Top 8 Benefits of Copper Sapphire Gemstone

Copper Sapphire is one of the rarest gemstones. The reddish brown tone gives it an extremely attractive look. The stone’s super healing properties and attractive sheen make it a favorite of gem lovers and precious gemstone collectors from around the world. If you are looking for a stone that is unique, affordable and has magical healing properties then copper sapphire is the answer. Let us take a look at its top 10 healing properties that makes it stand out from the rest of the healing stones.

1.  Meditate to experience ultimate Bliss

Mediating with Copper Sapphire gemstone will help you connect with the supreme power. It will help you to connect with powers of the universe. It will enlighten your spiritual path. Mediation with this marvelous stone will fill your life with peace and tranquility. The stone has been a favorite sage in the ancient time.


2.  Stone for Joy:

Happiness is the most important thing in life but it is not something that money can buy. There are lots of people in the world who in spite having all the wealth of the world are unhappy. If you are one of those who is searching for happiness then Copper Sapphire gemstone is what you are looking for. Wearing Copper sapphire beads in jewellery will bring happiness in the life.

3.  Mantra for success:

Hard work undoubtedly is the main force behind success but you need the luck to be successful. If success is eluding you after a lot of hard work then you need the stone of luck copper sapphire. Wear it in a ring and see how fortune favors you in every path. The gemstone is ideal for students, job seekers and candidates looking for success in public exams.

4.  Enhances Communication:

Communication plays an integral part in the success of a person. Everyone doesn’t have the ability to express their thoughts beautifully in words. There are lots of people who have all the qualification but still not able to get the desired job or get the promotion, so the solution is wearing copper sapphire gemstone beads in the ring. It will help you to drastically enhance your communication.


5.  Fights Depression:

Are you suffering from depression or anxiety for a long period?  Keeping Copper Sapphire in your room or below the pillow will help you come out depression quickly. Its powerful energy neutralizes the negative force in the body. It will fill your life with positivity and hope.

7.  Perfect Stone for creative People:

Are you artist, painter, actor, musicians or a person linked with any field related to creativity  then Copper sapphire is the perfect gemstone for you. It will fill your mind with new ideas and thoughts and help you make a niche for yourself in the ever competitive field.

8.  A perfect Stone for Businessman:

The magical stone is just right for businessmen. If you are one of the few businessmen who like to do business without ever compromising on integrity then here is the stone to help you in every phase.

These are top 8 benefits of copper sapphire Gemstones, if you are don’t have the gemstone in your collection then you are surely missing something.



Top 6 Tips on Choosing a Red Beryl

Rubellite tourmaline or red beryl, as it is commonly called in the gemstone market, is a big name in the rarity segment. It is hard to identify the red beryl from its emerald varieties. Owing to its red and pink colour, there is a high risk involved in its market. Most red beryls available in the market are either flawed or artificially treated using heat treatments that won’t last a lifetime.

Here are 6 tips on choosing a red beryl gemstone that is worth your time, effort and money.

1.  Colours:

A true rubellite is a dark saturated raspberry pink gemstones, with clear lustre and consistent pink shade. It could have darker shades of purple and violet, but the pink one remains most elusive stone in the market. Rubellite gemstone in darker shaded should be avoided as they are mostly likely to be treated with artificial resins and dyes.

2.  Clarity:

High clarity gemstones in the red beryl segment are not rare anymore. Low clarity gemstones, of course, are priced much lower than the clearer ones. High IF to VVS clarity ratio are available only with lab-standard gemstone sellers who decide the pricing of the red beryl based on the carat size, facets visible and the degree of pleochroism.

3.  Treatments:

Red beryl gemstones do undergo the certain degree of enhancement, in the form of heat treatment and irradiation. The Rubellite market is full of irradiated gemstones, which directly affects their optical properties. Ionising the crystal lattice alters its optical properties resulting in uniform colouration and stable lustre. Colourless and pink beryls turn into brilliant blue gemstones on irradiation with Cobalt-60.

4.  How to spot treatments:

Red beryls are hard to test in terms of quality and enhancements were done. Impossible to detect under naked eyes, they can be tested only under Fourier Series IR Spectroscope. Natural, untreated gemstone doesn’t cause any colour shift. There are possibilities of finding intrusions and tunnels inside the tunnel, which suggest that the gemstone has undergone heat treatment or irradiation of some sorts.


