Amethyst Gemstone Bead

Amethyst- a wonder gemstone

Amethyst is crystallinequartz that is purple in color and with high value as per Feng Shui and Vastu. It is a birthstone associated with the month of February and is used to make several exquisite and rare pieces of jewelry.

Amethyst- a wonder gemstone

How does the amethyst get it’s color?

The Amethyst Gemstone Beads rich color can be attributed to the metals present in them. The metals absorb white light ray and reflects the wonderful color that this gemstone radiates.An amethyst that is deep purple in color is considered of high quality and used in Feng Shui as much as it is in making pieces of jewelry.

Amethyst as a gemstone bead

Did you know that the amethyst gemstones are formed when the magmatic mass of the earth’s crust cools down and solidifies?

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstone throughout the world. The purple color of amethyst symbolizes wealth and wisdom. It is needless to say that people adorn themselves with amethyst gemstone beads in order to attract luck and get wealthier!

Early age monarchs are said to have preferred the amethyst over all other gemstones for they brought them wealth and prosperity. They wore amethyst gemstone beads in their robes and gowns! To this dateCatholic Bishops wear the amethyst gemstone on their fingers, and hence it is called Bishops stone!

Uses of Amethyst beads

Amethyst beads have several powers according to Feng Shui as well as VastuShastra. Few of the many benefits that the amethyst gemstone are-

Uses of Amethyst beads

·         It soothes and protects the mind of the wearer

·         It soothes our nervous system with its soothing power

·         It helps to enhance the intuition of the wearer

·         Stress, depression, grief- all these are removed by the use of amethyst beads

·         It drives off insomnia

So, if you want to flourish and drive out all the odds from your life, then sport the amethyst gemstone on your finger with poise. 

Amethyst Gemstone Bead

What does AAA Quality Gemstone mean?

The life of a common woman revolves around fancy, colourful clothes, cosmetics and expensive jewellery. Women have a very rich taste for jewellery and have an eye for gemstones that are elegant and exude a rich look. Alexandrites, diamonds, aquamarines, opals, pearl, ruby, sapphires, spinels, topaz are a few of the globally acclaimed gemstones that are making women crazy all over the world. But the question that arises in the mind of every woman shopping for gemstones is ‘how to choose the best quality gemstones?’

AAA quality gemstone beads

Like all commodities even gemstones are graded.The quality and cost of a gemstone completely depend on its cut.

Grading the quality of gemstones:

Alpha grading is a commonly heard term in conjunction to grading of gemstones.This grading is based on several qualities such as colour, cut and clarity. However the grading is not limited only to these qualities and other factors such as value for money, popularity and even feedback from customers are taken into account while grading gemstones. A gemstone is graded based on these factors and can be classified under:

Super fine - The gemstone in question is clean, perfectly cut and polished and has a lively colour with both consistency and appropriation.

AAA - “AAA” grade is assigned to a gemstone that is considered to “being near perfect.” Though these stones do show some variation in colour, they are clean, well cut and polished.

AA - Semi clean, well cut and polished gemstones are graded as AA.

A – Reasonably clean and well cut gemstones that have noticeable variations are graded A.

Commercial - Irregular, cloudy gem stones with visible inclusions are low grade stones that fall under commercial stones used to make fancy jewellery.

AAA quality gemstones are the most sought out precious stones, for the cut is perfect and the colour is vibrant. AAA gemstones are a lot more affordable than super fine stones and are generally used in making jewellery.

Can moonstone be faceted?

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful precious stones that women have been fond of since the ancient civilizations. These stones make some of the most exquisite and delicate pieces of jewellery. Moonstone are found in a whole range of colours like brown, blue, grey, white, green, and pink. This precious stone derives it’s name from the way it diffracts light giving it a light moon like pale and glowing white colour.


As a customer not too well versed with gemology, you may wonder whether a moon stone like many other precious stones can in fact be faceted?

 The answer is an obvious and apparent, YES! Moonstone is available in traditionally cut faceted shapes. Today, these transparent or milky coloured moonstones are faceted, as they then become easy to cut, polish and use in various pieces of jewellery. Moonstone is a delicate stone that needs to be handled with care and hence many people feel that the stone cannot be faceted or cut as per need. When in fact they can be faceted and made more pretty. 

 Can moonstone be faceted?


Buying moonstone


Use of moonstone

 Moonstone can be used in all kinds of jewellery but you need to little cautious with its use since it can easily chip, scratch or break if hit hard against a hard surface. You can easily buy faceted moonstones online or at any jewellery shop today. Moonstone, unlike other jewel stones, needs a little more care but it can be as beautiful when one adorns it with all its design, cut and as jewellery like any other.

 Buying moonstone

 If you wish to buy quality moonstone jewellery, it is important to do your research well and buy them from a trusted source that can guarantee genuine stones and provide a certificate of authenticity. You can pick from a vast collection of amazing moonstone jewellery ranging from simple rings to beautifully designed necklaces, with moonstones faceted beautifully and flaunt it in style.

Things to Consider Before Buying Gemstones!

