Bloodstone Gemstone: This Stone Can Change Your Life!

Have you been going through the same old torturous stuff in your life? Do you want to change your life? Would you like to do anything to improve the terrible phase you are going through at present?

You don’t have to do anything special but simply wear Bloodstone Gemstone. This stone has been quite popular in the crowd because of the kind of benefits it offers. Thanks to its healing properties, your entire life will change and you will get results for the struggles you have been through.

Right from the ancient times, Bloodstone Gemstone is considered to be one of the most wonderful gemstones in the market. It has a deep green color with spots of bright red. One look at it can help you feel completely peaceful. No matter how drained you are, you fall in love with the glimpse of ‘universe’ you see in it.

We are sure by now you are attracted to the beauty of this stone. But wait a minute… its beauty is not the only thing that makes people go GAGA over it; let us move to its benefits.

Benefits of Bloodstone Gemstone:

1.  It provides you with enough energy to manifest your desires: Do you want to manifest something? Then you need to wear a Bloodstone Gemstone beads. This stone will strengthen your manifestation powers.

Bloodstone Gemstone

2.  It makes you more passionate towards what you want to achieve in your life: If there is something that you want to achieve, you have to be more passionate towards it. This gemstone ensures to boost your passion towards all the goals you have in your life.

3.  It ensures to provide you with all the courage that you need: Have you feared something, lately? Don’t worry about anything at all; Bloodstone Gemstone can help you be more courageous. This gemstone has the power to keep all the negative energies away from you.

4.  It plays a very important role in attracting positive energy: Positive energies motivate you to do and be good in your life. Bloodstone Gemstones encourages you to attract more positive energy.

5.  If you have been confused all this while, this stone has the power to bring mental clarity into your life: Mental confusion can irritate you; this stone promises to boost your decision-making ability. Need we say more?

6.  It ensures to boost your intuitive skills: If you want to enhance your intuitive skills, this is the gemstone that can help you with the same.

7.  It is the stone of a nurturing mother goddess; it helps you kick off all the misunderstandings you have with your children or with your mother: The bond between a mother and her children enhances with the help of this gemstone.

Healing Properties of Bloodstone Gemstone:

From aiding blood circulation to treating blood disorders like tumors, infections, and anemia, bloodstone gemstone is known for the kind of healing properties it has. It even heals menopausal problems and helps in preventing miscarriages.

Jasper gemstone: Bring Some Sunshine Into Your Life

Have you ever seen mountainous landscapes, brown skies and rocky paths in a stone? If you haven’t, then you are missing the beautiful Jasper gemstone. The artistic appearance of this stone is what catches the eye of an individual, first, and when he is introduced to its countless benefits, he is mindblown. Every Jasper gemstone is special because every Jasper gemstone is unique. One look at this stone can ring harmonious tunes in your ears and sway you in its warm energy.

The frequency of this wonderful stone is slow, yet constant. It keeps you aligned with the energy of your Higher Self, benefitting you the most in your meditative state. Jasper gemstone is available in different colors and shapes and each of them has its own properties and benefits.

Listed below are some of the most common benefits of all the Jasper gemstones that are available for you to purchase and use:

•  Jasper gemstone helps in manifesting your desires since it influences your Crown Chakra: Crown Chakra is the seventh and perhaps the most important Chakra in the field of Law of Attraction. If you want to manifest something, you have to use your Third Eye and Crown Chakras for the same. Jasper gemstones influence your Crown Chakra, making the manifesting process easier for you.

Jasper gemstone beads

•  It provides you with all the emotional support that you lack in your life: It is okay if you don’t have others when you need them the most; wearing a Jasper gemstone can give you all the support that you need.

•  It boosts self-control in an individual: Self-control is the first step towards self-discipline. A Jasper gemstone helps you balance your needs, wants and desires.

•  If you want to fast for a longer duration, this is the stone that you must wear: How often are you able to complete your fasts? A Jasper gemstone can help you complete your fast with success.

•  Self-discipline is promoted by Jasper gemstones: Self-discipline is extremely important because that’s exactly what impresses the others around you. Jasper gemstone beads motivate you to be more self-disciplined.

Jasper gemstone

•  If you have been addicted to smoking all this while, a Jasper gemstone can help you quit your bad addiction: Smoking is bad for your health and this stone helps you get rid of the addition.

•  Out of body experiences (astral traveling) are promoted by this stone: Astral traveling or projection may seem dangerous to you, but to make it safe and sound, you can always use a Jasper gemstone.

