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Transforming a Raw Gemstone into a Stunning briolette !

  • Date : 8/12/2023

  1. 1. Examination and Planning: A gemstone raw material like Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Quartz, Moonstones, Chrysoprase, Amazonite, Chalcedony many more is carefully examined to determine its natural shape, color, and any inclusions (internal flaws). Gem cutters plan the cut to minimize wastage while maximizing the gem's beauty.


  2. 2. Marking and Shaping: Raw Material is marked with a template that outlines the desired shape and facets. Gem cutters may use sawing, cleaving, or other techniques to separate the rough material into smaller, workable pieces.


  3. 3. Preforming: Then Gemstone piece is further shaped using grinding and shaping tools to achieve a basic outline of the desired shape called Ghat. This step removes excess material and creates a rough form of the gem.

  4. 4. Faceting: Skilled artisans use a faceting parsan traditional hand tool to cut precise angles and facets on the stone surface. This step is crucial as it determines how the gem interacts with light. The number, size, and arrangement of facets affect its brilliance and sparkle.


  5. 5. Polishing: After faceting, the various semi precious and precious gemstones is polished using abrasive compounds and tools. This process gradually smoothens the surfaces and brings out its natural luster and shine.


  6. 6. Final Inspection: The cut of stone is carefully examined to ensure that it meets quality standards. The color, clarity, and overall appearance are assessed to make sure it's suitable for use in jewelry.

Benefits in Jewelry:

Once the Colour gemstone has been cut and polished, it transforms into a beautiful gem with enhanced characteristics:

  • Clarity: The cutting process can help minimize the visibility of inclusions, making the stone clearer and more visually appealing.
  • Color: Faceting can enhance the depth and richness of the stone color, making it more vibrant and captivating.
  • Light Performance: The precisely cut facets allow light to enter the stone, reflect within it, and exit in a way that maximizes its brilliance and sparkle.
  • Versatility: The micro cut beads and Briolette can now be set into various jewelry pieces, such as necklace, pendants, or earrings, where it becomes a stunning centerpiece.
  • Market Value: A well-cut and polished gemstone is highly valued in the market due to its enhanced beauty and quality, making it a desirable choice for both collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the process of cutting a raw gemstone involves multiple stages that transform it into a captivating and valuable gem suitable for use in exquisite jewelry pieces.

How to identify real gemstones!

  • Date : 8/11/2023

To check if gemstone beads are real or fake, you can consider these steps:

  1. Visual Inspection: Examine the beads closely for any imperfections, irregularities, or bubbles. Real gemstones are often not perfect, while fake ones might look too flawless.

  2. Color: Real gemstones typically have unique color variations. If the color is too uniform and doesn't show any subtle shifts, it might be a sign of a fake.

  3. Transparency: Hold the beads up to a light source. Real gemstones should allow some light to pass through, revealing their internal structure. Fakes might appear overly opaque.

  4. Inclusions: Natural gemstones often have tiny imperfections, known as inclusions. If the beads are too perfect, they could be synthetic or imitation.

  5. Weight: Real gemstones are denser than imitations. You can compare the weight of the beads to known real gemstones or use a jeweler's scale.

  6. Hardness: Gemstones are rated on the Mohs scale for hardness. You can use common objects like a steel nail (hardness around 5.5) or a glass plate (hardness around 5.5) to scratch the bead. If the bead scratches easily, it's likely not a real gemstone.

  7. Heat Conductivity: Some gemstones, like most varieties of quartz, have low heat conductivity. You can touch the bead to your lips and see if it feels cool (lower conductivity) or warm (higher conductivity).

  8. UV Light: Some real gemstones may display fluorescence under ultraviolet (UV) light. You can use a UV light source to check for this.

  9. Professional Appraisal: If you're uncertain, consult a professional gemologist or jeweler who can provide a detailed assessment using specialized equipment.

Remember that some advanced tests might require specialized tools and knowledge. If you're considering investing in valuable gemstones, it's best to do your research and seek expert advice.

Why to Opt for Ratnasagarjewels over Others?

  • Date : 4/30/2015

No doubt, the mystical power and beauty of gemstones have made them a priced possession for many. It’s no secret that market is overflowing with hundreds of benefactors, proffering a host of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads at lucrative prices and eye-rolling designs. If recent reports are to be believed, every year thousands of users fall prey to fake gemstone beads owing to dearth of awareness.  Fact can’t be overlooked that cherry-picking an authentic vendor is not as easy as pie. It demands an eye for detail, astute analysis and little bit research work. 

 Take a quick glance at some of the key attributes that one should ascertain prior making a final purchase:

  • Should Have Rich Industry Experience
  • Should offer AAA or 4A Certified Gemstone Beads
  • Should Offer Customized Products to Meet Unique User’s Demand
  • Should Be Equipped With Avant-garde Technology & Resources
  • Should Offer an Array of Designs, Colors, and Shapes
  • Should Be Scalable Enough to Timely Accommodate Customer’s Requirements
  • Should Ensure Fastest and Secure Delivery of Products
  • Should be Following Strict Quality Parameter Checks
  • Should Strives to Ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Should Offer Cost- effective yet Efficient Products

Why RatnasagarJewels.com?

Key Highlights

v  AAA and 4A Quality Gemstone Beads

v  Extensive Experience in Gemstone Beads Industry

v  Natural Raw Material Imported from Brazil, Australia

v  2000+ Huge Catalogue of 100% Authentic Beads

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v  Anytime, Anywhere Delivery

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v  Fastest Delivery within 3-4 Business Days Through UPS

v  Economical Prices

Being the manufacturer of genuine beads, Ratnasagarjewels provides products at a price which is relatively lesser than what other providers have to offer.  Our erudite artisans can help designing gemstone beads as per your provided specifications that too in your stipulated time frame.  

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