Celebrity Moms and their choice of Gemstone Beads

Being a mother is a big thing and so is staying in the limelight. Hollywood has so many celebrity moms, so while we talk of their fine choice of Gemstone Beads that could melt the winter fashion ice, let’s have a look at these moms, who unlike all the other mothers do not have to drive minivans. These ladies have been on the list of sexy, hot and beautiful lists for years now.

These moms will inspire all other women and try to take motherhood and will tell you that becoming a mother only adds to your glamour and beauty.

The top name in this list is Angelina Jolie, who has six kids to manage but still has a stunning aura. From her appearances on the red carpet to her choice of gemstone beads all keep her in the headlines. Her stackable rings with studded diamond as the gemstone add more to her beauty.

Up next in the list is Beyonce, the most beautiful woman-2012. With her 1 year experience of motherhood, she still looks a beauty. Having given birth to Blue Ivy Carter on Jan 7, 2012 she has still made some appearances on various award functions. Also the way she is constantly indulging in blue sapphires, which seem symbolic of the baby.

The lady who had been in the headlines before having given birth to a child was the sexy Mad Men star January Jones. She believes that in order to stay youthful and vibrant one must possess an emerald ring. She has been witnessed wearing the emerald ring in her finger.

 Last but definitely not the least, Jennifer Lopez is the American Idol judge and she once made the statement that she would love to have more kids though she is very much happy with her twins whom she adorably calls “coconuts”. This star and her love with sparkling colored diamonds have always been inspirational.

Some Celebrity Inspired Gemstone Beads

All most all of us have heard that the main focus of any celebrity on an award function, premier or simple plain parties is the elegant gowns, designer suits and the clothes in typical worn by them. But there is a firm belief that it is gemstone studded jewelry that completes the look and adds to their glitter.

Various celebrities have been spotted out on various occasions wearing gemstones either in a necklace or a ring around their finger. The reason to why the gemstone beads are in trend could the way these gemstone beads make them stand unique, easy to afford and of course the versatility of these beads.

Gemstone beads have hit the red carpet several times in the past and there have been many other award functions where celebrities came up wearing gemstone studded jewelry.

Here we have a list of some celebrity inspired gemstone beads as witnessed on America’s Music Awards:

·        Daisy Fuentes who was spotted wearing Blue Sapphire earrings. Her dress for the occasion was beautiful though but her red colored nails complemented her rings.

·        Jordin Sparks inspired diamond studs which went perfect with her black and golden dress for the eve.

·        Heidi Klum inspired a Blue Sapphire Ring which complemented her Marchesa dress made up of laces, ruffles and fringes.

·        Naya Rivera who was spotted wearing an amethyst and a diamond ring in her middle and ring finger respectively.

·        Miley Cyrus was wearing a simple white colored Versus Versace suit with diamond studs.

·        Taylor Swift in her elegantly short sequined Julien Macdonald mini inspired emerald ring in the occasion.


We dropped a conclusion after having spotted almost every lady wearing her own kind of jewelry that jewels are not only a girls’ best friend but they are also her only friends. Think about it!

Bright & Beautiful Gemstones for this Summer Season

Haven’t you planned up with all the major and minor events that will come up in this spring and summer season? It’s getting late though but it’s never too late when you have the Vibrant Shades In Gemstones to suit your purposes.

The spring and the summers are full of vibrant shades of color, so why not to try some bold and chunky jewels studded with gemstones that are as bright and vibrant as the colors of the season. From the red royal carpets, the who’s who of fashion all love to flaunt the beads with lots and lots flash that either have vibrant colors or loads of sparkle!

Vibrant Shades In Gemstones

So enjoy this season with the bold and colorful jewelry studded with gemstone beads. The quality of the wholesale gemstone beads that are available at Ratna Sagar Jewels are enough to brighten up the gorgeousness of any outfit that you wear in an upcoming event.

A Splash of Colors on your Nails Complement You Rings!

All the women in the world want to be remembered forever for their beauty, compassion, charitable works and most of all their classic style. After spending plenty number hours in shopping they end up buying some clothes and jewelry.

We admit that women have an immense liking towards jewelry that is imbued with luxury and comfort. Whether you talk about your engagement ring or an everyday earring or a party worthy bracelet, ladies should be comfortable wearing it and should look extravagant at the same time. The fact about jewelry is that a luxe and comfortable style has always been loved and then passed with generations.

But that is not all…Her clothes nail color, jewelry together compliment her beauty and some of her looks are just Timeless!

