January Birthstone: Color, Meaning, and Relative Benefits

Fledgling and Old, Man or Woman, one thing that is very much the same in every person is that everyone has got a birthstone depending on the month they were born. Whether you were born in the month of July or during the chilly cold month of January, each month has a unique gemstone in the store that holds an in-depth meaning and intriguing history behind it than one can ever think about.

Are you born in the month of January? What is your birthstone? For individuals born in the month of January, the garnet is the perfect precious stone to symbolize as their birthstone. This stunning and magnificent precious stone, which is most typically red in color and can also, be found in a range of other vibrant colours like orange, yellow, green, and purple. It represents harmony, affluence and well-being. Some expert astrologers even allege that this gemstone has the power to bestow the wearer with an everlasting feeling of blissfulness, contentment, health and wealth.


We would say that it would be the best way to start your new year by knowing more about your birthstone in detail. Learn more about the January birthstone, garnet:


The name “garnet” is derived from the 14th Century Middle English term “garnet” which connotes dark red.  Broadly speaking, the term coined from the Latin word “granatum” which signifies kernel and is termed so because of the gemstone’s semblance to the charmingly red kernels of the pomegranate.

Garnet is essentially the appellation of a cluster of minerals that comes in kaleidoscopic colours, right from the deep red to the effervescent green. There some rare garnets gemstones that you can find in blue, washed-out, or—most unusual of all—the one that changes collars in different lights. However, the most common colour is a gorgeous range of reds, from rust to violet-red colours.

The mythology on garnet is far-reaching. As per the traditional stories, it had been revealed long back that the garnet can bring harmony, wealth and good vigor to the home. Some even named this precious stone as the “Gem of Faith,” and it’s alleged to bring more goodwill and fortune to the wearer provided they do good things in their lives.

No matter what colour of the garnet you should wear, this striking precious stone is impeccable for those who share January birth anniversaries and get the chance to bring their New Year with a sense of kindness, contentment, and determination.


The gemstone Garnet is supplied by many different provinces and countries. Bohemia was the main source of the red garnets so widely known during Victorian eras. In the 19th century Russia, green dermatoid garnets from the Ural Mountains were appreciated by the Russian imperialkinfolk and put to use by the renowned jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé (1846–1920). Today, the African continent supplies much of the world’s garnet. These days, Namibia is now supplying dermatoid in the market, and most of the upbeat green garnet is supplied by Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar. Namibia and Tanzania are also prime origins of the opulent orange-to-yellow garnets. For many years, Southern California’s Little Three quarrying area was known for engineering this mesmerizing and highly hypnotic gem, the birthstone for January is also originated in Myanmar, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, midst other countries.

Benefits of wearing Garnet gemstone:

Inquisitive about your garnet birthstone’s alleged health benefits?

As per the expert Indian astrology, garnet helps eradicate destructive emotional state (downheartedness, culpability) and infuse greater confidence and psychological lucidity to stimulate imaginative thinking and amity of mind. In ancient and medieval eras, gems like garnet were widely known to cure the inflammatory ailments and to calm the fuming heart.


Basically, the different types of garnet gemstones range somewhere around 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of toughness. This clearly indicates that this precious gemstone is more predisposed to impairment comparatively to other gemstones namely rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. This is the reason why all garnets are not considered to be good when it comes wearing them daily, they are perfect for earrings, brooches and pendants. You need to take good care of this gemstone so you need to store them separately.


Most of the garnet gemstones are not heat treated. Some are treated by the jeweller to improve the clarity of the gem by filling superficial breaks with a glass-look-like material. For such kind of repaired stones you need to take extra care. To clean the stone you can use a soft brush with lukewarm soapy water. You can even go with the ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning the stone. Steam cleaning is not advised.


If you are thinking about purchasing a beautiful piece of garnet for yourself or your loved one, then it would be a great birthday gift. When you are buying this gemstone for the very first time, then we would recommend you to take the assistance of a qualified astrologer or jeweler who can help you in purchasing the genuine precious stone. Another thing that you need to pay heed to is the way garnet gemstone reacts when comes in the contact of light, both natural and synthetic. Also, double-check when you are thinking of buying a deep and saturated colour.

Always bear in mind, garnets come in different shades of reds, but then again can also be in green, pink, colourless or blue colours. The price of the stone will be higher provided the stone is rare. Try to look for the cut that spreads light consistently over the exterior part of the precious stone.

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