5.  Durability test:

Red beryl can withstand the significant amount of impact force, owing to its hardness of 7.5 on Mohs scale. It does not shatter or break away like glass. If it does, it is silica or quartz, not red beryl. Another point to be noted is its lack of cleavage. Low clarity red beryls have slight cleavage, which could be labelled as weakness or flaws.

6.  Sizes and cuts:

Red tourmaline gemstone or red beryl is available in size less than standard 3-carat gemstone. Most common size for red beryl is 0.9 carat. Bigger stones run the risk of poor clarity and lustre and require extensive polishing in the long run.

Red beryls are often cut in Princess-Cut, Brilliants and Emerald-cut, highlighting their alluring brilliance matching the contemporary commercial market standards.

If you are shopping for a red beryl engagement ring, ensure that the seller has in-house gem cutting unit. Never buy a red beryl from retailers who are mostly end-sellers. High-quality rubellites have high resale value, only if they are traded from the certified gemstone sellers.


Top 4 Trendy Gemstones for Engagement Ring

The time has come up to give a skip to diamond and try out some other gemstone for the engagement ring. Let us take a look at top 4 gemstones that are in trend during this wedding season.

1.  Garnet:

The garnet comes in an array of colors. The most popular being the red garnet. The other colors that you will come across in the stone include green, yellow, pink, black, brown and the colorless variety. It gives the couples a chance to choose garnet according to engagement trousseau or theme of the big day. The stone measure 6.5 to 7.5 on mahs scale, which is considered to be pretty good for the gemstone. The cost is another factor that goes into the favor of Garnet beads, it is very much affordable. The money saved on the engagement ring can be used on planning a lavish wedding.


2.  Pearl:

Pearl is one of the rarest gemstone found on the earth. The stone has an enticing natural rainbow like glitter which makes them nothing less than a prized possession.  It is believed that wearing pearl in ring ensures a happy life. The pearl comes up as a good choice for the engagement ring, it is not only affordable but its powers make it the ideal choice for couples. The pearl fills the life of the couple with abundant wealth and good health.  The pearl comes in different colors like white pearl brings name & fame; yellowish pearl brings wealth; pearl with blue hues brings good fortune; reddish pearl brings wisdom and love. It would be the wonderful idea to have the different pearl in engagement ring to get the combined power of the magical stone.

3.  Tourmaline:

It is counted among one of the most colorful gemstones. It is the reason that Tourmaline is a favorite of would-be bride & groom as well as gemstone designers. It is available in shades of blue, green, pink and red. The multicolored look is another version of Tourmaline that looks fascinating in engagement ring setting. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly stone then Tourmaline gemstone comes up as the best option. The beautiful stone is hard and durable. It weighs between 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale. Mix & match Tourmaline with other gemstones to form an interesting pattern for your engagement ring.


4.  Lapis Lazuli:

The jewellery designing trends keep on changing with time. The latest trend that has taken the jewellery designing industry by storm is Lapis Lazuli. The affordable deep blue with golden sprinkle makes it look like a glittering star. Lapis Lazuli gemstone comes up as a great choice for the engagement ring because of its properties. The stone is a symbol of truth and friendship – two essential qualities needs in couples. The wonderful stones measures between 5 to 5.5 on mohs scale. The price is another factor that goes in favorite of it. If you are looking for an affordable semi-precious gemstone then Lapis Lazuli in the gemstone is the answer. The Lapis Lazuli bead looks amazing in engagement ring setup.



Top 10 Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

The Red Coral Gemstone also called the Moonga or Praval is a very important gemstone. According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, it represents the planet of Mars which is regarded as a symbol of energy, ambition, vitality and blood circulation.  Mars is also thought to be the warfare God in the planet hierarchy. The Red Coral gemstone thus is believed to elevate the energy levels of Mars in the horoscope of the wearer.

When a coral polyp dies, its skeletal remains form a calcareous deposit which then transform into the Red Coral. Polyps are tiny invertebrates and live in the depths (20-1000 ft) beneath sea bed in quiet waters.

Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology list many benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone. Let’s have a look at the top 10 benefits.

1.  One of the first and foremost benefits of Red Coral Gemstone is that it gives the power to overcome hurdles and enemies.  Since the Coral represents Mars which is considered the god of warfare, it provides the courage to the individual to defeat its foes and conquer hindrances.

