Customer Testimonials
Marie Fusaro

I’ve been dealing with Ratna Sagar Jewels since their inception online and have been a long time customer and the quality of their gems are unsurpassed and the faceting gorgeous and unique not to mention the best customer service from start to end!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Beautiful quality stones, Good variety, Fast service

Nicole Furlong

Thank you for your beautiful stones, thoughtful service and quick delivery

Lara Sanders

Mr Sagar is a joy to deal with, and his stones are excellent quality with faceting that makes the surface appear almost liquid and clean holes that do not compromise strength, just gorgeous He is in touch with you throughout the ordering process, makes payment simple and ships very quickly I highly recommend this seller

Ilka Detering

Great Quality Gemstones and friendly Customer Service when there is a Question I would recommend Ratna Sagar Jewels to anyone who is looking for beautiful Stones for their Jewelry

Alexandra Raetzer

Received beautiful gemstones with lovely micro facets promptly and safely packaged Customer service was friendly and helpful thank you

Amelia Steppacher

If you want amazing customer service and the best quality stones don't waste time on any other stone supplier Manoj is simply the best and a wonderful person who truly cares about giving his customers only the best product I've been a customer for several years and will always be loyal and grateful to Ratna Sagar Jewels

mika kimura

The gemstone has arrived safely.The brilliance of lemon quartz and sunstone is amazing. I really like the shades of ametrine and carnelian .The quality of the gemstones is excellent and the shop is very kind I recommend buying at this store .Thank you for your kindness. I would like to purchase it again.

Marie Fusaro

I have been doing business with Ratna Sagar Jewels since they first started online Over the years the company has evolved I have met Manoj in person and the quality of their gemstones is truly unsurpassed, the cutting flawless, as well as the customer service

Tracy Arrington

Beautiful quality beads and a wonderful company to work with

Tracy Arrington

Fantastic company to do business with, beautifully cut stones that were exactly what I was looking for and amazingly fast delivery, thank you

Danielle McKinley

Absolutely the most beautiful gems beads I’ve ever seen Amazing presentation I’m happy to be a new customer

Lara Sanders

Ratna was a pleasure to deal with, a truly nice person who loves what he does and his product, and with good reason, they are just stunning gemstones

Cheryl Wise

Beginning my first time buying I was a little scared to order But Manoj Maskara was so very helpful on how to save my order and what the sizes where on each gemstone I purchased I received everything today an everything I got are gorgeous in size shape and color Thanks so much

Dong Chen

High quality gemstones, fast shipping, amazing customer service I will be back for more

Norbert Euler

The gemstones are AMAZING, like candies in a candy shop, and the craftsmanship is the best you can find The shop owner is very helpful Top class shopping experience with Ratna Sagar jewelry, who is also very efficient I recommend this shop for anyone who wants to buy high end gemstones

Valerya Kanonov +972545900182

This wonderful shop offers fantastic quality gemstones, excellent customer service and support in any question/requirement you'll need The gemstones are flawless, the owners are very professional and I love shopping here again and again

Suellen McMillen

Beautiful gemstones, fantastic customer service We could not be happier with the quality and value of our order I would recommend Ratna Sagar highly

Tracey Pettingill

Absolutely stunning gemstone beads I've been purchasing from Ratnasagarjewels since 2013 and have always been happy with the gemstones I received

Sara Best

I have placed several orders with Ratna Sagar Their customer service is outstanding and their gemstones are top notch Great color and professionally cut Highly recommend

Sara Best

I am very pleased with Ratna Sagar Jewels, I have not found any other online company with this quality of gemstones and variety of cuts, I plan to continue to only do business with Ratna Sagar for my gemstone beads I’ll leave another review on your website

Marie Fusaro

I've been working with Manoj for over a decade and have always been satisfied with the fine service and most of all the outstanding quality of gemstones

Heather Bradley

I’ve bought Imperial Topaz roundels several times as they are the most beautiful color, and faceted to make the most of the glowing stones I would not hesitate to highly recommend this company

Marianna Euler

I made 3 purchases on the different occasions from the Ratna Sagar Jewels, namely during 2018 I bought 4 strands of tsavorite garnet and 4 strands of pink tourmaline In all 3 cases the cut is superb Tsavorite garnet was 5 star quality cut and colour Pink tourmaline was also very nice But at first I was little bit dissapointed in the colour, since according internet the colour of toumaline beads is "hot pink", which was not a case The colour of tourmaline beads, which i received was rather medium pink / beautiful pink colour, but not in any way "hot pink" I do like the colour of my tourmaline, But I think that in this case one cannot call this colour "pink hot", since it is absolutely not a hot pink The cut of tourmaline was superb Marianna

stefanie baruth

I bought gold beads for several times, they are so very beautiful and perfectly crafted The customer service is very friendly and accomodating, thank you

Valerya Kanonov +972545900182

It was my first experience with this gemstone store and I'm overwhelmed with the quality of the gemstones I received; I'm buying a lot of gemstones and I can say that this shop has the BEST quality gemstones I've ever seen; The shipping was very fast and prompt; And the most important THE COMMUNICATION with the seller was excellent - he helped me with everything I needed via email and was very kind and fast in answers; You can ask everything you need in Ratna Sagar Jewels and they'll help you and will make sure you'll be super happy with your purchase; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WONDERFUL SHOP

Chattral Leland

I have been buying beads from Ratna Sagar for over 7 years In that time the quality has been outstanding The precision cutting always ensures that even the most simple of earrings, stands out above the rest Thank you, Chattral NSW Australia

Heather Bradley

These are the best quality beads I’ve ever seen The imperial Topaz are amazing and I just received several strands of Chrome Diopside that are perfect

Angela Cuartas

Love Ratna Sagar Jewels I have been buying from them for a couple of years, and every time I receive my order, simply got mesmerized by the quality of the stones

Deborah Steinhorn

LOVE my gemstone beads The emeralds are beautiful and have a glow about them

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