The trendy shades of nail colors and nail art have become the latest buzz words. A properly done manicure with an interesting nail color can make your rings stand out. A beautiful accessory will get numerous compliments when paired with the right nail color.

 A vibrant and an interesting nail colors gives a splash of colors to your Future and complementing these shades with your jewelry pieces will always keep the young lady alive in you.

A Guide to Buy the Best Quality Sapphires

Have you ever gone out shopping gemstones and discovering more about them?

If, Yes! Are you sure that what you bought was the best quality gem?

If, No! Then what was it that kept you away from buying one?

The quality of the gem is in cover whereas its beauty lies in the eyes of the wearer. Women whether they are sixteen or sixty six have the inner desire of looking beautiful. But buying a quality sapphire should be a task of delight and not hassle.

Therefore, for your convenience, listed below are some key points that you should inspect a gorgeous gemstone for the beautiful lady that is in you or for the one that is your mother, sister, wife or daughter.

  • Enquire properly that the stone you are buying is a naturally produced sapphire or if it is created in a laboratory. You should also know about the gemstone being heat treated or not because only if it is heat treated will its color enhance. Before buying the gem enquire hundred times before making the payment. You may end up paying more for a piece thinking that it is a naturally brilliant gem.
  • Sapphires may have different hues and undertones of other colors. Examine the gem under different lights and then determine its shade. Do not end up making a fool out of yourself.
  • Check the tone and the darkness, since it is a crucial factor in determining the stone’s worth. An ideal tone for the sapphire is medium to dark. The stone shouldn’t be extremely dark in color neither should the color be so pale that it resembles other lighter colored stones.
  • Take a look on the saturation and intensity of the color in a sapphire since it is these two factors that impact the brilliance and make the gem look vibrant and vivid. The dull grayish look that some stone might possess is to be avoided STRICTLY.
  • Higher the clarity of the sapphire, the better it is. The clarity factor of the sapphire is responsible for the flawless and the clear look that can be seen in case of diamond. The inclusions in the crystal are mostly hidden and are not visible through a naked eye but are clearly visible under magnification. Higher the inclusion level, the lower the radiance of the stone.
  • Examine the cut of the sapphire. This is another important factor which has a tremendous contribution towards its excellence. The symmetry, proportions, width, height, dimensions etc. all need to be inspected carefully before making the decision. A finely cut sapphire sparkles and thrives in any viewing angle.

All these points should serve the purpose of your purchase of a quality sapphire. 

 “Check the gem once, check it again and then check it once again. Be sure that you are making the right decision when buying wholesale gemstone beads. Move one step ahead to looking beautiful”.

Fashion Jewelry for Women of all Ages ~ Amazonite Gemstones

Almost every woman has a penchant for gemstone beads, no matter how simple the ornament maybe. Her jewelry box will definitely contain a few broken chains and Loose Gemstone Beads in it. This is a common story among ladies no matter what age group they fall into.

In the absence of wearing a particular gem as a fashion accessory she has all the valid reasons to feel incomplete. On the other hand all the gemstones have their own structure and peculiarity. The choice of the shape and color vary among people; it solely depends on the eye of the beholder to search for the beauty in it.

Considering the case of Amazonite Gemstone Beads which has a somewhat crystalline structure and which is a perfect amalgamation of Potassium and Aluminum. The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about amazonite is “Amazon”. This is not to be considered a mere coincidence because amazonite in real has earned its name from the Amazon River. The stone was named after this extensive river system in Brazil, although no major deposits of the microline feldspar have been found along it.

Until recently it was surmised that the green coloration in the amazonite gemstone happened because it contained some traces of copper compounds it. This is because it is seen that copper usually turns a greenish hue as it ages and the many things that contain copper are green in color. But, recently it has been discovered that copper is not to be blamed for the green color that the gem holds. The actual culprit that brings forth the green color in amazonite is the presence of lead in the stone.

The amazonite doesn’t come across easily. At some point of time the only place to extract this stone was in the Lumen Mountains which are located 50 miles southwest of Chelyabinsk, Russia. In this peculiar location amazonite occurs in the granite rocks of the mountains.

The very fact that amazonite is not easily found increases the value of the jewelry items that contain it. The higher the value is on the materials that create the beads, then the higher the price of the actual beads will be.

The gem has been worn by ladies since ages and they considered it sacred, and many amazonite amulets have been excavated by archeologists from Scythian burial sites that existed long ago. Some of the old cultures, including that of the Greeks, believed that Amazonite has some of the fine properties that would be passed on to the wearer.