•  Over-consumption of alcohol can be controlled with the help of a Jasper Gemstone: Alcohol may not kill you as quickly as smoking does, but it is equally harmful after a period of time. In order to lower the addiction to alcohol, people wear Jasper gemstones.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, a Jasper gemstone inculcates the qualities of patience and compassion in an individual. If someone wants to develop generosity in him, this stone can help him be a better person. It also helps in overcoming fears, guilt related to the past and insecurities that keep haunting you.

How Have the Features of Diamond Invaded the Market?

Diamonds are regarded as one of the most popular gems that are found on this earth. It interesting to note that due to diamonds, many great wars have been fought since ancient times. Thus, one can guess the popularity of this stone very easily. On the other hand, it is one of those gems in this world that are so revered across the globe. Also, well-known for their exorbitant prices, diamonds are regarded as one of the most precious gemstones in this world.

Precious Gemstone multi

Diamond ring or diamond jewelry is a great idea for an engagement gift. Diamond is a stone that can lift the mood of anyone in an instant way. Diamonds are quite shiny in nature, and their natural brilliance makes them a favored choice among many perspective buyers. However, one must be careful in selecting the right design for their loved ones.

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Diamond Ring?

Before buying a diamond wedding ring, one should verify its originality at first. In the subsequent process, he or she should make sure that they select the right type of ring for their loved one. As there are wide varieties of diamond that are available in recent years, it becomes difficult for the buyer which ring would be perfect. Hence, it is best advised to have a prior discussion with your loved ones. The color variant of the diamonds also plays a significant role in uplifting the status of the diamond rings. The carat weight is also important in the case of buying a wedding diamond ring. On the other hand, the clarity of the stone is also an important aspect of many weddings. Hence, all these factors should be kept in mind while buying a diamond for a marriage ceremony.

The Popularity of Diamond Jewelry:

Since ancient times, there have been many fascinating tales about this stone and its usage that makes this stone one of the favored choices of many individuals. Diamond jewelry is an excellent choice if it is a social occasion like a marriage or an engagement ceremony.

What are the Important Uses of Crystal Quartz Gemstones?

It is a commonly observed fact that a wide variety of gemstones are available in today's marketplace. The most common gemstone among them is the crystal gems. It is believed that these gems possess magical powers that can heal a person. It offers good luck to everyone who wears it. Moreover, crystal gemstones are of various types, and the most popular among them is the crystal quartz gemstone. On a further note, it is highly important that one buys a gemstone by clarifying its originality with the store keeper. Though technological craftsmanship is possible in giving a more expensive look to the crystal quartz gemstone, the role of human craftsmanship is quite popular in recent years. It is so because sculptors can give it a more refined look.

 crystal quartz gemstones

 Its Widespread Uses in Several Industries

The crystal quartz gemstones are considered as piezoelectric. Hence, it implies that the utilization of this gemstone in an electronic circuit would facilitate electromagnetic vibration or voltage in that circuit. This is the reason they are being used quite comprehensively in the electronic circuits of costly appliances and gadgets. It can also be used in radio frequency stabilization that has proved to be quite beneficial in factories that deal with radioactive materials. On the other hand, these gemstones can be used on spy cameras and drones so that its voltage can be controlled as it is operated for a longer period. Moreover, these gems can also be used in radio transmitters. In high-end radio communications that are used by defense personnel, the use of these gemstones is quite widespread.

How to Buy an Original Crystal Quartz Gemstone?

If you are planning to purchase a crystal quartz gemstone, then you should be aware of the fact that there are many instances in which persons are being duped of their money by fraudulent stores. Hence, you should always check the originality of the product before buying it. It is safe to purchase a crystal quartz gemstone from a store that provides the AAA certificate as there are fewer chances of the procurement of a fake gem. Also, you can check the hologram of the product to verify its originality.

