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From centuries gold has been a special metal for mankind and has an enthralling history associated with it. Initially used as a currency and as an ornament only for the kings and queens; this metal is now the commonly used metal for ornaments for the commoners. Women loved to be decked in gold from top to bottom and if they could do this, they certainly would have. Gold has been a woman’s friend for ages and still is. This shinny metal is best used by Ratna Sagar Jewels, who use it to design some of the most creative faceted gold beads. Though these beads are available at wholesale prices, they are definitely high in their quality and design. Each bead that is made here is designed exclusively keeping in mind the preferences and choices of people. Ratna Sagar Jewels make sure that you look beautiful in every form and the ornaments that you wear are perfect for look. The jewelry items made from faceted gold beads offered by Ratna Sagar are perfect mix of conventional and modern craft which on wearing gives a gracious look to the user.


18k Gold Spiral Slice beads

Handmade solid genuine 18k Gold Beads and findings for designer gemstone jewelry making are available in 75.6 percent of purity and yellow in color, Faceted Spiral Slice shape Beads.

Size(W x L)(m.m)No of Pcs.MetalColor*Weight(Grm.)Price Per Grm.Total PriceQty 
7 X 10 2 18 K Gold ( Not Plated) Yellow 1.20 $92.40 $110.88
* Gold Weight may be vary in milligram
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