Opals

Blue Opal is considered as the national gemstone of Peru. It is mined in the congregated rocks and has a mild and fragile appearance. Depending on the way this stone is cut and crafted, it may vary in degrees of color. Jewelers use these choicest gems to create unique jewelry or loose gemstones.

Peruvian Chrysocolla: Named for its highly regarded origin, these attractive gems are found in green and blue opaque color.  They are known to display an array of colorful designs and patterns owing to the oxidization of metals like iron, manganese, and copper. Each gem tends to exhibit a unique pattern, which makes them an exceptional and inimitable.

Peruvian Chrysocolla gemstones

Rhodochrosite: These hot pink and deep red crystals are considered as very aesthetic and highly sought after due to their stunning looks and colors. Rhombohedral crystals come from the mines of Tambo Colorado (Peru) and continue to fascinate jewelry paramours for ages.  Alma King is a 15 cm Rhodochrosite crystal, which also happens to be the largest crystal ever found. Rhodochrosite is a part of the calcite group, which contains related or isomorphic carbonates. These minerals have similar physical properties and get crystallized in the trigonal system exhibiting resilient double refraction and perfect rhombohedral cleavage. When tamed with an admirable finish and proportionate shape, Rhodochrosite crystal can stun gemstone lovers in every way!

Peruvian Amazonite: Often recognized as Amazon Stone, this light aqua colored gemstone occasionally comes with jolts of clear turquoise. The gemstone contains beautiful small black inclusions as well as inclusions of a semi-transparent to opaque crackled white quartz, which strikes a perfect balance between the delicate, refined color and natural organic shape of these Peruvian amazonite beads. Often Amazonite stones are mistaken as chrysoprase owing to its color. The Peruvian Amazonite gemstones are mined in Africa, United States, Peru, South America, and Russia.

Peruvian Amazonite Beads

Even though, the last decade witnessed emerging of a number of synthetic crafted gems, the demand for gemstones mined from Peru continues to climb upwards. What is seen likely to persist forever, Peru gemstones will inarguably remain a pre-loved treasure due to its intrinsic value and rarest natural existence.