2.  Another benefit is that it helps to drive away lethargy and deal with hesitation. It gives the Individual the necessary boost to finish tasks in a logical manner.

3.  Probably the best benefit of the Red Coral Gemstone is its miraculous healing results. Problems such as acne, facial eruptions, skin diseases etc are remarkably suppressed. Apart from that, it acts as a protective shield and defends against cuts, bruises, wounds and other injuries while also improving blood purification.

4.  It also helps in the betterment of mental health and general well being. Due to its robust nature, it can help one out of depression, languidness and revitalize the mind to boost morale. It also gives you the energy, audacity and the strength to conquer your fears.

5.  Individuals suffering from issues such as impatience, short temper, irritation and anger due to the untoward position of Mars in their horoscope would notice a significant improvement in their condition after usage of Red Coral Gemstone

6.  If a person has a Manglik dosh in his/her horoscope which can lead to disagreements and the likes in personal relationship, then wearing a Coral gemstone can help sweeten the relationships again. This however should be done only after thoroughly analyzing the birth chat.

7.  Red Coral gemstones has also been found to have a profound effect on one’s profession.

Red Coral Gemstone

8.  Another very important benefit of the Red Coral beads that it protects fiercely against bewitching, evil gaze and black magic.

9.  Red Coral can help a person in debt to a more secure and safer position. Red Coral with its energies can help in removal of looming debts in a very short period of time.

10.  According to Indian Astrology, the Red Coral is thought to represent the “Mangalya Balam” or marriage compatibility, the marriage strength and longevity of the spouse. Wearing it is supposed to elude widowhood from women.Save

Top 10 Healing Benefits of Emerald Gemstone

The green colored natural gemstone Emerald is one of the very precious stone found on the earth. The stone has been favorite of gem collectors, astrologers, and normal people because of its powerful healing properties. The popularity of Emerald has only increased with time. Let us take a look at top 10 healing properties of Emerald.

1.  Emerald in the modern world is known as the stone of communication. Wearing emerald studded beads enhances communication skills. It helps to express your thoughts in such a way that it impresses the other person.  A must stone if you are going for interviews.

2.  The beautiful green stone is a boon for people with low confidence. It fills them with new energy and boosts confidence.  It opens up new avenues. If you have a low self-esteem then get emerald today and see how your world changes for good.

3.  Do you think that success in eluding you after a lot of hard work? Do you think people who are less talented are beating you in the race for promotion at workplace? Do you find people not good as you moving forward in life then get “Emerald Gemstone”, it is the stone of planet mercury. It brings good luck and tremendous success in life. Don’t be surprised if you win a Jackpot after wearing emerald.

4.  The stone bring the name, fame, and fortune. It comes up as a popular choice for artists, leaders, and motivational speakers. It will give the wearer a phenomenal rise in life, making him a huge success in whatever field he chooses.

5.  Stammering is a big problem. Sometimes it makes the person a laughing stock. The natural emerald is considered to be very effective in treating stammering.

6.  People with shy nature find themselves at times in trouble. There introvert behavior is taken by others as a lack of confidence or arrogance. Shy nature becomes a barrier in life. Emerald is the best stone for tackling shy nature. Wearing emerald gemstone beads helps you overcome your shyness. It will help you win a lot of friend and admirers.


7.  The stone is known to help individuals to bounce back immediately from the difficult situation. Everyone goes through some tough phase in life whether it is break up, loss of business or being duped in life. The emerald heals the scars.  It erases the bad experience in life as a bad dream.

8.  Emerald Gemstone is famous for its therapeutic properties. It is a boon for people facing the problem of concentration, lack of sleep, restlessness etc. The powerful crystal brings stability in life by helping the individual to get rid of these troubles.  Also, it brings emotional and financial stability in life.

9.  It is said to be a stone of intuition. Astrologers and fortune tellers wear it as it helps them to accurately predict about future. Astrologers suggest wearing it in the ring to save oneself from bad spells and omens.

10.  It is known as the stone of wisdom. It helps the wear to get wisdom directly from the universe. Emerald increase mental clarity. The stone also enhances memory.Save

Top 15 Interesting & Fun Facts about Your Favorite Gemstones

1.  Sapphire is the only gemstone that comes in all colors of rainbow. Next time when you go to buy sapphire beads then get them in your favorite rainbow color.

