Birthstone guide for the individuals born in the month of December

Birthstones and their intense colors have been considered to one of the best ways to equate with the month of your birth by wearing rare and exceptional precious stones. Undoubtedly, these gemstones are a quite significant and thoughtful present for your lovely mom, a close friend, endearing partner, or any other close to heart family member. Whether you are searching online a birthstone for buying or trying to discover which the birthstone will be suitable for you, you have definitely come across the right place.

Did you know the fact that December month gemstones actually help the wearer to ward off the wintertime melancholy? If you were born in the month of December, you would be glad to know that you have three different choices of gemstones to choose from: tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise—each of them, suitably, widely known for stunning hues of blue.

These three precious stones are popular as Zircon is considered to be one of the oldest stone ever found on the Earth; Tanzanite is a gemstone which has been lately unearthed, and Turquoise is the gemstone which had been taken out via mining and later on used in the creation of ornaments.
Now you must be thinking these stones will be quite expensive. Well, these stones aren’t at all that expensive as you are thinking. They are quite economical and come in different shape and sizes. Besides, they are dupes of very expensive gemstones as in Zircon is a convincing substitute of Diamond, tanzanite is the best alternatives of sapphire, and turquoise is matchless in its tone of blue color.

Through this post, we shall be exploring different benefits of the December month three birthstones.


Tanzanite is a gorgeous blue-purple selection of the mineral zoisite that is mainly found in just one part of the world. The precious stone derived its name from the country name where it has been unearthed in the recent years, Tanzania near magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. It gained tremendous popularity due to its rarity and recent origin.

Tanzanite is alleged to exhibit different types of hues when a person tries to view the gemstone from different possible sides and as per the experts, the prime reason behind this is the presence of pleochroism. Basically, this gemstone is cut in a specific manner so that the blue and violet colors are more emphasized and suppress the brown hues.

The mainstream of tanzanite that is available in the market these days is basically treated with heat in order to reduce the tinge of the brown colors (which is there when the stone is found) and to enrich the blue tones that can compete with most popular gemstone sapphire. It usually measures somewhere between 6.5 to 7 Mohs, when it comes hardness. Considering its susceptibility to scrape during daily wear and tear, it is good to make earrings and pendants from tanzanite rather than going for rings.

Benefits of wearing tanzanite gemstone are:

• Physical Healing Energy- Tanzanite is known for improving the immune system of the wearer, as well as, reinforces and promotes the growth of cells, skin, and hair. Besides, it is excellent in treating psychological ailments, anxiety, and nervous tension.
• Emotive Healing Energy- It engenders energy of contentment and reprieve from suspicions, allowing vision into emotional problems without the need to mull over them needlessly. The wearer becomes more compassionate and loving.
• Chakra Restorative and Harmonizing Energy- It is known to stimulate the throat, third eye, and crown chakras present in our body, thereby coalescing the higher mind with instinct and communication.
• Mediation- It helps the wearer to focus more passionately in mediation and helps in the unlocking of all the channels leading to one’s inner self-guides.


Zircon is an undervalued precious stone that’s every so often bemused with synthetic cubic zirconia owing to the fact that they have similar names and widely held for the use as diamond emulators. There are only a few numbers of people out there that have identified zircon as a remarkable natural precious stone available in a different range of colors.

This gemstone derived its name from the Persian word zargun, which means “gold-colored.” The best thing about this stone is that you can find it in different colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown. Usually, it is most commonly found in the brownish red color and it is known to be the most popular earthy tones available. Blue zircon, specifically, is the best alternative birthstone for December born individuals besides Tanzanite. Though, in terms of hardness, it measures somewhere around 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

One of the leading zircon mining countries in the world is Australia as it contributes to about 37% of the total world supply. Other countries that supply zircon across the globe are Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Cambodia, Canada, and the United States.

Benefits of wearing zircon gemstone are:

• Helps in reinforcing relationships: Zircon is regarded as a gemstone that brings in an immense level of happiness, love and feeling contentment in the relationships of the wearer. Also, it is known to be bringing harmony the marital relationship.

• Guards the wear against negativity: It helps in keeping the negativity at bay and guards against the harmful effects of the weak planets in the birth chart of the wearer.

• Promotes health: This precious stone promotes good health. It helps the wearer in curing fever, epilepsy, senselessness, abdominal related issues, and ailments related to the reproductive system. It also offers a great respite from the respiratory tract and muscle related difficulties. Furthermore, white zircon proves to be useful in reducing the ill-effects of diabetes and keep a check on migraine attacks.

• Brings financial and career-related progress: Zircon is a gemstone for those who are involved in imaginative careers including writing, art, show business, public image management, etc. By wearing this gemstone, the wearer can feel a drastic improvement in their level of confidence and acceptance.

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