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Andalusite Beads

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Andalusite Rough
Andalusite Rough

Those of you who have a flair for colored precious and semi precious gemstone beads must buy the Andalusite gemstone beads, but the only thing you should take a note of before buying the Andalusite gemstone beads is having an idea of its buying guide. However the good thing about Andalusite and Andalusite jewelry is that only a natural form of this gem is available in the market. There is no particular need to enhance this stone and no synthetic form of this jewelry is available in the marketplace- making it easier to find this gem; but make sure you are not tricked by retailers selling you colored glass or quartz. Take care of your Andalusite jewelry by getting it cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner or steam jewelry cleaner. You can make use of lukewarm water with some soapy substance and it will look fine again, it just takes a little longer for it to be cleaned well. At Ratna Sagar Jewels this gemstone is available in a variety of shapes including carved leaf. Check Ratna Sagars online collection for more details of Andalusite gemstone beads.


Andalusite - Carved Leaf

Gemstone Origin
20 cm./8 Inch.
Brief details
Natural Andalusite Gemstone is variety of fascinating colors, possess property of transparent with vitreous luster and are available in red-brown to olive-green color with carved, Leaf Shape.
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
5 To 7 50.00 $0.80 $40.00
6 To 8 60.00 $0.80 $48.00
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