Amethyst: The Purple Wonder of the Astro World

Amethyst, the stone belongs to the family of quartz. The stone provides protection to the wearer from any kind of intoxicating activities. Amethyst also is popular for harmonizing the emotions and the feeling of an individual. This mighty wonder of nature represents the planet Saturn and its qualities. This gem is also considered as the birthstone for the ones who are born in the month of February. It is popularly known as the Gem of Fire.

amethyst gemstone

Steps to Determine the Original Amethyst

  • The purest Amethyst Gemstone comes in the color white
  • The less pure variations, due to the climatic variations, are found in shades of violet, purple
  • It is also precious just like diamonds
  • It is graded under the systems of cut, carat, clarity, shape and weight
  • The shape is hexagonal
  • The seller of the gemstone must be able to clarify all your dearth of knowledge about the stone
  • A forged or duplicate gemstone can heat up within seconds when placed on the forehead. Yes, the original is extremely heat tolerant.
  • A fake Amethyst will have a deep shade of purple or violet. In fact, the original amethyst can also showcase hues of white within it
  • A real amethyst will be able to put scratches on the porcelain surface of any kind.

The ruling planet of Amethyst is Uranus, with the cosmic color being Violet and the cosmic chakra being Sahashara. Amethyst is mainly found in countries like South Korea, China, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, and India.

The Advantages of Wearing Amethyst

  • People with a troubling condition of the Saturn planet are advised to wear this gemstone. It is believed that these stones have certain powers which can heal the harsh effects of the planet on an individual's fate.
  • Amethyst is also known for curing the condition of insomnia. The problem of slumber can be solved by wearing this stone. It cures sleeplessness and protects people from this harming situation.
  • Several blood ailments can be solved by wearing this stone.
  • Amethyst is also believed to heal the physical injuries and wounds fast.

The Mighty Green Emerald or Panna and Its Aspects in Gem Therapy

Green Emerald or the Panna is a popular signifier of the memory, speech, intellect wisdom and the power of intuitions. It represents analytical capability, generosity as well as the mentality or the nature of an individual. The green emerald is known to develop inquisitiveness and the thirst to gain more knowledge which is essential for the aesthetic growth of an individual. A person having mercury by his or her side can shine in the platforms of politics and intellectuality. Mercury according to the astrology is the ruling planet for the Gemini and Virgo. The positive position of the planet directly falls into the field of computers, banking, trade, and commerce. Mercury is the reason behind an individual's sharp thinking and intelligence. It is placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses of one's birth chart.

Green Emerald Gemstones

Emerald, when worn as a ring or pendant, it creates an aura of the planet mercury. The wearer absorbs that aura and implements the positivity in people’s work life as well as daily life. Gradually, the regular implementation of the energy will result in the improvement of the luck factor of the individual and people will feel energetic in every aspect of their life. Emerald is extremely beneficial for the students of trade and commerce, so, the students, the accountants, and the traders wear them exclusively.

The Benefits of Wearing Green Emerald

  • When combined with other stones, green emerald can prove to be beneficial to provide success to an individual in the matters of competitive exams, commerce, and trade.
  • Green emerald enhances the possibility of promotion and prosperity and also aesthetic development in an individual.
  • As per the popular belief, green emerald cures the following physiological disorders like paralysis, pancreatitis, meningitis, hypertension, brain tumor, and other carcinogenic ailments.
  • Green emerald is mostly worn in gold metal to get best results out.

 The Green emerald is worn by the professionals belonging to:

  • Writing
  • Administration
  • Academics
  • Law and order
  • Banking
  • Medical science
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Trade and commerce
  • Management
  • Travel and tourism
  • Shipping
  • Publishing
  • Spiritual thinking
  • Self-employment

The Impact of Gemstones to succeed in Bollywood and Modeling World

Good luck is yearned for by everyone under the sun, and the Gemstones are believed to be the shortest route to achieve it. It is scientifically proven that Gemstones have a living energy which heals an individual’s metaphysical abnormalities. People think that this energy leads to achieving their Luck factor. There are thousands of Gemstones existing in the world, and each one has its own specialty.

Gemstone Beads


Numerous Vedic gurus and astrologers have recommended the use of Gemstones to many movie stars and super models according to their birth details. There are so many examples of the renowned personalities who have ended up appearing in many TV shows, feature films, reality shows and even on the international ramps just by believing in the super power of their adhered Gemstones that have brought luck into their career. Their ‘Lucky Charms’ always remain with them like a ‘co-coordinator.' Show business in which the glamor, fame, money and high living are mandatory pillars, success has a temporary and unstable nature. One wrong decision can bring up years of distress onto anybody belonging to this glamorous Dias of performances. Bollywood and the modeling world are the living examples of this trend where we can always see the film fraternity blindly depending on their Lucky Charms. According to the Hindu system of Astrology or the Vedic Astrology, the luck of a person depends on the position of the houses which are determined at the exact time of his or her birth. These houses have various numbers which cover several areas defining the luck factor of the individual. They are:

  • The first house or the ascendant
  • The second house of speech and earned wealth
  • The fifth house of entertainment and creativity
  • The sixth house of debts, enemies, competition and diseases
  • The ninth house of fortune and fate
  • The tenth house of recognition, rewards, and career
  • The eleventh house of income, fame, acceptance and network

Each person has a connection with one of the eight planets of the solar system, and each planet has, in turn, a connection with the Gemstone beads as well as the houses. For example, the people who have a weaker Venus are recommended to wear diamonds so that the gem can improve their personality as well as creativity. The other planets affecting the fate of an individual are Mars, Mercury, Rahu, Neptune, and Saturn.


A look at Top 3 Kinds of Aventurine Gemstones & Benefits

The Aventurine gemstones are known as powerful healing stones. It helps you to get prosperity, happiness and success. It is one of the stones that you should have in your collection. The stone constitutes of various minerals and quartz. The stone’s metaphysical properties vary according to its color. It is mainly available in Green, blue, and yellow. You will also come across grey, brown, orange, etc. Let us take a quick look at top 3 Aventurine Gemstone according to its color.

1.  Green Aventurine:

It is known as the stone of opportunity. The Green Aventurine gemstone beads are the best when it comes to manifesting wealth and prosperity. Royals used to keep green aventurine in there treasure to multiply the wealth. Today also, it’s a favorite of super rich from every walk of life. 

A look at benefits:

  • Helps athletes by creating favorable situation for them to win the game.
  • Salaried people will find things turning in their favor. They will get promotion and hike in salary.
  • It calms anger and fills heart with peaceful thoughts.
  • It develops leadership quality and enhances communication. It gives you words that motivate and convince people.
  • It helps to get rid of stammering problem.
  • Green Aventurine comfort heart, hence it is excellent for people with heart ailments.

2.  Blue Aventurine Gemstone

The blue aventurine gemstone is best for meditation. Mediating with it opens up the throat and third eye Chakra. It helps you to connect your inner self with the power of universe.

  • It helps you get rid of old negative thinking patterns that have been a hindrance in your progress. 
  • It improves communication and helps you open up only when speaking is required. It encourages you to speak the truth in such a way that it has a positive effect on the listener.
  • Meditating with it helps to overcome addictions of any kind.
  • Help you to realize your qualities and have faith in them. Without a faith in your abilities you cannot get success in life.
  • Helps you get rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

3.  Yellow Aventurine:

The yellow Aventurine beads help to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra plays major role in forming our personality. It gives you a unique identity.

A look at benefits:

  • Helps you to focus on goals and helps to achieve the same.
  • It balances Yin-Yang energy which represents man and woman respectively.
  • It is quite helpful in treating headaches, allergies, migraine and sinus related problems.
  • It helps to overcome anxiety.
  • The stone is leads to creativity, it is perfect for people in the creative field like acting, music, designing.
  • The yellow aventurine gemstone is a stone of compassion. It helps you to understand the problem of others and help them in need.
  • It balances various energies and helps you to have a powerful personality.
  • It uplifts from sad emotions. Gives you enough strength to come out of tough time and situations.
  • It helps in right decision making and gives you control of things in life.

Top Things to look for in a Pearl

Planning to buy a pearl set for your lovely spouse? Or is it something you wish to adorn for the evening party on your anniversary? For men and women, pearl (moti in Hindi) holds a place of high reverence. Considering its rich association with gods and angels, pearls are often believed to be the “tears of the forbidden souls”... and hence the purity in nature.

However, there is a huge commercial aspect to the way pearls are marketed. Here are Top 6 things you should look for in a pearl before investing in them.

Know the variety:

The basic classification of pearls is done on the basis of origin:

-  Freshwater pearls
-  Seawater pearls

The major types of commercial pearl available in the market are:

-  Akoya: Also called the “Classical pearls, Akoya is extracted from the Japanese archipelago. Round and smooth, Akoya have a highly reflective surface with a lustrous white sheen.

-  Tahitian: Bred in French Polynesian seas, Tahitian pearls are darker in colour and have a unique blend of rainbow shades. They are mostly found in oval, baroque and tear drop shape. For pirates, it is the signature “Black pearl” that they consider as a mystical element of the ocean.

-  Freshwater baroques: Available in pastel and lighter shades, these are largest sized pearls with a diameter of 20 mm! Freshwater pearls are economical and last a lifetime with proper use.

