A Look at Top 5 Selling Moonstone

Beautiful and serene moonstone is a symbol of “new beginning”. The mysterious stone is filled with the magic of the moon.  As per astronomy, the position of the moon plays a vital role in our life. The events and occurrences happening are related to the position of the moon in our birth chart. 

The moonstone has fascinating folklore attached with it. According to one of the Roman legends, the moonstone was formed by solidified rays of moonlight. They also believed that Roman Goddess Diana could be seen within the gem. The crystal helps the wearer to take the wisest decision in life. Further, it bestows wisdom, inner peace, love and good fortune.

Here, we are going to tell you top five selling moonstone and their powerful properties.

1.  White Moonstone:

The White Moonstone enlightens the spiritual path. It enhances psychic awareness and encourages the love for the divine. White Moonstone is also called Sleep Stone. Mediating with moonstone before going to bed helps in getting a peaceful sleep. Putting the stone beneath the pillow assists in lucid dreaming. 

2.  Coffee Moonstone:

It is also known as “Traveler’s Stone”. The travelers still carry it while traveling in the night over the water. It is believed that it protects them from hurricane, peril and even sea pirates. Some astrologers suggest keeping Coffee Moonstone gemstone in the car gives you extra protection while traveling in the night.

Coffee moonstone gemstones

3.  Peach Moonstone:

It is the stone of feminine energy thus is considered to be a very good stone for women. It protects and helps them to overcome problems in married life. The Peach Moonstone is widely known as a fertility stone. According to ancient folklore women sewed the gem in the clothes to have a child. It is still practiced a lot by Middle Eastern women. Besides being known as a miracle fertility stone, it also helps women overcome menstrual problems and childbirth pain.

Peach moonstone

4.  Orange Moonstone:

The orange moonstone symbolizes power, healing, good luck and love. It is known for its powerful quality to pacify feminine energy. It supports the heart thus bring love and romance in life. Orange Moonstone crystals are known to purify and transom negative energy. Wearing orange moonstone studded jewellery enhances intuition and sixth sense. It is very helpful in improving self-image. Also, helps you realize your own worth. It gives you confidence when expressing yourself emotionally. The stone helps you to see the positive aspect in every situation. It is also soothes worry and anxiety.

5.  Pink Moonstone:

The stunning Pink Moonstone is a talisman of love. It is considered as the gemstone of heart. It gives you the courage to open up the heart and helps you in getting acceptance of love. The pink crystal carries the soft feminine energy of peace, comfort, empathy, friendliness, loyalty, and commitment.  It is also known to reunite lovers who parted ways because of misunderstanding, differences or anger.

 pink moonstone

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