These days, gemstone jewellery has become quite trendy among people! Both men and women are equally passionate to wear gemstones jewellery, thanks to their mesmerizing brilliance and suitability for every occasion, no matter, it is traditional or contemporary. However, before buying any gemstone jewelry, you need to consider following important things.

 Things to Consider Before Buying Gemstones!


Clarity of the stone in layman words is the flawlessness of the stones. It reflects the workmanship on the stone. The more clear and blemish less the stone is, the more will its clarity be. Absence of marks and inclusions also is checked to determine the clarity of precious or semi-precious gemstone.


The cut of the stone is what evaluates and determines its value. A precision cut gemstone with proportioned facets is a hallmark of a finished gem that exudes superior color, brilliancy and light reflection.


The rich color appeals to the eyes as much as it captivates the heart. The color of a g

emstone is rated by it’s intensity and saturation. The more vivacious the color is the more does the gemstone cost. A gemstone whose color is bright in the medium range with no hint of cloudiness is considered as superior quality.


The carat with respect to gemstones refers to the unit weight of the precious stone. One carat is equal to 0.200 grams. Bear in mind that just the size does not determine the quality and cost of gemstones. A sapphire that is heavier in weight but is badly cut or has numerous flaws is bound to be cheaper than a smaller specimen that is more perfect.


Avoid buying gemstones that have been treated extensively. Several stones are dyed or filled with color in order to mask blemishes or other flaws. A natural stone is more precious than those that undergo heat treatments to enhance color.


Yet another important factor that determines the quality of a gemstone, transparency refers to the amount of light that is diffused through the stone. The more transparent that the gemstone is the more valuable will it be.

Boost your luck with Amazonite Beads

Gorgeousness, robustness, destiny and paucity are few noteworthy features of gemstones and an Amazonite gemstone bead is not an exception to it. Also known as Amazon due to its semi-opaque blue having the ability of hypnotizing anyone without any effort is also recognized for its onion shape style. Due to its distinctive colors and rare availability this gemstone is also considered as one of the semi precious gemstones available in limited corners of world as the result of which is also regarded as an asset by the persons having it. The versatility of Amazonite beads is not only restricted to its color, beauty of design but it is also blessed with various holistic powers adhered in it. As a general practice it is used as pendent in necklaces which makes it as one of the highly liked jewelry item by every woman.

Boost your luck with Amazonite Beads

It would be interested to know that there are various myths associated with this semi precious and onion shaped gemstone. It is believed that this gemstone is generally extracted in month of December which is also considered as zodiac sign of Virgo and therefore it is considered as the fortunate gemstone for persons born in month of December. It is said that use of this gemstone augments the creativity and self confidence of the wearer, moving ahead it is also believed that use of this stone also brings mental peace to the wearer. Another interesting myth associated with Amazonite gemstone is that it is considered as ancestors of Egyptian warriors.

One more thing which needs to be specifically mentioned here about this precious gemstone bead is that it is also enriched with medicinal properties. It is said that wearing of this gemstone is helpful in controlling the habit of drugs intake. In simple words it can be said that apart from boosting your looks Amazonite also brings good luck and health to the wearer.

Facts about AAA Quality of Gemstone

 In today’s scenario despite of being techno savvy person, still there are some factors about which not many of us are aware. We are aware about grading system that is being used in academic institutions in determining percentage of  marks obtained by any student in particular examination, but do you know that grading system also exists in determining quality of  various products, let us for instance say in gemstones. It would be interested to know that more than 40% of Indians are NOT aware of it, which is due to either minimum purchase of precious stones due to higher price or vice versa.

In coming paragraphs we shall be focusing on grading system that is being used in determining quality of gemstones. It is a universal truth that gemstones not only bring in good to the user but also adds elegance to his personality. Suppose if you are attending a high profile party or reception wearing your best purchased gems and anyone from the party makes you realize that the gemstone you are carrying is actually not as expensive as you are exhibiting. What will be your reaction and how will you feel? Won’t you feel embarrassed? Hence it is better and important to know about this so called grade system.


Facts about AAA Quality of Gemstone

The grades in gems are expressed in two formats A which refers to the qualitative gemstones and  which is not expensive. But because you are not aware about these categories you do not understand the difference between both these terms.If you find or hear someone purchasing gemstone with AAA or AA quality, then don’t be shocked just relax and chill because the gemstone they are buying are qualitative or close to it.

The grading system is used to indicate the classic quality of gemstones based on its color, cut and clarity. This grading system differs from dealer to dealer. In other words it can be said that if a dealer is offering gemstone blessed with AAA quality then it doesn’t mean that the other dealers are also offering the same, it is essential for buyer to go through it’s quality before buying from other dealer. It is quite possible that the other dealer may offer you gemstone of higher quality.

Versatile features of Gemstone beads

The grace and vibrant Colors Of Gemstone beads directly grab attention of every person, in-fact there would be hardly any person who did not get fascinated towards the shine, colors, designs and shapes of gemstones. If someone goes back into history he will find that fascination towards brightness of gemstone dates back to ancient times when rulers of different kingdoms fought battles to capture wealth and jewelry items including gold, silver, bronze, gemstone etc of other rulers. An interesting feature of gemstones is that they are not restricted to specific colors and therefore there is huge fleet of gemstones which are given different shapes and designs depending upon the requirement of wearer or person extracting them.

