Top 4 Gemstone Cuts Popular with Gemstone Lovers

Gemstone comes in a variety of eye-catching shapes like heart, triangular, oval, octagon, round, square etc. The cut of gemstone plays a vital role in its popularity and sale. A particular cut is given taking into consideration which will look best on the rough gemstone. The shapes are given different cuts to depict the many facets, which gives a unique look to the crystal. A perfect gemstone cut will smartly hide its imperfection and enhance its best qualities.

Here we are going to tell you top 4 gemstone cuts famous with gem lovers around the world.

1.  Briolette Cut:

It is a pear or drops-shaped artistically cut triangular facets covering the entire surface of the gemstone. The cut doesn’t have any pavilion, table or crown thus it is most difficult shape to be carved out on the surface of the stone. The brilliance of the crystal increases with the number of triangular shapes.  The Briolette cut naturally reflects light from every angle. The gracious look it renders to the gemstone makes it a perfect choice for pendants and earrings. The light passing through the dazzling earring makes it look stunning. 

Briolette cut gemstones are very popular with gem wholesalers, retailers, gemstone designers and in the precious stone auction market. The antique gem buyers prefer Briolette to replace the lost or broken stone in jewelry. One of the latest shapes in Briolette is Heart Briolette with the micro cut. Generally, Heart Briolette has 18 facets but Ratna Sagar Jewels, the top online store has come up the unique shape with 180 facets, even with facets on edges. The stylish Heart Briolette is in great demand.

Heart Briolette Gemstones

2.  Cushion Cut:

A cross between rectangle and oval, the Cushion cut is also known as Old European Cut. The cut has classic square shape with inventively rounded corners which makes it look like a cushion on a couch. The cushions cuts were extremely popular in 19th and early 20th Century. The current cushion shape has gone through a transformation. The old cut used to have 58 facets and present ones have 64 facets. The increase in facets gives more depth to the gem design. It renders a classic and romantic look to the jewelry, which makes it an evergreen choice.  The gem designers are constantly experimenting with cushion and giving interesting facets like concave, checkerboard and Portuguese cut to make it look more striking.  It is the reason that cushion cut has returned to the gemstone popularity list with a bang.   The best thing about this cut is that it leads to very less wastage and also maintains a fabulous luster. 

3.  Chandelier Briolette Cut:

Anything that is unique instantly catches attention, the best example of it is Chandelier Briolette Cut gemstone. It is one of the top-selling gemstone cut trendings in the market. The classy silhouette is a blend of two shapes Briolette and Chandelier. The fascinating gemstone design is the creation of Ratna Sagar Jewels. The trendy cut goes well with every kind of precious and semi-precious stone whether it is Oliver Quartz, Black Spinel, Moonstone, Topaz, Ruby, Lapis, Onyx or any other gem.

Chandelier Briolette Cut

4.  Emerald Cut:

The Emerald cut has stepped cuts that appears rectangular when viewed from the top and has finely trimmed corners.  Generally, the emerald cut has approximately 50 facets, the facets may increase or decrease according to the design decided by the gem designer. The main aim of the particular design is to enhance the clarity and color of the gemstone. The shape is very popular for rings. The customers like the elongated emerald cut gemstone in the ring as it looks beautiful on a finger.