2.  The largest diamond is known as Hope Diamond. The deep blue diamond weights 4.25 carat. The diamond is kept in world famous Smithsonian museum, which is counted among most visited Muslim Museum.

3.  Citrines & Amethysts are made from the same mineral. Well, the difference is only in the color. The interesting thing is that extensive heating changes its color to other.

4.  The blue violet Tanzanites is known for its attractive shade, but most of you would be surprised to known that when it is extracted from the earth it is colorless. It is heat treated to get the beautiful blue violet tanzanite. 

5.  Well, Diamond Crater National Park, Arkansas gives you the chance to dig diamond. Well, most of you would be planning to book a flight and fly to Arkansas for a diamond hunt.

6.  The stunning Lolite Gemstone is often confused with Tanzanite Gemstone and Sapphire. It is a popular alternate for expensive Sapphire and Tanzanite. The only thing you need to take care is that never clear the gem with ultrasonic cleaners available in the market. The chemicals available in it can destroy the sheen of the Lolite.

Tanzanite Gemstone

7.  The two very popular stones Emerald & Aquamarine gemstones are made from the same mineral. Some of you might be wondering why there is so much difference in the price.

8.  Once Amethyst Gemstones were considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones on the earth, but the equation changed overnight when huge reserves of it was found in Brazil.

Amethyst gemstone beads

9.  Black Onyx is not natural gemstone but it is dyed black. It is the reason it should be cleaned very carefully using mild clearness otherwise it will expose the brown and orange Sardonyx.

10.  The toughest gemstone is none other gem that is known as girl’s best friend Diamond. The softest is Amber. There is another interesting thing about Amber, it got the unique name from Greeks because it when rubbed together formed static electricity. 

11.  In the ancient times women used to wear opal beads in hair to protect the color of the blonde hair. Well, some of you would surely be thinking to try it.

12.  It is believed that a lot of Sapphire Gemstone sunk with the iconic Titanic.

13.  Garnet got its name from the seed of the famous fruit pomegranate.

14.  Quartz and Tourmalines stones produce electrical charge when heated. The other interesting thing about tourmaline is that it attracts dust when exposed to hot lights.

15.  The Gem Mountain is famous place in North Carolina known to have colorful gemstones. What makes the place interesting is the fact that you can dig for moonstones, citrines, garnet, emerald, aquamarine etc here, so how about getting ready for some real gemstone exploring adventure.

Top 5 Gemstone Engagement Rings of Celebrities loved by People

Celebrity’s engagement ring is always in the news. The pictures of it are splashed over tabloid and it becomes the next fashion trend. Let us take a look at top five engagement ring styles of celebrities loved by the people

1.  Halle Berry:

Actress Halle Berry’s engagement ring stunning design instantly attracted attention. Making is the most loved engagement ring design of the recent times. The 4-emerald ring had a very curious setting that makes it simply unique and classic at the same time. The ring was the creation of famous French Jewellery Designer Robert Mazio. The ring had a two comparatively slighter diamonds on each side of the square cut diamond. The ring has Phoenician codes representing the couple’s beautiful love story. It made the ring simply priceless. The cost of the engagement ring was believed to be $2000000. Surely you can take a leaf from Halle Berry’s wonderful engagement ring. Well, it may be out of your budget but it would be a wonderful idea to have your love story written in codes in the ring.

2.  Mariah Carey:

The beautiful singer was presented by approximately $2.9 million dollar engagement ring by Nick Cannon. Jacob & Company, the leading jewelry designers were given the task of designing the stunner. The ring has 17 Carat Diamond in girls pink shade set in square design. Further, it was decorated with small beads around the band. It had two comparatively big diamonds on both sides with the pink stunner in the center. It was at that time known as the most luxurious and classy celebrity ring. The Pink diamond beautifully blended with the charming persona of this stylish diva making her look more glamorous.

3.  Elizabeth Hurley:

The engagement of actress and model Elizabeth Hurley with Ace Australian Shane Warne took the world by storm. True to his flamboyance Shane Warne dazzled his lady by 9 karat sapphire with trillion cut diamonds on each side. The value of this spectacular ring was estimated to be around @100,000. The Sapphire Gemstone gave a royal touch to the ring.

