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AAA Amazonite Beads

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Amazonite Rough
Amazonite Rough

The ever wonderful gemstone with a slightly green touch to it is much known for its magical and aesthetical powers. Ratna Sagar Jewels presents to you their collection of Amazonite gemstone beads in various shapes including: Puffed diamond cut, flat pear briolette, heart briolette etc. making it a brilliant birthstone of those born as spring begins (20 March to 19 April).This fabulous gemstone is known as Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth and provides the freedom to express ones thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries. Amazonite crystal therapies are primarily associated with filtering out stresses and healing traumas. Its association with the heart and throat chakras is on major reason why most people choose it as a stone for their jewelry. While most people know much about the stone, it is very important to know about the color energy of the stone, the turquoise color energy tempers excess, restores the calm after the storm, neutralizes extremes and relieves stress.


Amazonite Gemstone- Puffed Diamond Cut

Gemstone Origin
20 cm./8 Inch.
Brief details
Natural Amazonite Gemstone is a variety of the mineral microcline, possess property of translucent with vitreous luster and are available in bluish-green color with micro cut, Cushion Shape.
Size Width(m.m)Weight(Cts.)Price/Cts.Price/StrandQty 
6 To 8 60.00 $0.65 $39.00
8 To 10 90.00 $0.65 $58.50
10 To 12 150.00 $0.65 $97.50
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