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Ratna sagar jewels has a commitment to producing quality beads. We believe that quality can be free and that a lack of quality can be costly to your business. Today's consumers demand high quality at low prices in their computers, automobiles and their Jewelry. We want to be your partner in delivering quality beads at low prices. As you compare our beads and prices with those of other suppliers, be sure to ask the following eight questions so you can make a fair comparison and get the best value. Knowledgeable buyers are our best customers. Yours too.

RATNA SAGAR Eight Point Guide to Quality Beads


Do the holes go through the center of the bead? Are they even and smooth all the way through? Centered holes let the beads line up smoothly in a strand, and smooth holes do not scratch or cut the thread. These two features are important for initial sale and to prevent returns.


Are the beads well shaped? Are all the flat spots been removed? Are the beads symmetrical? Your customers will check, so make sure you check it first.


Do the beads have a high polish with no pits or rough spots? Are the gem stones beads are micro cut.

Natural Colors

Are the colors natural, or have they been dyed? Most translucent stones from India have been dyed, but not ours. Stay away from beads that could bleed colors onto a customer's expensive silk blouse. Be especially careful with rose quartz. We sell no dyed beads.

Natural Materials

Are the gem materials natural or synthetic? Today a lot of cheap, laboratory grown amethyst goes into beads and have excellent color and clarity. But they are not the real thing. And they are not worth as much as natural amethyst. As a retailer you are obligated to disclose any synthetics. We sell only natural gem materials, no synthetics.

Length of strands

When comparing suppliers, be sure that you measure the length of the strands. The difference between 16 inches and 15.5 inches, or 14 inches may be small, but it amounts to 3 to 12 percent reduction in what you get. Small differences like this add up and affect your bottom line. Our 16 inch strands are a full 16 inches long.

Grade of gem material

There is a range of color and clarity in gems we use - how strong the color is, and how clear the material is and free from inclusions. This is not an issue of quality as it is a matter of accurately describing the attributes of a material itself when you compare beads, compare beads of the same category. In tourmaline, for example, strong color, clarity and large size all contribute to higher prices. So you can't compare beads that are just tourmaline.

Reputation of manufacturer

Quality service is as important as quality merchandise. You'll find what good people we are to work with - knowledgeable, friendly, and fair.

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