4.  Blake Lively:

The popular film actor Ryan Reynolds chose an unconventional way to propose his actress girlfriend Blake Lively. Ryan selected a 2.5 million dollar stunning oval cut stone set in delicate rose gold. It had paved diamond set artistically around the band. It was created by famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The beautiful ring was custom designed to give an artistic look. If you are looking for something unique then go for a diamond in rose gold. The color rose gold depicts feminism.

5.  Kelly Clarkson:

Kelly Clarkson, the winner of American Idol was swept off the feat by Brandon when he proposed her for the wedding with a splendid yellow diamond in square shape. The stunning center diamond was surrounded by small diamond in a round setting, highlighting the beauty of the canary diamond. The ring was designed by famous jewelry designer Jonathan Arndt. The ring was believed to coast Brandon a whopping $150,000. It was one of the most liked colored gemstone design at that time.

Top 4 Gemstones Famous With Modern Bride & Groom for Engagement Ring

The modern couples love experimenting whether it is wedding tradition, wedding trousseau, or engagement ring. Lately, a lot of couples are seen giving a skip to diamond and opting for more affordable engagement rings. It is seen as a smart decision because the money saved can be used in wedding planning. Let us take a look at Top 4 Gemstone Famous with modern bride and groom for the engagement ring. 

1.  Topaz:

The marvelous topaz gemstone with its attractive color tone is a brilliant choice for engagement rings. It comes in an array of colors like brown, red, purple, pink orange etc. The stone shows shades according to the direction of its crystal which makes it really unique. The stone scores an impressive 8 on Moh scale. The original Topaz is actually colorless, the shades that you normally see is formed by the imperfection in the stone. It is a popular choice for making jewelry like necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets etc. In fact, it comes up as a great choice for an engagement ring. Believe us, your better half is going to surely love topaz studded engagement ring.

Impeiral topaz gemstones

2.  Opal:

The opal is known for its beautiful clusters. The stone has somewhat disappeared from the jewelry segment but now is back with a bang. Prominent jewelry designers are using opal in their creation. The gem comes in white and black tone and depending on its vibrancy; it reflects an array of colors which gives an impression of a rainbow. The stone’s properties make it a brilliant choice for an engagement ring. It helps the couples to understand each other and handles changes in life. Engagement is beginning of a committed relationship; the opal gemstone beads help the couples in this transformation phase. It helps to invoke the feeling of love and trust.  Believe us, you will see a magical chemistry on the wedding day of the couples who choose opal as their engagement ring.

Yellow Opal Beads

3.  Moissanite:

Are you looking for a gemstone that looks like a diamond but is cheap then you are surely going to love Moissanite Gemstone? It comes up as a classy alternative to price diamond. The stone has discovered almost 125 years ago and at that time it was mistaken for precious diamond. The fascinating thing about the stone is that it scores an unbelievable 9.5 on Mohs scale. It comes up as second hardest material. You can for Moissanite Gemstone Beads studded ring to create a replica of the famous stone. The second option is to mix and match Moissanite with other colorful gemstones to create a unique engagement ring.

4.  Morganite:
The peach-pink tone of Morganite Gemstone will steal your heart in very first look. Your would-be-bride will fall in love with the Morganite beads studded engagement ring. The stone is perfect to start the coming together of two beautiful hearts as it represents divine love. It results in loving thoughts and action which brings the hearts closer. It brings compassion, commitment, and loyalty in the relationship.

Red beryl Market: Bixbite Or Bixbyite

Fighting for prominence in gemstone market is not a new thing, but the way red beryl sellers are arguing about the authenticity of bixbyite is worth reporting. There is a long story behind the origin of bixbyite and how it mesmerized the gemstone collectors with its seductive appearance and rarity. Unmatched by red beryl, bixbyite today tops the list of most prized gemstones in the market. More so, Red beryl gemstones are often passed off as bixbyites!

Here is a reliable guide to help buyers make an informed choice between red beryls and bixbyite, and to measure similarities between the two.

The Origin:

Red beryl:

Believe it or not, red beryl was earlier called bixbite, referring to its discoverer, Maynard Bixby in early 20th century. Red beryl, like other beryls in the family, was first found in Utah, USA. The dark red colour in the gemstone is attributed to the presence of Mn+3ions. It is now found only in a handful of locations—Wah Wah Mountains, Paramount Canyon and New Mexico.