Versatile features of Gemstone beads

One more interesting factor about gemstones is that they are also available according to sequence of months in calendar, thus depending upon the month of his birth a person can wear a gemstone bead in any shape or design in form of ring, necklace etc. Thus satisfying twin needs of a person one bringing good fortunes to him as it is based according to month of his birth and secondly enhancing his looks. Well this is only an illustration of features adhered in gemstones there are various gemstone beads which apart from brining good fortunes and enhancing looks of people are blessed with various holistic powers.

Let us for instance talk about amethyst gemstone, available in different colors varying from light blue to light purple this gemstone is considered as the best source for improving physical and mental ability of a person. It helps in improving memory power, immune system, removal for various body pains etc.

Similarly Jade is regarded suitable in relaxing the person from physical problems arising in kidney, thyroid etc.

In simple words it can be said that gemstone beads will continue to hypnotize all coming generations with their mystical and fascinating powers.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Ruby & Pearl

The pearl is referred to as the queen of gemstones because it symbolizes purity, modesty and perfection. It is one of the gems that possess an

association with history. This gemstone is much in demand because of its number of astrological benefits. This gem is called out to be a cold

gem and is used to enhance the powers of the moon. To remove the evils effects of the moon, this gem is the best to be worn by the people.

When this gemstone is combined with Rudraksha it can give far better results to the individual who is wearing it. Ladies are advised to wear this

gemstone as it can enhance their facial luster and beauty. It is also very good for the married couples. People can develop good memory and

can cure insomnia with the help of this beneficial gemstone. This gemstone, when combined with other gems help in curing lots of diseases of the


Ruby Gemstone Heart Plain

Like Pearl, Ruby is also a very beneficial gemstone and is called as the king of gems. Like other gemstones, this gem also has its own benefits

and effects. It is also being referred to be a good omen during engagement ceremonies and weddings. It is said that this gem enhances

faithfulness, friendship and love. Apart from increasing beauty, strength and power, it can also enhance the prestige of a person. This gemstone

is also called out to be having lots of medicinal value according to the hakims. So, both of these gemstones are beneficial for the people and are

beneficial for the wearer. 

 Ruby Gemstone Faceted Rondelles

Gemstone Kingdom - Pearl the Queen and Ruby the King

Gemstones enjoy a special allure and historical significance. They were used in great style to decorate crowns, thrones, swords, ornaments and weapons of ancient kings as an epitome of their richness and fortunes. Thanks to their majesty, they were also presented as gifts and awards to the royal guests, scholars and warriors. While the Kings loved to showcase ruby, a red colored gemstone, in their throne, crown and swords; queens preferred pearls in their necklaces and earrings.

Pearl the Queen

In the present day, those who have a ruby in their possession are considered lucky in love matters while the pearl still enjoy the same significance in the women jewellery. As both gemstones used to belong to the kings and queens, they enjoy high price and appeal in the modern gemstone market.

As you need a bountiful of money to buy a ruby or pearl, make sure you buy them carefully while considering important things related to their quality. When you buy a pearl, make sure it is flawless white and round. However, while buying a ruby, check twice its colour saturations because it is the biggest determinant of its cost.   

In the elite society, pearl and ruby gemstone beads are often presented to couples on the silver and golden jubilee of their wedding and birthday. If you haven’t purchased one for your beloved, buy it now from Ratna Sagar Jewels! 

 Ruby the King

More colors than in sky: Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads, they have a long association with history. Whether we talk about India or rest of the world, these magical stones have charmed everyone. Since times immemorial, people have stood in awe of these colorful royal beauties. Dig deeper in the history and you’ll find gems being a part of Indian, European, African and American civilizations. Haven’t we all wished to acquire one of the million stones available in a variety of colors and shapes? Well, we are here just to let you know the significance of the different hues and shades of the beauty that has captivated your heart and mind for long.

Every color has its own property, a uniqueness attached with it that distinguishes it from the rest. For instance, gifting a red colored ruby symbolizes love. Especially suited for people born in July, a necklace made out of Ruby Gemstone Bead could do wonders to your relationship. One sight of its intense color and magnificence will make you go crazy on the spot. These gemstones are found in so many colors that we wouldn’t be surprised if you lost onto the count and names as per the standard palette.

Hasn’t the shade of purple always intrigued you?

Yes, the color that depicts royalty and magic, the color that brings in positive vibes in you. 

 We are talking about Amethyst that comes in the shades of purple and offers you the experience of some skipped heartbeats.  The cool and calm blue apatite or the pink opal indicating love and beauty, the lively green onyx or the healing rainbow moonstone, the colors are never ending and so are the wonders that come along with Different gemstone beads. Give them a chance and you’ll find them being a part of every moment of your life. 

More colors than in sky: Gemstone Beads