Properly cut and beautifully polished wholesale Amazonite gemstone beads are readily available for purchase and their blue-green color goes splendidly with the sterling silver beads. When mixed with silver, black and pearlescent tones, natural amazonite beads become stylish in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Additionally the color of the gemstone may range from pale blue to a middle green shade that has an appealing texture.

See the house of Ratna Sagar Jewels to avail wholesale amazonite gemstone beads at the most competitive prices and perfectly made out shapes.

Amazonite Gemstones

Open Creativity and Prosperity with Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is a beautiful variety of yellow quartz. The gemstones which are predominantly green undertones differentiate it from citrine which displays an orange of brown color undertones. The color of the gemstone may range from pale to vibrant yellow, and depending on the color of the gemstone they are titled as green gold, lemon citrine and lemon topaz. Among all the yellow quartz beads, the lemon quartz gemstone sometimes occurs naturally, because of the tiny inclusions of iron which act on the irregularities in gem’s crystal structure. More often, it is seen that the beautiful color of the gemstone is the result of a treatment, the results of which are permanent. The gemstone is considered transparent to translucent with a glass like luster. Interesting facts, lore and legends associated with Lemon Quartz .

Lemon Quartz

The Lemon Quartz Gemstone Beads are associated with clarity of mind, decision making, communication and thus resulting in good fortune. It has mystical properties associated with it. The gemstone is believed to unlock the spiritual world and it allows the wearer to see into it. Lemon Quartz dispels evil thoughts – those on others and those that are turned inwards on the wearer. It eliminates anxiety and depression, thus brings balance and happiness. The yellow color of the wholesale Lemon Quartz gemstone beads signifies creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. Meditation with the lemon quartz gemstone bead will enhance focus on your goals with a clear and bright outlook so as to make your future the way you want it to be.


Bonanza Here!


Bonanza Here!


Studded necklaces for women of every age group

Looking good and beautiful is desire of every person whether he is men, women or a child, everyone wishes to look and grab attention of every person. This feeling is more strongly found in women who apart from making use of various cosmetics and wearing trendy clothes also prefer to wear supportive jewelry items which not only enhance their looks but also enhances their financial status in front of their friend. In-fact it would not be wrong to say that jewelry constitutes an important part of women dressing from centuries and every women likes to exhibit her newly purchased jewelry item whether it is ear ring, necklace, ring etc to others. Moreover they do not forget to wear their expensive jewelry items especially during any social event.

A well studded necklace of diamond or some Precious Gemstone is weakness of every woman and they get crazy whenever they see any necklace of new design available in their preferred jewelry store. This is the common practice found in women of all age groups whether she is a mother, a college going student, a working lady or women involved in some other profession.

Studded necklaces for women of every age group

Normally woman of middle class families consider that after marriage their life is over or in other words they get themselves so much involved in their family tasks that they do not get time of even get them ready properly for any function. They should remember that their every action reflects to their children especially to their daughters. For such ladies a 3 pc set wood necklace will not only enhance their looks but will also explore their grace retaining their respect.

 Similarly for a working women  it is not possible to wear expensive jewelry items to their work place, for such women a  studded necklace could be a perfect idea for looking good. Such necklace will help in boosting their self confidence and people will look them with respect towards them.

 Talking about student girl, normally in current scenario with increasing pressure of study, students do not get time to look after their dress or looks. Although it is good to pay proper attention on studies but wearing trendy clothes will help in looking good and also make them look special among their friends. For girl students a 12 bone necklaces will help them to wear different necklace on different days according to occasion.


Gemstone Beads Earrings: The craze continues from generations

There would be hardly women in this world whose jewelry wardrobe must not be furnished with earrings, in-fact it would not be wrong to say that earrings constitutes an important part of women dressing and they feel dressed incomplete without wearing earrings at any place. In simple words it can be said that the charm of earrings among women continues from the period when the ancient men started inventing new things and started living a stable life. Although with changing time the trend of wearing these earrings changed according to changing time but their craze continues and will continue for years to come. Earrings are also considered as the best gift item which could be given to any women despite of her age and moreover if the lady to whom these earrings are gifted is crazy about Gemstone Beads earrings than there could not better gift to make her happy and impress her.

Gemstone Beads Earrings

However it does not mean that if you need to make your lady happy than you should present her only Gemstone Beads earrings. An interesting feature of gifting some the gemstone Beads earrings is that these gemstones are available in vibrant and fascinating colors which apart from enhancing the looks are also blessed with various mystical powers. Thus serving twin purposes of exploring the looks and bringing good fortunes to the wearer.