-  South sea pearls: These come from the coral capitals of Oceania. Now the world’s largest known pearl colony, South Sea pearls consistently come in sizes ranging between 15mm and 20 mm.

Other known varieties of pearl that are making waves in the world of pearl gemstones carving are:

-  Carved pearls, also called Galatea pearls that have unique sculptures and designs made on the surface. The colours available are white, pastel, cream, brown, golden and silver.

-  Eryis pearl, which is sold world over as the blue pearl of New Zealand! It has an electrifying lustre reflecting all the colours in the rainbow. Price of Eryis pearl start at $ 450 and above per carat!

pearl gemstones

Identify the pearl culture:

Yes, pearl culture is a very important aspect in shopping. Whether the pearl has a natural origin or was manufactured in controlled setting, it all makes a huge difference to the price. A natural pearl takes anywhere between 15-18 months to develop into a durable nacre body.

The steps of pearl culture are as follows:

-  Mussel collection
-  Conditioning of mussels
-  Mussel surgery (mantle cavity implantation)
-  Post-surgery recuperation/ nourishment
-  Pond incubation
-  Pearl harvest

Incubated pearls, however, take less than 6 months to develop. Add another month of polishing and dyeing process, and you have a pearl that resembles exactly like the natural one.

In terms of pricing, the natural ones will weigh your wallet down significantly. All pearls have to be necessarily be marked with their source and method of cultivation in the commercial market.

Cultured pearls are relatively cheaper than the naturally extracted items.

Sapphire Buying Guide: 6 Things to know before choosing a gemstone

The quintessential 4Cs used to define the diamond collection is not necessarily applicable to other gemstones. Sapphire is one of the best examples that showcase the fallacy of 4C principle. Despite sharing similar properties and physical brilliance, the sapphires have mostly stayed away from falling from the 4C charts. Buyers looking for sapphire having no clue about the factors that one must check, so they can use the following 6 pointers with great effect.

1.  Learn the 4Cs:

The 4Cs used to define the quality of diamond are;

-  Color
-  Cut
-  Clarity
-  Carat

The 4 Cs can be used for sapphires too, but only sparingly. How?

2.  Decide the Sapphire carats:

Different gemstones have different densities. Sapphires are heavier than diamonds, or for that matter, heaviest in the list of popular gemstones. A 2-carat gemstone will probably outweigh a 6 carat diamond.

A 6 mm sapphire is rated as 1-carat. Large blue sapphires are obtained with a carat weight of more than 50 carats. Smaller sapphires weighing less than 5.00 carat are used in engagement rings and bracelets.

3. Sapphire clarity:

Sapphires have naturally more inclusions and blemishes than other gemstones. The common inclusions that affect the sapphire clarity are:

-  Crystal spots
-  Rutiles
-  Needles and growth tubes
-  Cracks and cleavages
-  Color zoning
-  Chips and cavities
-  Halos

The clarity is also affected by scratches, nicks and abrasions. The clarity of the sapphire is established by calibrating its level of transparency. The different sapphire categories lie between transparent and opaque levels. The grade of clarity could be flawless, internally flawed and Very-very-slightly included.

4.  Sapphire color:

Sapphire’s color is established by studying three factors. They are:

-  Hue
-  Saturation
-  Tone

The hues of the sapphire include colors like blue, green, purple-blue and green purple. The saturation of the color makes it grey or dark. The color of sapphire ranges between light and dark blue.

The way a sapphire is cut can amplify the color, enhancing the clarity and brilliance of the surface, Symmetry of the sapphire also plays an important role in ensuring highest clarity. Smooth edges of the sapphire also play a distinct role in producing a flawless clarity.

5.  Sapphire cut:

Like the Round Brilliants and Princess Cut of the diamond, sapphires have no particular “ideal” shape to reckon with. The lack of standardization in sapphires when it comes to choosing a sapphire cut hampers the retail value of the gemstone. Moreover, the gemstone laboratories too don’t promote any particular sapphire cut in particular.

6.  How are sapphires cut then?

The cut of the sapphire depends on the color and clarity exuded by the gemstone. The dark color sapphires are usually cut along shallow angles. This softens the hue and provides uniform saturation. The lighter sapphires are cut deep to magnify the hue.

The table is the most important facet of the sapphire, which is cut flat to provide a symmetric contour to the gemstone.

Once the 4Cs are established, the buyer can make a deal.