Bixbyite is a manganese iron oxide gemstone with variable amounts of iron and manganese ions. Unlike red beryl, bixbyite is a dark coloured gemstone with no red streaks. It is physically different from red beryls and show isometric crystal structures. It was also named by Maynard Bixby, after discovering it in the year 1897.

So, Bixbite and Bixbyite are named after the same person, but have different physical properties.

Which is the rarest?

Bixbyite gemstone and red berly, undoubtedly are the rarest of them all. In fact, in 2006, Red beryl replaced Benitonite as the rarest gemstone. The prices soared manifold, which was capitalized by the other sellers as well. The mania was so hard to control that the gemstone sellers released a stone with similar composition called Pezzottaite. It has a different refractive index, density and specific gravity.

Pezzottaite is marketed as raspberyl or raspberry beryl, owing to its resemblance to the colour of the fruit. Though similar in appearance to red beryls, raspberyl is harder with Mohs Scal factor of 8.0.


Red beryls are sold for a whopping price of $70,000 per carat. Only 5000 carats of red beryl is produced every year, which means that the prices are doubling up every year. Only 10,000 red beryls are cut every year, mostly with inclusions and unhealed fractures.

Bixbyite, though rare, is not as costly as the red beryls. They could fetch only $300 per carat.

Artificial treatments:

Red beryls, to meet the market demand, are subjected to pressure and resin reinforcement. Just like emerald and sapphire gemstones, these gems are sold in the market filled with resins, polished with oils. These treatments are not permanent and the stone begins to lose the sheen in less than 24 months.

If you are buying the stone from a reputed showroom, ensure you have a return policy in place. You might be using it in next few months, unless you have been give an original stone extracted from Wah Wah Mountains.

A look at top 4 Alternative Gemstones for a Marvelous Engagement Ring

Diamonds are popularly called a girl’s best friend but surely it is not for everyone. There is no doubt that these precious gems are amazingly beautiful, sparkling, durable and timeless, but that doesn’t mean diamonds are the only choice for engagement rings. Here we are going to tell you Top 4 gemstones for engagement rings that are not only beautiful but are also affordable.

1.  Amethyst Gemstone:

The natural purple tone of Amethyst gemstone makes it look very attractive. It is measured 7 on Mohs scale, although it lands a bit behind Diamond’s 10 but still is considered to be durable. The best part is that it is going to cost you a fraction of amount compared to ever expensive diamond.  The stone is dedicated to Neptune and associated with the month of February. It comes up as a perfect choice if you are going to get engaged in this month.  The amethyst gemstone beads can be easily embedded in any kind of wedding design, making your engagement ring look extremely attractive.

amethyst gemstone

2.  Turquoise Gemstone:

Lately, the stone has become a favorite of leading gemstone brands. Its natural shade ranges from blue to bluish green gives that gives it an enticing look. All top brands are coming up with jewelries studded with Turquoise gemstone beads. The catchy stone measures between 5 to 7 on Moh Scale. The stone’s powerful properties come up as a blessing to couples. The stone represents earth and sky. It builds up a strong bond of love and commitment in couples, a quality that is the must for the success of marriage.  The Turquoise is known as one of the oldest gemstones in the history of mankind and comes up as a great choice for the engagement ring.

Turquoise gemstones

3.  Sapphire Gemstone:

The attractive Sapphire is known as the third toughest precious gemstone. The stone scores an impressive 9 on the Mohs scale. It comes in array of colors like pink, white, green, yellow, peach etc. The modern couples can choose any color that they like for the engagement ring. Engagement ring with a mix and match of different colors put systematically in a pattern is quite in trend. It gives a refreshing look to the ring. The stone from ages is known as magnificent symbol of wisdom, fortune, love, commitment and purity. All these makes Sapphire a popular substitute for diamond in engagement rings.

4.  Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald is a rare gemstone and its bluish green color gives it a regal look. The stone scores on hardness scale too. It is rated between 7.5 to 8 on Moh scale. The Emerald is known for its superb durability, hardness, and excellent color. The stone doesn’t lose its brilliant texture over a period of time. The precious Emerald beads are favorite of jewelry designers from around the world as it smartly blends with modern jewellery design.

These top four gemstones come up as a classy alternate for the diamond for engagement ring. If you are planning to get engaged soon then choose any of these stunning stones.